I vote more hugs for thugs.

My Super Seekrit project is finally (mostly) done~! That project being a major site overhaul on Underdogs, my fic/art archive over @ fudomine.org. At any rate it’s done enough to be viewable to the public, anything from here on in is just an update :3

I feel so much better now though XD After letting it stagnate for nearly two years maybe I’ll keep it up to date now XD *crickets chirp*

RL stuff going slow work-wise as I’ve more or less just finished getting over being sick as a dog and haven’t done much but tomorrow we should start painting aka most of the hard stuff is done and I can paint that whole thing, double coat + primer in about 8 hours. Less because I’ll have help, hur 8D

But that also means I should be sleeping and uh yeah.



Got back from Virginia on Tuesday evening after going and looking at a job with my dad. Flight on Monday was hellish, basically they broke our plane and we had tons of delays and ended up having to switch tickets over to another flight wherin I ended up being allergic to the guy sitting next to me and breaking out in hives + sneezing and itchy eyes and such. Ended up coming down with a cold that hasn’t gone away since – my head’s not stuffed up anymore but still having respiratory problems… like being unable to sleep for more than half an hour without waking up being barely able to breathe and coughing my lungs out :D

Trip all in all was hellish, mostly because I dislike being around a lot of people I don’t know, even if they are family. Out of the 19 people there the first day, there were a total of 4 people I’ve seen more than five times in my entire life – dad, K, T, & A. Even P doesn’t make the list of seeing, as I’ve only seen her 3 times since she was born. Aunt L & cousin Mi I haven’t seen in 20 years, I was probably 5 or 6 months old the last time my dad (and thus me) saw either of them. So of the people there there were my grandma, Aunt N (this whole thing was at her house in Wintergreen) [uncle Br, cousin Bl, cousin M, her husband R & their baby Se], Uncle S [Aunt Didi & cousin Mad], Aunt L [cousin Mi], brother T [in-law A, their daughter P], me, K & dad.

So yeah, hell for me. I spent most of the time being loner-y reading and such by myself, I don’t think I ate more than 3 times on the entire trip.

Went to T’s mum’s (my dad’s ex-wife) on Sunday, hung out with her and her husband + T’s sister & her bf & toddler. Much more comfortable there, probably because J&Ti are old hippy people living out by the river in a nice little house. Less stressful atmosphere for me, probably because I don’t like being around people who only really care who has the bigger house or faster car (which most of my dad’s family are like). But er yeah.

Anyway, enough of the family stuff.

Bought my new domain yesterday when I went to renew rikkaidai.org. This blog will move to said domain sometime soon, possibly within the week and possibly after YaoiCon. Makes sense since I’m letting this domain go when it expires, and er yeah. :D But you don’t get to know what the domain name is yet because it’s really silly and has some damn dorky roots in inside silliness.

Speaking of sites, the Super Seekrit project is about half done :D Need to finish some skinning and uploading things but I’m fairly certain I got most of one part done around 3-4 this morning when I couldn’t sleep thanks to my lungs.

And crap, month and change till Yaoicon :o And have no clue what costumes to do XD Will probably just end up recycling things that have only been worn once or twice and not make anything new. Which leaves me with uh… Rin (Prince of Tennis – wore to AX this year), Shige (Whistle! – wore it @ ycon last year), Narugami (Matantei Loki – wore to AX this year, would need to get a wig), Hatori (Fruits Basket – again AX this year), & Heero (Otakon last year – need a wig). Also still have Kei’s Senbatsu jersey to give back to her at said con that I can use for uh.. pretty much anyone. Have the Atobe & Kirihara wigs, can do Kamio with my own hair, etc. Tons of stuff I could do but some of them I’ve worn so many times that they’re getting kind of old.

Am thinking Hatori is a definite, as he is hawt secks and I can be in character with my smoking, hur. Must to be seeing if Sunny is going this year and see if she wants to do Whistle! again (she was my Shou last year, we were planning on doing Musashi no Mori this year but ;; she moved). Arrghhh.

Hokay running now 8D

What what

Still sore as shit. But progress on building, huzzah. More windows in today, more shit framed in, next wall has been prefabbed, seriously I did not leave until about 1:45 AM. Granted working one your own property has its perks.

Woke up late >> probably due to the fact Akaya was locked in his crate. Stopped around 7, went to the demolition derby around 8ish and watched some shit crash (obviously going back to my white trash roots here 8D), got home around 11ish, went back to work (with booze involved this time hur, as it is it’s difficult to type properly >> have to actually think before I type *winnar*

Walls go in tomorrow and all is good, we’ve mostly figured out some sort of layout for the granny unit and from the sounds of it S&E are back at it as far as hammering things in (who cares if it’s past 2 am, we live in the land of ‘who gives a fuck?’ – or not since S just came in asking where the sleeping bags were for E.

On other stuff, the Ukai Noriko and Nagi x Omi fanlistings finally got new layouts – three years later hur hur. But hey. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, yanno? But I figured it was about time for a fresh new look 8D

On other stuff, working on Super Seekrit project that shall not be revealed until it’s done (or as done as it is going to get for the time being >>)

asdkfhsakdfh okay bedtime :D;

Oh god.

Akaya, aka the pesky obnoxious brat, is going in for his Leukemia shot today. Said pesky obnoxious brat has just been thrown in his crate for being a pesky obnoxious brat tearing through the house climbing up everything and knocking shit over. But yeah anyway, taking him in and Axl to get his rabies booster, which should be interesting as Axl wants to eat Akaya and it is quite difficult to control a dog that weighs more than you 8D

Onto other stuff, the Winamp skins page has been updated with another new one – Golf and Mike. Because they’re cute and make me feel like a pedophile =/ But that is okay, because cute overrules any thoughts of pedophilism hur XD

Jackie, Brynn, and Tams have all decided that I need to get into Tackey & Tsubasa as well and since I am a tool, I have dl’d everything they have given me >> I said I was still in the kiddy pool of boybands, I wasn’t ready to try the diving board T_T

…Yet here I am with 300mb and counting of T&T stuff DDDDD: Though I have to admit Takki’s love for Pi and the random insanity is fun? 8D


I miss my sanity T_T

More unimportant stuff.

First, another new theme~ Imported from LJ, but I happened to like it :P The sidebar looks funky (anything wp-included) but at the moment I am too lazy to fix it. Because why fix what ain’t broke, even if it looks funny.

Another new page, as I decided to finally post my Winamp skins up somewhere besides LJ. So there’s two of them over there if you want to click that link over there (1 Matsumoto Jun, 1 Yamashita Tomohisa). A third is on the way once I stop procrastinating and finish the AVS & MB >> EDIT 08/17/06: Kirihara skin now included! In general skins will be posted to LWM first, so if you want to see the newest ones try checking there first :)

K’s 19th birthday was yesterday so he & dad came up. Which means more BBQing (since mum and I finally figured out how to get the grill going and keep it going… only took us 20 years >>). With COW RIBS. And they were tasty. Followed by strawberry shortcake, which was fantastico. And some of the giant ass batch of potato salad mum made me make yesterday hur. Dad left before I woke up but K was still here messing around on his new car he has parked here (’63 Nova). A little conversing and ways were parted.

The Higa Rival Players singles come out the 19th and sadly I have no monies for them yet D: *grabbypaws at* But I’m guessing that’s okay since my most recent buyingstuff spree included some of the older Rival Players cds I don’t have (Shinji, Saeki, Renji, Jackal&Marui + Yukimura). I can live without Higa cds in my paws for a month >.>; And super randomly I still ♥ Sanada’s Shou album 8D

On to other things coming out :O Radiata Stories manga on the 26th *_* Alright, I haven’t spammed this place with it yet but I’ve been playing the game lately and a;lkfjafk I frickin’ love it. Square-Enix once again has not let me down. The characters are so sarcastic and the art, while sort of cutesy and such is nice. And it’s fun to play. I think the only thing I don’t like about it is that if you (Jack) die, it’s a game over no matter what – even if all the rest of your party members are still perfectly fine. But other than that it’s A+

And also randomly because I feel the need to mention SuJu, here. Quite aware it’s old but that doesn’t make it any less amusing, and happy thoughts are good things to have; particularly with what all’s been going on lately. So it is with much love that I wish HeeChul a speedy recovery and offer my condolences to DongHae over his father’s death. Not that it really matters what a silly American fangirl thinks, but these guys are totally deserving of a break, man. So much bad luck lately D:

But yeah, not much going on as usual. Rping, messing around in Photoshop and dicking around with the JE TCG Jackie convinced me to join. < begin pimp > Countdown is the place to be, yo. Tell em Nori sent you and get me free cookies 8D < /end pimp >