I think I’m starting to lose it..

Music: Shinya Yanagisawa (St. Rudolph team) – Tsuyoku Nare / Taichi Dan (Yamabuki team) – Kimi to Boku no Make a Wish / Inui Sadaharu – You Get Power [Remix] / Shinji Ibu (Fudomine Team) – Kibou no Michi
Mood: ehhhhh…

I seriously think I’m starting to lose it =/ like.. my mum came home last night and started screaming at me for not bringing the big cage in and setting it up for the cat, which oh by the way I was under the impression from everything she was saying that he was coming home today, not yesterday -_- I had pulled the cage out and it was sitting outside by the door kinda.. so yeah. -_- she kept saying I was making up everything I was saying about her saying that he was coming home today. ~___~ It really, REALLY pissed me off.. so I sat there glaring at her and crying while she was basically sitting there calling me a fucking liar and worthless and shit.

So yeah, needless to say, I got to run around in the rain freezing my ass off last night trying to get the cage in the house, cuz it’s freaking huge and HEAVY. she wouldn’t help me at all >_< wouldn't even get the freaking DOOR so I didn't have to put the damn thing down >_<

on the other hand, I have my kitty back. Have to give him painkillers like 6 times a day >_< He HATES it. freaking wiggly little bugger's gonna screw up his leg again if he keeps trying to jump around like that while I'm trying to give him his meds >_< =/ Ima make mum give him his pills and show me how to hold him so I don't screw up the wiring in his leg while I'm trying to hold him still =/ fweehoidsfnh I need to sleep -_- I'm just gonna end up getting all emotional and crap if I stay up much longer... Woke up ~7 pm thursday night and have been up since.. well.. except for when I fell asleep on the couch from about 11-1 last night. I was warm and Normie was snuggling with me. I love my little doggie. I hope we can figure out what the deal is with his heart murmer.. I put him in the cage with Quatre to keep him company.. those two love each other so freaking much, it’s cute.. Currently they’re 4 feet to my left, snuggling in the kitty bed in the cage. Anyhoo.. gonna go pester my brother before he leaves for work cuz I need him to paypal some stuff for me >< mata ne

White Message..

Music: Okiayu Ryoutarou [Tezuka Kinimitsu] – White Message [Tezuka Christmas Single] Waii.. such a pretty song!
Mood: Happy/Cold/Amused

Fwee. Mum said my cat’s operation went well, and that he was just coming to when the doc called her back at about 930 last night. gotta wait a couple weeks to see if it actually WORKED though.. *keeps fingers crossed* It’s freaking cold >.< *attempts to warm house up with fire* I made a new icon too xP <3 it xp ph34r teh leprechaun lucky sengoku~~ I shall make another one as well >-)

this amuses the hell out of me. what a little whore he is xD;

I need to make me a Yuuta elf icon. :D

and um, i was gonna say something else but I forget. oh yeah. I talked to Rei yesterday, the silly bugger. I <3 him xD; we went on and on about my obsession with teh pre-to-early-teen tennis players and how it’s my thought that tezuka is really just a pedophilic 25 year old :D plus other stuff. like having a white trash christmas in lake county, and that I should start wearing muu muu’s every day xD; and babbling about my trip next fall, saying “you should go here and here and here and here and kyoto for me. i miss kyoto. ;____;” farking hell i love that boy xD;

*runs away*

[Stupid Teenager] Post #38

watching: Prince of Tennis 35 [again] (YEAY Drive B & Fujicest =3)
mood: worried..

welp.. today’s surgery day.. *crosses fingers and closes eyes* ganbatte ne, koneko-chan… I sure hope this surgery works and my kitty’ll come home soon.. I don’t want to have to have his leg amputated ;_______;

fweh. Reformatted yesterday so I have my burner and dvd drives back, but stupid stupid me decided it would be fun to hit “delete” on some stuff that was copying back to desktop from my other ‘safety’ drive -_- which means I lost two almost completed downloading episodes of PoT and a bunch of other shizzle i’ll probably need next week or a month from now or who knows when >.< Either this weekend or the one after next Michelle is taking me down to pick up Khisme so I’ll have my horse back finally *sniff* I need mum to call her about it and see when she wants to go so i can let Cassie know we’re coming to get Khis and to leave the keys somewhere where I can actually get a truck and trailer into the property, and so I can get into the barn and get Khis’ blanket and stuff =/
I miss my horses. I miss my cat. I miss my friends. hoi… nya.. ~__~

kimochi ii~~

MOOZAK; Ometto Samba/I~Jyan
MUUD: pizzed off >.<

meh ._. my kitty’s leg is broken. like severely. They have to take him into surgery on thursday. the worst part is the surgery might not work and might have to amputate the leg =/ he came in the house monday morning not walking on his right front leg.. we thought it was just because it was REALLY freaking cold outside, because his leg was injured a couple years ago so he’s been limping on it since.. but he usually doesn’t mind me messing with his leg and he wouldn’t let me get anywhere near it.. mum took him to work with her yesterday [tuesday] even though it was her day off.. you know the joint ball part thingie on a cat’s front leg? their elbow I guess. well that’s been pretty much broken off and is up about an inch and a half from where it’s supposed to be, and there’s bone fragments and stuff all around it >.< so he's being content in a cage at the vet clinic right now, the damn thing wouldn't stop purring when i went to see him. I loves my kitty ;_; I'm glad though cuz mum'll be the surgery tech when jorge (?) does the surgery. MLEH. on a happier note, i got two new 200 cd cases so i can get the damn things outta spools and into sleeves xD; i think there’s like 5 spaces left and i still haven’t placed cds with miscellaneous eps of stuff or movies O_o; tomorrow [today] i shall clean off the chair and move my compy into my room finally xD; I’ve been being bugged lately to finish my hentai edits xD; *hides from TMH*
welp, gonna let this ep of PoT (SATANIC CRACK, I TELL YOU (*chu to booty*)) finish downloading, watch it, then reformat my hard drive cuz my compy’s being all ghey.

PS: I have reeses peanut butter cups and squirt. FOOD OF THE GODS.

[Stupid Teenager] Post #37

I have finished my KikuKitty =3 He looks funny. very funny. xD; I’m not gonna point out my 2346283764 mistakes, but bask in the glory of knowing I actually FINISHED something I started, and I like how it looks xD;

And I decided not to be a grinch. First 5 people that want it get a drawing from me =3
my only rules are A) has to be something i know or can find find pictures of easily if i dont, and B) no more than two people in a pic ^^

…anyway i’m done =3