Domain info

Because you know every personal domain needs an info page of boring crap like the what and the why. So here’s mine.

The name

TIME FOR THE REALLY SUPER DORKY EXPLANATION. A while back I bought (now for my most darling super awesome loli, Jackie. She’s the one who dragged me into the hell that is Japanese Boybands. Anyway. was named after a line in a w-inds. song. w-inds being a Japanese boyband (dur). Then Jackie comes along with “HAY LISTEN TO THIS” followed by me saying “Uh okay.” And thus was the first time I heard anything related to Arashi. (song? Jun’s W/Me.) This was soon followed by “HAY I’M GOING TO UPLOAD THEIR ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY FOR YOU K”, with a “Goddamnit okay.” in response. …Getting off topic here. 15th Moon is a song by Arashi. Arashi is a Japanese boyband (again, dur.) …catching my drift here? Sixteenth Moon = line from w-inds. song. w-inds. is a Japanese boyband. 15th Moon is a song by Arashi. Arashi is a Japanese boyband. I just liked Fifteenth-Moon better as a domain name.

…I think the point I’m really trying to make is that I’m a retarded dork who thought it would be fun to match Jackie, the instigator of everything. :D The end. is named (obviously) after Seigaku’s Golden Pair (Oishi Syuichirou and Kikumaru Eiji) from the anime/manga Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis). I wanted a new domain, but couldn’t decide between or (Dream Pair being Fuji Syusuke & Kikumaru Eiji from the same series). I ended up buying both since this was back in the wee beginnings of my fall into hell (aka the Tenipuri fandom). I technically still own and pay for, however I’ve basically given it to my lovely Ri.

But anyway, back in the beginning (when I still liked Seigaku), I fell in love with the Golden Pair. For many, many reasons I am too lazy to list. I like them as friends, I like them having hawt sex in the lockerroom and I like it when they’re snappy at each other. ‘nough said.

However all good things must come to an end and come January, I will be letting this domain go. I still love Tenipuri to death, however I’ve more or less lost interest in Seigaku and in turn, the Golden Pair.

The what

I think this was mostly explained above. Purchased on Sept. 13, 2006 when I renewed Tis a blogging domain and obviously was previously was purchased specifically as my blogging domain. It, along with were purchased on January 22, 2004 as belated birthday gifts to me from my dad. It will expire on the same date, 2007 in which it will be free for whoever else happens to want it. was purchased through GoDaddy, and is hosted at Dreamhost along with my other domains using the Code Monster package. < begin pimp > Dreamhost is awesome and pretty cheap, with tons of space and bandwidth even at the most basic plan why don’t you try? By clicking the link above or putting omikins @ ukepile . com (no spaces) as your referrer, you can help me pay my hosting bill when you sign up for any plan! Or you can donate any amount over 50 cents USD via paypal if you feel nice enough 8D < / end pimp >

Um that’s it for now? :D