Whether you’re just starting out with your first website, or you’re an old pro wanting to start a new project, I have a little something for everyone. I’ve hosted many different types of sites over the past decade+, and I’d like to continue.

While I am technically providing free hosting–you will never be required to pay–an email will be sent out once a year around billing time asking hostees to voluntarily donate any amount they wish towards the bill. Again, payment is never required, and your ability to do so or lack thereof will never affect your service. It is entirely up to the hostee if they would like to pay.

If you’re interested in being hosted here, please take a look at the information below.

What I will host

I provide two types of hosting: site hosting and file sponsoring. The guidelines for each type of hosting, as well as the types of sites and files are as follows:

Website Hosting

I will host the following types of websites regardless of subject.

  • Blogs/Personal sites
  • Collectives/Network hubs
  • Portfolios, be they artwork, writing, photography, or graphic/web development
  • Scan galleries (so long as YOU scan everything or have permission to post scans)
  • Small media rotations
  • Fanlistings and other types of fansites

I will only host the following types of sites if I like the subject.

  • Forums/BBS’s
  • Scanlations
  • TCG’s

If there’s some other sort of site you’d like hosted and it’s not listed, feel free to ask about it.

File Sponsoring

I am willing to host/sponsor files for certain types of websites (scanlations & graphics sites, mostly). How many files you want/need hosted affects how it’s done. For example, if you just need a few chapters hosted, send me the chapters, I’ll upload them and give you the links. If you want half of your projects hosted, you’ll get a subdomain/etc.

Sponsoring works essentially the same way for graphics sites; the difference being if you are using some sort of script or file manager on your files, you’ll get your own subdomain to set all that up.

For file sponsoring, just send me an email and ask.

What you will get:

The following are the primary and optional services you are able to receive after applying:

  • A subdomain (you.domain.tld)
  • A private FTP account
  • MySql database (by request)
  • Email address(es)/Forwarder(s) (by request – either you@domain.tld or you@you.domain.tld)
  • As much space/bandwidth as you need, within reason.
  • Automatic installation of popular scripts such as WordPress, phpBB, and MediaWiki. All available scripts.
  • Help installing other scripts (4images, Enthusiast, etc) if needed

NOTE: I can, and will host domains as well. However, YOU have to buy the domain and set everything up to point to my server. I will help you with this if need be. Additionally, I cannot give you your own control panel, so any new subdomains/users/email addresses/mysql databases would have to be created by me. Domain hosting works essentially the same way as subdomain hosting.


Rules that need to be followed and general guidelines.

  1. Please be respectful of your space and take care of it.
  2. Your content/layout/etc must be your own. WordPress themes and pre-made layouts are fine.
  3. You must know FTP, or be willing to learn it.
  4. There is no rule about coding or graphics skills. We all learn somewhere!
  5. Your site must be in English, or have an English version. For portfolios and similar sites, it must be at least easy to navigate to an English speaker (i.e., English does not have to be the main language, so long as links like ‘gallery’ are easy to find).
  6. I don’t mind if you upload media files (mp3s, music videos, etc), but be smart about it. A few songs to share on your blog are fine, but if you’re going to be uploading half a series of something, do not give the link out publicly. I can have my account disabled for it.
  7. NC-17 material is allowed, so long as it is not real porn. Erotic artwork is fine, sexually explicit photography is not.
  8. Please do not strictly use me for storage. I don’t have rules about how often sites are updated (static content can be great!), so long as there is actual content and not just a list of file downloads.
  9. Please link back to me as your host :)

The following scripts are banned. Greymatter, PHPFanbase, and most of the older Codegrrl scripts/scripts based off of them. If you are unsure about a script, feel free to ask.

If I find you in violation of any of my rules, I will give you a warning first, and if you do nothing about it I reserve the right to delete your account without notification.

Get hosted!

The domains you may choose from for hosting are:,,,,, and

The following domains I will only host related content on: (Fudoumine/Tenipuri), and (Rikkai/Tenipuri). This includes things like seiyuu/voice actors, video games, actors for live-action adaptations, etc. Unless, of course, I know you, in which you can disregard everything and just tell me to set you up an account :D

Note: If you are inquiring about fanlisting hosting, please let me know whether your site will be for a single fanlisting, or for a fanlisting collective :) You are also not limited to one subdomain. If you have multiple fanlistings/whatever you would like hosted on separate subdomains, feel free to ask.

If for some reason the form is not working, please feel free to send an email to kamioakira at gmail dot come with the subject Hosting and all of the information listed above.

Turnaround time for hosting is about a week. If you do not hear from me within seven days of your submission, please feel free to resubmit.