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Downloads, transcriptions, and other such things for the readers of this blog.

Take-out Policy: You are welcome to take out parts of the items listed here–a single song, part of a transcription, or what-have-you, with credit back to If you would like to share more, please simply link to this page or the page of the items in question.

Lyrics of stuff I’ve transcribed:
Albums and singles I’ve transcribed for various reasons. Hovering tells you song titles and who sings it. Link text is usually the character rather than artist (or both artist and character)

  1. Fuji Syusuke Mini English album – BREATH
  2. 馬場徹 – I SHOULD & 高橋美香子 as 竜崎桜乃 – 春の青
  3. Lyrics – 柳蓮二 – ANSWER & 柳蓮二&仁王雅治 – TRICK, FAKE, or TRUTH
  4. 中河内雅貴 – 自分を信じて; 中河内雅貴 as 仁王雅治+馬場徹 as 柳生比呂士 – Depend on me . . . Rikkai D1 edition
  5. 裄村清市:真実(+REMIX)、 夢の続き、自分にしか見えない光;真田弦一郎:名声
  6. 幸村清市 - ダリア + 幸村清市、真田弦一郎、柳蓮二 - 三強と呼ばれて
  7. Dragon Soul – Dragon Soul (TV Size) and Dragon Soul – Yeah! Break! Care! Break! (TV Size)

Other stuff
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