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Oh God My Life

Because I am a complete retard, the cosplay list for 2009 + shit planned beyond that.


Anime Central
Axis Powers Hetalia: England w/ Emi’s America
Dragonball: Bulma w/ Emi’s Yamcha.
Dragonball Z: Trunks w/ Emi’s Goten
Dragonball Z: Videl w/ Emi’s Gohan
Kuroshitsuji: William w/ Emi’s Grell
The Word Ends With You: Joshua w/ Emi’s Hanekoma

Dragonball Z: #18 w/ Nat’s Krillin
Dragonball Z: Bulma w/ Nat’s Yamcha
Gundam SEED Destiny: Stellar w/ Nat’s Sting & Cindy’s Auel

Gundam 00: Nena w/ Zellie’s Michael & Jei’s Johann
Gundam 00: S2 Nena
Gundam 00: S2 Sumeragi

Anime Expo
Undecided whether to go

San Diego Comic Con

Undecided whether to go.

Gundam SEED: Yzak w/ GS/D ZAFT group
Princess Princess: Yuujirou w/ Sunny & Tara

Future stuff, undecided when/where to wear.


Dragonball: Chaozu w/ Emi’s Tenshinhan
Dragonball Z: Chichi w/ Emi’s Goku (wedding version & regular version)
Dragonball Z: Videl w/ Emi’s Gohan (regular version + OVA version + Great Saiyageeks)
Dragonball Z: BAD MAN!Vegeta w/ Emi’s Yardrat!Goku
Dragonball Z: Tarble w/ Nat’s Vegeta & Emi’s Goku
Dragonball Z: Mister Satan w/ Emi’s Fat!Buu
Dragonball Z: Vegeta w/ Emi’s Nappa
Dragonball Z: Kaioshin w/ Emi’s Kibito
Dragonball Z: Radditz w/ Emi’s Goku
Dragonball Z: Chichi w/ Nat’s Videl & Emi’s Bulma
Dragonball Z: King Vegeta w/ Emi’s Bardock
Dragonball GT: Paris w/ Emi’s Goten

OTL OTL OTL My life is so totally over.


Spent all day with R, and thankfully he had a really good day. Managed to get him to take out the garbage/recycling and wash dishes, then watched a couple of movies and baked some pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

And on the Thanksgiving note, my family has never really cared about doing it on the actual day – we get together when we can get together. This year it’s just me & Mum + S, J, & R, so it’s nothing overly fancy. My family has always more-or-less only been in it for the pie (which we always have lots of) and considering only a handful of us actually like turkey… lol.

Mum said her Thanksgiving contribution is going to be “sleep all day”, and I told her I’d wake her up when it was food time >.> (This is, of course, provided I myself am awake >>)

That said, Pieeeeeeeee.

Exciting news!

Went over to where I’ll be moving the horses today. A lot’s changed, but a few familiar (really) old faces are around – including Silver, a now 38-year-old Arabian gelding who was one of my two regular mounts when I couldn’t bring my own horses. Betsy’s still there, Elenore, Rolo, and Sir all died within the past few years.

I’ll be really happy to have the horses over there. I know they’ll be well taken care of, and there’s lots of other stuff I can do there to help out (mucking stalls, exercising horses, fixing fences, etc). I was even offered a position as a camp counselor for her summer camp sessions, so that’s something to look forward to and think about :O

….Yess exciting times!

Lazy Saturday

Did jack-all today other than watch a few episodes of Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! upon being curious. Then stopped because my laptop doesn’t like .mp4 and I’m too lazy to look for more .avi’s. >.>

Also managed to finish a big gift for my angel at TAFL’s secret Santa, so that is good times.

S is copying Perfect Hair Forever to my desktop so things are lagging to all hell, and making it difficult to actually post. Thus, I leave.

fangirl blathering