Rhythm and Repetition part 2

The problem with being an art student is that when I miss a class–and thus the studio time–I have to find halfway decent chunks of time between work, actual adulty-things, and the most important of them: sleep. I was scheduled a little earlier today, which means I made it home before 9pm and actually had a little bit of energy left to put towards my Rhythm and Repetition project I was working on yesterday. I only managed about an hourish of time between vegging for a bit after work, eating, and trying to convince my dog that my dinner was not also his dinner (while finally getting around to re-watching Heroes).

I’m starting to reach out with this project a bit more; touching at edges and pulling the shapes together into something that’s almost relatively cohesive with a fairly decent rhythm between the shapes and values.

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Rhythm and Repetition

I slacked off on posting for most of today, but it was for homework-related purposes. And so I figured that today’s post would be a work in progress shot of the assignment this week.

The concept of this week’s project is fairly simple – rhythm and repetition. We are to fill up a 14×17 sheet of bristol with patterns from 2-3 stencils. They are to overlap, be cropped, be inverted; anything that would make one big giant mess of lines look interesting. After we fill the page, we need to take an eraser to clean out some of the lines, combine others, and draw new ones to create new shapes, and then fill them in (using graphite) with flat values, gradated values, and transparent values. The goal is to, as the assignment is labeled, create a composition with a good rhythm and nice repetition. The catch is that we cannot use the actual shape of the stencils we used in the composition.

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Back to work

My work vacation ends in roughly an hour and I’m in that phase where I’ve had too much free time and now I don’t want to go back.

I left the house early because I had to go to the post office to send off some eBay sales. It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would, so I’m sitting at the Starbucks across the street from work leeching their WiFi and enjoying black tea lemonade. The barista accidentally made it a size larger, so that was a nice surprise.

Here’s to steeling myself for another day in grocery store hell; Mondays are always awful at my store and it’s even worse when you’re one of the swing shift workers.

At least I have tomorrow off for school?

On Life and Death

TW: Death.

Friday, October 4th, 2012, around 11:30am. The campus painting studio was busy with quiet chatter and smelled heavily of turpentine. I was standing in front of a wet canvas with brush in hand, getting ready to make the next stroke when my phone vibrated against the can I was using to hold water. I would have ignored and called back later–there was only half an hour until our lunch break.

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Every girl needs a good pair of shoes

It generally goes without saying among people who know me that I am a tomboy. I like big t-shirts and comfy jeans and work boots. I like beer and boobs and not wearing pants at every available opportunity and have almost always been considered “one of the guys”. I don’t do the makeup thing. Dresses are worn on three occasions: weddings, funerals, and the rare convention. My nails always look awful, I don’t ever do anything with my hair other than keep it out of the way, and my version of clothing shopping is “grab the first black or blue thing that fits and get the hell out”.

There is one exception to this, and my only “girly” part is that I own roughly All Of The Shoes. A pair for every occasion, and I’m always on the lookout for more. Which brings me to today’s adventures, in which I get a text from my roommate this afternoon with three simple words: “Put on pants.”

It turned out we were heading to a thrift store where she was going to buy her birthday present from her mother. On the way she mentioned she found an awesome pair of shoes at a different thrift store that were part of the same line as a pair she had, but she wasn’t sure if they’d fit me. And so we stopped on the way, where I scored myself a sweet new (“new”) pair of Converse.

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