Day 2? Shock gasp

I don’t know if it counts as “day 2” if it’s only a few hours after my first post, but it’s a different calendar day so I’m going to go with it.

Probably the last non-baking-step photo of food that will ever appear on this blog

I run into the problem of having so many things I want to say or do, and then being so overwhelmed by it that I just don’t do anything. It’s taken me half an hour and making fried eggs at 3:30 in the morning to even make it this far into this post. I have too many thoughts and stringing them together in coherent sentences tends to be a pain, so maybe blogging again will help sort that out. It’s been way to long since I’ve properly written–no freewriting, no blogging, no writing stories, nothing.

I’m on my last few days of vacation from work and trying to actually … do something productive but mostly failing at it by way of sitting on the couch with Netflix and/or Amazon Prime switching between a rewatch of Warehouse 13 and slowly watching through Blacklist with a friend when we have the time. I’ve spent most of my time cuddling the dog and just not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary. I took Thursday and today off from school so I would be able to enjoy a few obligation-free days before going back to the Grocery Store Hell that is my workplace.

It’s four in the morning and I’m almost finished with this episode of W13, so going to bed might be a fantastic idea.

Let us see if this continues on tomorrow.

Let’s try this

Owing to it having been several years since I’ve touched this place and having gotten seriously out of touch with blogging, I’ve decided to try to challenge myself to posting every day for the month of October (Blogtober?). I’ve never managed to do it before, and I figured it would be a good idea to try and actually accomplish it as one of my “before I turn thirty” goals … Not that I have many, but it sounded good when I realized I only have three months to go.

Buuut given that I know myself, I’m setting a few loopholes as far as “make a blog post a day” goes.

  1. Posts do not have to be full or well-thought out. They can be photo posts, random thoughts for the day, downloadables, or even something posted to my sketch blog for school (so long as I crosspost the link here)
  2. I can post twice in one day, or schedule an entry to post at a later date if I know I’m not going to be around/have time
  3. I can miss one day, as 30 days still constitutes a month

I will probably wiggle in some more loopholes around somewhere. For now, I’m going to go back to nursing my bottle of hard cider and re-watching Warehouse 13.

[Lyric dump] Dragon Soul & Yeah! Break! Care! Break! (TV Size)

OP & ED to Dragonball Kai. Awesomecakes and must to buy the CDs at some point for the full songs D:

/weak weak weak to stupid Dragonball ;o;

Under the cut:
Dragon Soul – Dragon Soul (Dragonball Kai OP1)
Dragon Soul – Yeah! Break! Care! Break! (Dragonball Kai ED1)
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幸村清市 - ダリア + 幸村清市、真田弦一郎、柳蓮二 - 三強と呼ばれて

I’m really loving Yukimura’s new album XD; I’ll probably be doing all of these at some point, but for now, completely random tracks!

Under the cut:

永井幸子 as 幸村清市, 楠大典 as 真田弦一郎, 胆本英史 as 柳蓮二  - 三強と呼ばれて
Nagai Sachiko as Yukimura Seiichi, Kusunoki Taiten as Sanada Genichirou, & Takemoto Eiji as Yanagi Renji – Sankyou to Yobarete
永井幸子 as 幸村清市 - ダリア
Nagai Sachiko as Yukimura Seiichi – Dahlia

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Lyric dump – 裄村清市:真実(+REMIX)、 夢の続き、自分にしか見えない光;真田弦一郎:名声

This is just a lyrics dump for songs I’ve romanised since December. Quicklinks can be found under the cut.

Nagai Sachiko as Yukimura Seiichi (永井幸子 as 裄村清市)
Shinjitsu (真実) + Remix version
Yume no Tsuzuki (夢の続き)
Jibun ni Shika Mienai Hikari  自分にしか見えない光

Kusunoki Taiten as Sanada Genichirou (楠大典 as 真田弦一郎)
Meisei (名声)

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