[Stupid Teenager] Post #7

weeeeeeeeee off to potter valley for the rodeo in a little while.. gotta wait for mum and dad to get back from work so’s mum can take me and eric up to sarah’s :) weeee it’s gonna be fun :D :D :D i get to ride lightning in the gymkhana so yehhhhhhhhh:D

gonna be gone till like… monday night or tuesday, depending on traffic.

weee :D making new LJ layout!! :D it’s got lawrence from Boys Next Door on it.. purty… *purrs* but anyway.. ima go finish my layout before i have to go! so yeh.. bye bye!

[Stupid Teenager] Post #6

i talked to my chasy yay happy happy lindsay is happy i love my chasy i miss him T_T T_T T_T but yaaaaaaaay we like.. reminesced and i almost started crying because i miss him and we were talking of our happy times back in the day.. like last summer up to september and stufffffff

<3 chasy-babe

[22:06] Shu-chan: hey chasy
[22:06] Chasy: HELLO
[22:06] Shu-chan: how goes/
[22:06] Shu-chan: ?
[22:07] Chasy: WHERE HAVE YOU BEN
[22:07] Chasy: ?
[22:08] Shu-chan: ummm.. home?
[22:08] Chasy: I’m sad
[22:08] Shu-chan: though there was a couple weeks when my compy was being fixed..
[22:08] Shu-chan: awww
[22:08] Shu-chan: *snuggles* why sweetie?
[22:09] Chasy: becuz I was cleaning my room and looking at all my fliers from last summer
[22:09] Chasy: and I miss it
[22:09] Chasy: everyone has changed
[22:09] Shu-chan: yeh
[22:09] Shu-chan: i have to move ;.;
[22:09] Chasy: no one is the fun loving porson they were last summer
[22:09] Chasy: where to?
[22:09] Shu-chan: dont know
[22:09] Shu-chan: aunt evicted us
[22:09] Chasy: y?
[22:10] Shu-chan: just so she can store all her crap here and so her son can come over here with his friends to play pool and shit
[22:10] Shu-chan: -.-
[22:10] Chasy: im sory babe
[22:11] Shu-chan: it’s ok.. just puts another mark of my list of reasons not to trust people
[22:12] Shu-chan: *snuggles* i miss you guys T_T
[22:13] Shu-chan: i just wanna go out and have fun and be stupid with my chasy again ;.; those were some good fuckin times..
[22:13] Chasy: you know the other day I missed last summer so much that I bought a pack of american spirits and sat in front of burger king just so I could hold on to memories of me and you waiting for ppl to come to jesse jeans

*insert waterworks here*

[22:13] Chasy: yes but being stupid with eli thomas me you and jessikuh
[22:13] Shu-chan: *sniffle*
[22:13] Chasy: those were better
[22:13] Shu-chan: yeah
[22:14] Shu-chan: are you and jess still together..? i haven’t talked to any of you guys in so long i have no clue whats going on anymore
[22:14] Shu-chan: those were the good days.. not likely we’ll forget those anytime soon
[22:15] Chasy: yes but i wanna to be relived
[22:15] Chasy: yes were still; together
[22:15] Chasy: for almost a year
[22:15] Shu-chan: yeah :)
[22:15] Shu-chan: i’m proud of you guys
[22:16] Chasy: yeah i miss going to the phoeonix then you and ken coming back to jess to have sex then hangout until like 12
[22:16] Shu-chan: ^^;; more like 2
[22:17] Chasy: yes
[22:17] Shu-chan: i miss just hanging out with you guys
[22:17] Chasy: yep
[22:17] Shu-chan: didnt care what we did.. we usually always managed to find some way to have fun
[22:18] Chasy: yep
[22:18] Shu-chan: i still remember that time we actually got everything we had planned for the day done :)
[22:18] Chasy: I still have the list
[22:19] Chasy: I found it troday
[22:19] Chasy: today
[22:19] Shu-chan: ^____^
[22:19] Shu-chan: does it still have our song titles on it/ or was that a different peice of paper?
[22:19] Chasy: nope thats the same piece of paper
[22:20] Shu-chan: ^_^
[22:20] Shu-chan: drag queen super guy?
[22:20] Chasy: fuck I dont know where i put it though
[22:20] Chasy: I( know I kept it
[22:20] Shu-chan: 0’s or o’s
[22:20] Shu-chan: umm i’m engaged to my lesbian lover…
[22:20] Shu-chan: i forget the rest ^^;
[22:21] Shu-chan: jeeze, what the hell were we on when we came up with that shit.. wait don’t answer that.
[22:21] Chasy: drag queen superguy
[22:21] Chasy: we actually werent on nething
[22:21] Shu-chan: yeah thats what i thought right after i said that
[22:21] Shu-chan: was about to say “wait, that was one of our clean and sober days, wasn’t it”
[22:22] Chasy: yep but with jake
[22:22] Shu-chan: yeh
[22:22] Chasy: I miss jake
[22:22] Shu-chan: and his gay pr0n
[22:22] Shu-chan: yeh me too
[22:22] Shu-chan: good times in the laundrymat
[22:23] Chasy: yep
[22:24] Shu-chan: yeh.. we should get together soon.. i miss hangin with you guys
[22:24] Chasy: yep
[22:24] Shu-chan: what are you doing next weekend? not this coming up one, the one after
[22:24] Chasy: iono
[22:25] Shu-chan: wanna go do somethin then?
[22:25] Chasy: oh yes
[22:26] Shu-chan: not sure WHAT, but we’ll think of something. we’re… pretty smart between the two of us :P
[22:26] Chasy: i guess so
[22:26] Chasy: Ok well I got to go
[22:26] Shu-chan: ok
[22:26] Shu-chan: nite nite babe
[22:26] Chasy: so love ya babe good bye
[22:26] Chasy: ps
[22:26] Shu-chan: love ya *kisu*
[22:26] Chasy: get off the anime crap
[22:27] Shu-chan: lol
[22:27] Shu-chan: :P
[22:27] Chasy: it will rot your brain
[22:27] Chasy: well whats left
[22:27] Shu-chan: ^___^
[22:27] Shu-chan: but its funny.. azumanga daioh = fucking lunatic :P
[22:27] Shu-chan: and the ones about the cute little gay boys T_T
[22:27] Shu-chan: alrighty
[22:27] Shu-chan: nite nite hon
[22:27] Chasy: and thats my q to exit
[22:28] *** Chasy signed off at Mon May 19 22:28:00 2003.

blah odhfb [oah [OU!!! i miss him T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T

ahh yes.. everyone who replied to my last post.. thanks a bunch. just wasn’t feeling up to responding to everyone’s comments.. so yeah ^_^;; I’m feeling a little better now.
my pets can go to my moms, sarah’s mom is going to let me keep khisme at their house for a while if i need to, which i am uberly greatful for ^__^

speaking of sarah.. i need to go through my tack and call sarah and see if she needs me to bring anything for rodeo.. ^_^; i think i’m riding lightning, and possibly nikita. :) dear jeebus, i haven’t ridden in MONTHS X_X rodeo is going to kill me. thank god it’s just for fun, not too much is really important and going towards anything.. ^^; hahaha they’re gonna laugh at my ass barrel racing in an english saddle (unless i bring one of my western saddles.. they should fit sarahs horses..) on a tall gangly lookin monstrocity of an araby thing who likes to pivot completely on his front hooves around barrels.. :) bwahahah

but YAY i was talking to richard earlier and it looks like he’ll be able to make it to AX too ^_^ even though we were gonna stay at his house anyway ^_^;; yay richard! yay richard’s awesome mommy! ^___^

bwahhhhahaha gonna die X_X need sleep.. been up since.. 8 yesterday morning and went and visited colin and stuff. sent off mah soul… err.. ebay payments earlier ^___^

.. and i also discovered just what happens when you get car battery acid on your clothing. -.- my black hoodie (like the only thing i wear), the kangaroo pouch is now totally like, dead one one side.. -.- thank you so much dear nii-san for leaving out the small factor your battery you told me to take out of your truck had a NICE BIG FUCKING LEAKING HOLE IN IT -.- bastard.

anyhoo.. talking to sarah now so yeh ^_^ i was right, needed to bring a western saddle. me gos now bai bai!

[Stupid Teenager] Post #5

[04:01] Jackie: Schuldig stood back and admired his handiwork with satisfaction. Another trap set and sprung, and he had Abyssinian captive before him, naked bar a pair of painted-on leather pants.
[04:01] Jackie: :O~~~!!!!
[04:01] Shu-chan: *_______*
[04:02] Shu-chan: wahhhh T_T
[04:02] Jackie: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1313608
[04:02] Jackie: ?
[04:02] Shu-chan: i wanna see that XD
[04:02] Jackie: XD
[04:03] Jackie: “You’re a sick, twisted bastard.”

“Why, thank you. And clever. You forgot clever.”

[04:03] Jackie: NEW PROFILE :D
[04:03] Shu-chan: XD
[04:05] Jackie: “Pants off, Balinese. Let’s see if that cute little ass of yours looks as good naked.”

/You’d better believe it/ Fujimiya was thinking

[04:05] Jackie: XDDD!!! this fic is my new favorite youji/aya
[04:05] Shu-chan: XD
[04:07] Jackie: /Maybe I could spurt a load in Kudoh’s mouth first and then try to escape…/ XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[04:07] Shu-chan: XD
[04:07] Shu-chan: you just damn near made me spit my cigarette out XD
[04:07] Jackie: i’m going to stop >_>
[04:07] Jackie: ahahahaha
[04:08] Jackie: AW SHIT
[04:09] Jackie: *runs off to kill authoress* T_T
[04:10] Jackie: i just realized how loud i had the music on o.o
[04:10] Shu-chan: XD
[04:10] Jackie: …it was pretty loud.
[04:10] Shu-chan: lol
[04:13] Jackie: okay dad went back to bd *turns it up again* ^_^
[04:13] Shu-chan: lol
[04:15] Jackie: i’m hungry
[04:15] Jackie: there’s bacon.
[04:15] Jackie: ……eeeeek i’m going to go eat now o.ol
[04:16] Shu-chan: ol k
[04:16] Shu-chan: *lol
[04:18] Jackie: back
[04:18] Shu-chan: wb
[04:20] Jackie: food :D~
[04:20] Shu-chan: :D
[04:27] Jackie: school baibai
[04:27] Shu-chan: baibai!
[04:27] *** Auto-response from Jackie: Shindemo Ii.

…not that I want to or anything. x_X

[04:27] Shu-chan: write me smut :P
[04:27] Jackie: >_>;;;
[04:27] Jackie: i’ve never written smut before
[04:27] Jackie: but i can try :O
[04:27] Shu-chan: lol
[04:27] Shu-chan: :D
[04:27] Shu-chan: yeh!
[04:27] Jackie: yea
[04:27] Jackie: ranken
[04:27] Jackie: *hides*
[04:27] Shu-chan: YES
[04:27] *** Auto-response from Jackie: writing one just for lindsay XP

ranken XDDDDD

[04:28] Shu-chan: write me ranken
[04:28] Shu-chan: :D
[04:28] Jackie: :O
[04:28] Jackie: you like all pairings dont you XD
[04:28] Shu-chan: yes
[04:28] Jackie: okay oaky i’m ghoing to miss th e bust and die bbaibai
[04:28] Shu-chan: cept yohjixomi
[04:28] Shu-chan: kkbaibai
[04:28] Jackie: i dun like taht pairing >_>
[04:29] Shu-chan: me neither >.> go to schooL~
[04:29] *** Auto-response from Jackie: just for lindsay.


*cackles insanely* rankenrankenrankenrankennnnnnnnnn!!

whaaa i want my shumea-chan to come home so we can have more kenxomi smut T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T
hrm.. i wonder if i should finally get off my ass and make my farf layout for my farfie fanlisting.. hrm.. >.> farfie kicks that ass, man. :D :D D:D: D:D farfiefarfiefarfieeeeeee ^____________^ *shoots self in head* arkjhfk jbdifja !!!! where is nevoi and mah booty T_T i need some amusement.. ferblahh :P :P someone amuuuuuussssssssse meeeeeee.. T_T you all know im easily amused damnit. kjdhf ni!UG!{YUG!

shi-ne motherfscker >.>

which reminds me.. i had some random guy come up and ask if he could walk with me while i was going to the book store to get more manga. he was all like yeh you’re cute and im like yeh i know i get that a lot and i dont care and hes like yeh why not and im like i just dont, i dont care what people think of me and he was like yeh do you party and i was like use to, got in too much trouble tho and he was like family or cops and i was like yeh cops and he was like yeh how old wer eoyu when that happened i was like 16 then he asked how old i was and i was like 17, i got out of rehab 6 months ago and he was all oh.. oh you’re going to barnes and nobles? i gotta leave then cuz im not supposed to be within 15 feet of it and i was like yeh ok bye and went into barnes and nobles and got my new mangas and went and read them while waiting for the bus to colins that i ended up missing so i walked half way across town through that “you dont drive through there at night, much less walk through there in the middle of the day” neighborhood which i kinda grew up in so yeh. heh then i went to colin’s and we fucked around being morons like we are :) let him borrow .hack//sign and he’s gonna burn escaflowne and gundam seed for me ^____________________________________^

mwhehehe and my brother finally gave me azumanga daioh so i can watch the lunatic show :D and i get gigs upon gigs on just about any anime i want for writing his french assignment for him when i know a lick of french bwahahahahaha i so pwnx0rz j00.

X__________X leaving nooooooowwww~~~

look sachi, not as much cursing :P

[Stupid Teenager] Post #4

well fuck. my aunt evicted us. what the fucking hell is that all about. first thing. it was a conference call between my dad, my aunt, and her friend that she owns the property with. my aunt wouldn’t even talk. they said the neighbors were complaining about the mess and all the cars and stuff. HELLO, bitch, the mess is all YOUR pile of crap, and yes we’re aware there are too many cars here, but at least theyre fucking parked in an organized fashion >__< this hurts a lot. i can’t believe she’d do that. cuz basically all it boils down to is that she either wants the space to store all of her shit, or as a place for her 22 year old drug addict son to come over with his friends and hang out. -.- this fucking bites. not only do we not have anywhere to go, i don’t have anywhere to keep my horses, cuz im sure as hell not keeping them here. she’ll just have to find another scapegoat to take care of her horses. it’s gonna be fucking hard to find a place around here for three people that allows dogs and cats and has room for at least one horse. if it is, it’s gonna be more than we can afford. eric, you’ll prolly read this before i get a chance to talk to you, i dont think i’ll be able to go to Fanimecon with you. and sarah.. fuck it i’ll call you tomorrow. T_T i swear it, shit just hates me. it’s taking every last ounce of willpower just to not break down and start crying like a baby. i fucking hate this. i’m going back to sleep. ja