@_@ Life

So many things to do @_@

Had the vet come over earlier to get the horses their shots, and get Khis’s teeth floated. The good news is they’re both perfectly healthy. The bad news is that Khis is still very vet-irritable (I swear I am going to punch whoever made her this way in the face) and we ended up having to ace her with 3 times the normal dosage to get her to let the vet anywhere near her (actually it was some sedative that wasn’t acepromazine, but ace is our generic term).

Buuuut, horses are being moved to Potter Valley tomorrow, which means we have a lot of work to do in the morning (trailer’s filled with cabinets since S painted his house, K pulled air out of one of the tires, etc). Might even turn in early and get up earlier to get some of my not-horse-related stuff done, too X_x

Just so tired and it hardly feels like 10:15 OTL


Happy Thanksgiving to all of those in the states who celebrate it :)

Today was fairly mellow, involving lots of sleep and not-so-much eating (I hate turkey). But I can safely say that my pies were many levels of tasty and fabulous.

Managed to move most of the stuff out of the tack room today, so we’re mostly ready to get the horses moved. We have the vet coming out in the morning to give them both a checkup and to get my mare’s teeth floated before they head on over there. Have a really busy weekend ahead of me XD;

Going through various discs to burn thing for Emi, only to find that some of them are broken ;_; Hopefully I can yank things off onto my laptop that I couldn’t onto my desktop, as sometimes it just works out that way.

Cold weather is still cold. I foresee many blankets in my future lol.

Oh God My Life

Because I am a complete retard, the cosplay list for 2009 + shit planned beyond that.


Anime Central
Axis Powers Hetalia: England w/ Emi’s America
Dragonball: Bulma w/ Emi’s Yamcha.
Dragonball Z: Trunks w/ Emi’s Goten
Dragonball Z: Videl w/ Emi’s Gohan
Kuroshitsuji: William w/ Emi’s Grell
The Word Ends With You: Joshua w/ Emi’s Hanekoma

Dragonball Z: #18 w/ Nat’s Krillin
Dragonball Z: Bulma w/ Nat’s Yamcha
Gundam SEED Destiny: Stellar w/ Nat’s Sting & Cindy’s Auel

Gundam 00: Nena w/ Zellie’s Michael & Jei’s Johann
Gundam 00: S2 Nena
Gundam 00: S2 Sumeragi

Anime Expo
Undecided whether to go

San Diego Comic Con

Undecided whether to go.

Gundam SEED: Yzak w/ GS/D ZAFT group
Princess Princess: Yuujirou w/ Sunny & Tara

Future stuff, undecided when/where to wear.


Dragonball: Chaozu w/ Emi’s Tenshinhan
Dragonball Z: Chichi w/ Emi’s Goku (wedding version & regular version)
Dragonball Z: Videl w/ Emi’s Gohan (regular version + OVA version + Great Saiyageeks)
Dragonball Z: BAD MAN!Vegeta w/ Emi’s Yardrat!Goku
Dragonball Z: Tarble w/ Nat’s Vegeta & Emi’s Goku
Dragonball Z: Mister Satan w/ Emi’s Fat!Buu
Dragonball Z: Vegeta w/ Emi’s Nappa
Dragonball Z: Kaioshin w/ Emi’s Kibito
Dragonball Z: Radditz w/ Emi’s Goku
Dragonball Z: Chichi w/ Nat’s Videl & Emi’s Bulma
Dragonball Z: King Vegeta w/ Emi’s Bardock
Dragonball GT: Paris w/ Emi’s Goten

OTL OTL OTL My life is so totally over.


Spent all day with R, and thankfully he had a really good day. Managed to get him to take out the garbage/recycling and wash dishes, then watched a couple of movies and baked some pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

And on the Thanksgiving note, my family has never really cared about doing it on the actual day – we get together when we can get together. This year it’s just me & Mum + S, J, & R, so it’s nothing overly fancy. My family has always more-or-less only been in it for the pie (which we always have lots of) and considering only a handful of us actually like turkey… lol.

Mum said her Thanksgiving contribution is going to be “sleep all day”, and I told her I’d wake her up when it was food time >.> (This is, of course, provided I myself am awake >>)

That said, Pieeeeeeeee.