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First off, I would like to welcome Mushroom and Bea to my blog ^^ Welcome to the insanity :P

Updated the whored with 5 new PoT doujinshi scans (or 9, if you count the fact one zip has 5 doujin in it) and rotated four more back in, so yeah. Enjoy. Also added new shitajiki scans :x

I think today will be a very rambling update.

Went to the dentist and finally got my crown, so Nori now has a gold molar. Got another filling too that my dentist did on a whim ‘coz I had a cavity in the tooth right next to the one that got crowned… all good though. Although, why is it that he never gives me anesthetic? XD The past 5 or so fillings he’s told he my teeth had to hurt like hell, then goes and drills and gives me fillings without numbing em? XD; Not that it hurt, but still. Gil’s a nice dentist, most of the work we get done on our teeth we do for a work trade and don’t have to pay him. This time around, crown was $850, and all we have to pay in cash is the $400 lab fee. It’s nice when your dentist used to work for your dad and is a family friend :x

Moving right along now to boring house/money type stuffs…
Got a washer and dryer so yeay, no more going to the laundromat. Only… went something like this. “Hey Lindsay, we’re getting a washer and dryer. Move all your shit out of your closet.” -___- So yeah, now all my clothes and stuff are sitting in the livingroom. -.- Hurrah.

Finally got the balls to ask my dad for help moneywise on the way back from the dentist, gonna talk to him more when I go to his place for work tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll agree to it. Basically it was me asking if he’d pay my rent till the end of the year (like, give me $100 a week), so I don’t have to freak out and get all stressed out over not being able to pay rent and bills while I’m looking for a new job, and that way I can save up a bit of money. Hopefully all goes well with that. Think he’s gonna front me the money to get a checking account, thank god.

Moving onto cosplay stuffs :D The pictures Al took of me for at JTAF.. they’re horrible xD; Well, I look horrible ‘coz my hair was too long, was sunburned to all hell.. etc, etc, etc. He seems to get me at every con where I’m at my worst. xD; IE, wearing collars, piercings, no chest binds, etc. x3

Looks like I’ll be making AniMagic next weekend too, which is great. Karla, Kei & the rest of the cracked regulars are like, desperate for me to go and willing to pay my reg/hotel/etc ;o; So for that. More cosplay :D And I’ve got the biggest urge to cosplay Oshitari Yuushi. That is, if I could borrow someone’s Hyoutei jersey instead of just wearing my jacket, and if I didn’t cut my hair. I don’t have any problems with dying it blue, buuut. xD I need it for Kamio :x It could work too, ‘coz Sunny always cosplays Gakuto and she comes up to like, my chin. x3

But yes. Cosplay for AM. So far have set up, PA!verse Kamio, normal Kamio, Kisarazu Ryou, whatever else they throw me in.. haha. I want to cosplay ep 115 chibi baseball player All Stars Kamio xD; I think for Yaoicon me and Zellie are doing our jazzbunny!Kamio & Kajimoto x3

Need to get a wig for BR!Hiyoshi at Ycon and schoolboi!Hiyoshi at Fanime 05. Also need to get a wig for Saeki/Hatsuharu @_@ And pay Rue off for the rest of my Rikkai jersey so I can be a good buchou x3 Or just get scrubs and go as Hospital!Yukimura xD;

I think I’m done with cosplay babble now.

And now onto the spoilers of PoT chap 236-239

The following text contains SPOILERS for Prince of Tennis Genius 236 through 239 and AniPuri 149. Read at own risk, and beware of fangirling.

POT 236

Ryoma wins. Of course. Like there was any doubt, because Ryoma always freaking wins. Especially against the currently strongest damn player in the Kantou region. But that’s him. Blah blah blah, Sanada angst at losing, gets huffy. Blah blah blah “Champions of the past will play Nationals as the Challengers this year to reclaim our throne!” blah blah.

Onto the good stuff at the end of the chapter :D Fudoumine against Rokkaku, Tachibana against Saeki. My babies won! And so, Fudoumine takes third place in the finals, followed by Rokkaku, Yamabuki and Midoriyama.

*gasp!* And Chitose shows up after Tachibana’s match and goes like, yeah, blah blah blah this match sucked, blah blah blah weren’t you stronger than this last year, Kippei?

The end.

PoT 237
Starts off with the announcements for tournament placings. Seigaku first, Rikkai second, Fudoumine third, Rokkaku fourth, Yamabuki fifth, Midoriyama sixth.

Then go to a flashback from what Chitose says in the last chapter. Kamio goes into his ‘we’re not worthy’ spiel about Tachibana. Along the lines of “Of course he got weaker, he’s had to coach us without any other third years” blah blah blah “he doesn’t deserve to be stuck with us” blah blah blah “So we have to get stronger” Blah blah blah some more stuff,

Awards are given out, Sanada’s a pissy brat. He basically spits on the guys giving out awards and gets all pissy like, second is worthless, we are king, blah blah blah. Sanada, you’re fucking scary, man.

Blah blah more stuff.

Onto beach volleyball! Seigaku is invited to Rokkaku’s training camp. x3

The punishment for losing? Inui’s new creation. Inui Special Iwashi mizu.

And.. they’re one player short, Seigaku with 8, Rokkaku with 7. And Ojii starts stripping to play. xD

Shudou says spring water is good for you… and proceeds to drink Inui’s new creation, promptly passing out. Only then did Inui mention it was ‘Iwashi [sardine]’ mizu, and not iwashi mizu. x3

…at least it solved the one player short problem.

The teams? Echizen-Aoi, Kikumaru-Itsuki, Momoshiro-Kurobane, Inui-Kisarazu, Fuji-Saeki, Oishi-Kaidou.

The end.

PoT 238
Boring, boring, boring, beach volleyball, people lose, Fuji does a friggin Higuma Otoshi with a damn volleyball, Ryuzaki-sensei runs around in a two piece bathing suit (dear lord, save us now).

This chapter was just boring.

The end.

PoT 239
More beach volleyball. I think the only real highlight of this chapter was Inui’s naked ass. :D Care of Kisarazu Ryou. He like, jumped really high and Ryou was scared for him.. reached up to grab his shirt to steady him and ended up yanking off his shorts. xD; Ojii & Ryuzaki-sensei end up being a pair and whooping everyone’s butts it seems, all the people who half-died from Inui’s sardine water are like, all just waking up. xD Saeki’s like, crawling all smexy tiger like, and like, everyone’s all X__X, Inui’s lying in a fetal position NAKED, while Ryou is sitting off to the side staring at him. *dies*

This chapter cracked me up xD;

I think I’m done for now.

Oh wait, I have AniPuri fangirling to do.

AniPuri 149 (aka, Nori wants to do some SanAto fangirling and it isn’t worth the effort to do the next few eps)

So yes. Second half of the Sanada/Atobe vs. Cassidy/Lee match. Blah blah blah. Sanada and Atobe continue to defy the laws of physics, and apparently they go watch TANGO performances together as well.

Atobe’s pissed and being all “Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na” and is all like, RAWWWWWWWR when his Hametsu e no Rondo doesn’t work against Billy. (Assuming you all know that Hametsu e no Rondo is Atobe’s super special two part smash.). Yeah. Sanada gets into a “I’m the manlier one!” fight with Michael and apparently float was cast on them, as they can stay suspended in air for long periods of time to pull off this supersonic hitting the ball back and forth. So yeah, the do that for a while, Sanada yells at Atobe for being an ass, blah blah blah.

And then, a lightbulb shines above their heads. If they watch tango dancing together, why not incorperate that into their tennis? So we get to see ghei tennis dancing. And Atobe sees the light and stops being a selfish arrogant bastard. And thus, Hametsu e no TANGO is born. If Hametsu e no Rondo didn’t work, why not add another person to the fray and try it that way?

“H.. hametsu e no rondo..?” “Annn… iie. Hametsu e no TANGO.”

My favourite part? “Ore-sama-tachi no bigi ni yoi na”

Atobe finally thinks about something besides himself :D

…Ok I think I’m done now :x

Next match is Kikumaru/Oshitari pair vs. Tom/Terry Griffey pair. Which they lost, all because the poor America Brotherand sister pair had an angsty past and they played the angst music. Looks like Mr. Baker (better known as, “YES, BOSS!”) bought Tom and Terry from their mom. But that’s just my not being able to understand half of what’s going on.


Generic Title #24

Lots of references to having to sit through and listen to two of my best friends and their bf’s having sex. Also


For PoT ch 214. Read if you want. xD; Another long post =3

[Edit: I remembered I also had Atobe’s Best of Rival Players cd uploaded on so I added that and the scans from it to teh omake section too =3]

New layout ^0^ Also got some mp3s up in the Omake section. Part of Kimeru’s album “The Beginning”. Get em if you lurve teh Kimeru, dammit! Thank you, Ebby for uploading the Kimeru for meee :D Also uploaded the SMASH! drama from the TeniPuri Animation Album. A translation for it can be found over yonder.
Just got back a little while ago from spending a few days with Sawwah, Twisha, Ewwic and Sterling and Trisha’s stupid ass of a boyfriend. ^__^
Sarah came up on Wednesday and picked me ane Eric up. Hung out a bit, Wednesday night we went to 123 and played pool.. I got my ass royally kicked in 8 ball AND 9 ball. And I’m good at 9 ball. Kinda. T_T Then we drove to the park over by Elsie Allen and drank Smirnoff Ice. Because it’s good =3
Thursday we went and pestered people at Elsie Allen. xD Went and said Hi to my brother and some of the other juniors and what’s left of our dear senior friends. Talked to Bailey too. He was always an awesome teacher xD; He was like “yeah, I’m supposed to tell you guys to leave and escort you off campus but I’m not gonna, I like you guys.” We love Bailey :D He was like “I see your brother EVERY DAY. But at least he’s doing more classwork than you did.” *snort* And I still wonder how the hell I passed his Bio class.
Uhh.. Lesse.. Thursday I got to sit/lie through entirely too much sex. Thurs. morning Sarah and Sterling going at it RIGHT FRIGGIN NEXT TO ME ON THE BED while I curled up in a ball and watched cartoons. Thursday afternoon was Trish and her assmonkey boyfriend AND Sarah and Sterling on Trish’s bed. >.> I am so damn glad Trish has a computer with DSL in her room. I sat there attempting to get Sean to distract me. He succeeded kinda. He feels as though he failed as my boy slut though.. poor dear. I RABU j00 SEAN. Lesse, what else.. After all that Sarah and Sterling went back to his place things, presumable watch Dragonball GT. I decided to stay at Trish’s and Sarah was gonna pick me up later so we could leave back to her house in Redwood Valley.. Didn’t happen. Trisha’s mom ended up spazzing out (for reasons I don’t want and am not at liberty to discuss), so we (Trish, her stupid boyfriend (I don’t like you, dude. I’m sure you’ll possibly come across this because the url is in your cache.) and me) left and started walking.. Trish broke down crying and ended up sitting down in the middle of the sidewalk holding herself and dumbfuck didn’t even bother to try to comfort her.. I got down and gave her a hug and a shoulder to cry on till she was done.. After we got up he tried to hug her and stuff and she basically told him to screw off and latched onto my arm. Then we walked. All the way to Sterlings and hung out there for a while.. then Trish and dummyboy left. Then I got to sit through (while watching tv) someone giving someone oral. I didn’t bother looking back to check cuz I really didn’t want to see it. But the slurping man, the SLURPING. *shudders*
Lesse.. saner stuff done on Thursday.. Visted my dad at work (and got money from him =3). And uh.. I think that’s about it. We were gonna pester Sky at school but since it was a 135 day and we came at lunch, he’d already left. And we were too lazy to drive the extra half mile to his house. That boy seems to have a fixation on wanting to get in my pants. Which I have no problem with. Because it’s Sky. And he’s hot. And sweet and uhh.. psycho and stuff. (Yeah, yeah. Shut up, Eric =) I can’t believe you didn’t notice he wanted in my pants until I told you. >.>)
After that me and Sarah were too tired to drive back to Redwood Valley and ended up crashing at my brothers’ apartment. Heh.. my brother told me if I could guess how many mp3s on his computer within 100 and he’d burn me 5 cds of whatever I wanted.. I was off by 96. >.> I said 10000… it was 10196. SCREW YOU STEVEN!
And today.. what did we do today.. Woke up late. xD; Sarah missed her class so we went around to harass people.. But Marcus wasn’t home so I couldn’t molest him T_T Drove around in circles.. xD; Went and saw my horses ^____^ They’re all fat and hairy >.> Then uh.. we hung out with Sterling for a bit, then we all (me, sarah and sterling) drove up here and dropped me off. :D And I r home. And I got my cigarettes. Because Lake County doesn’t believe in selling American Spirits for some reason. And I GOT CHIKKIN STRIPS :D:D:D:D:D

Hmm.. When Eric was here we.. uhh.. lied around most of the day.. watch some PoT.. I made him a pretty Kamibu layout and a Torishishi icon for his GJ. And uh.. We watched the Kaidouabuse/Griptape episode twice. Cuz we watched it again when Sarah got here. :D We uhh.. HE MADE ME GO FOR A WALK AROUND THE FUCKING BLOCK. I almost got lost and wanted to call my mommy to come pick me up xD >.> Then I was like “HEY! I know where that road ends up! It ends right next to my house :D” And I was all sore and shit when we got back to my house. Then we had my mommy buy us cigarettes cuz I have no ID yet. Yeah.

< Begin Fangirling. >
PoT 122 and 106 need to friggin download!!!1oneone And.. uhh.. OH YEAH. PoT Genius 214! It was friggin crazy shit o_o I was like.. yeah! Go Inui! He like half died and shit *splat* on the court. I laughed. But he won, 7-6. After a frickin crazy ass Atobe/Tezuka-esque tiebreak. 31 to 29 in Inui’s favor. So Seigaku’s staying in the tournament unless Fuji/Ryoma (I forget who’s playing singles 2.. Ryoma I think..) loses their match. YOU BETTER WIN DAMMIT! Man, the animators are seriously going to have to buy some time with random filler episodes (possibly another chibi? XD; ) for Konomi-sensei to get far enough ahead o_o Or at least drag out the Inui/Renji match. Manga: Inui’s match just ended.. Anime, it just started. Hopefully we’ll get to see INUI’S EYES like we do in the manga ^0^ Damn that boy is pretty. :D He’s even got a me-esque normal clothing style. Kinda grungy but uberly comfortable xD; Long shorts, converse, undone longsleeve buttonups and the like. I think I’m starting to become an Inui fangirl
< /End fangirling >

I have wintergreen breathsavers (MY CRACK.)
I want chocolate and a roast beef sammich.
It’s cold.
Suzuki Chihiro has an orgasmic voice. And he’s pretty.
Kiku-san got up the Jyousei Shounan Fanlisting! …I need to join and show my LUV.
I need to do some rp posts before I am killed by the other players. =) Baibai.