What wai?

I’m… a student?! That’s right folks, starting 22 Jan, 4 years and 11 days after I got out of HS according to my proficiency cert, I will once again be a full-time student at two different schools (according to how many units I’m taking. Technically half time academic and half time art.) Math and English at Yuba college’s Clearlake Center, and drawing, painting and ceramics at Mendocino’s Lakeport Center.

Mum is taking the art classes with me, which is the main reason I decided to go back anyway. XD Had to take a placement exam for Yuba the other day, which proved what I already knew: I kick ass at English and suck at Math. In math I placed into Math 111 (Prealgebra), which is the second step up, but I’m taking Math 110 (the lowest class – Arithmetic for College Students). Which means if I want to go for my Associates, I have to take… 4 or 5 math classes. English I placed into English 1A (College Composition and Reading), which according to mum not many people place into. Which, if I were again not taking the class below it (English 51 – Preparatory Composition and Reading), I’d only have to take and pass English 1A and take no reading classes to get my degree.

Thursdays I won’t get to go home between classes because Mum is taking the English class with my teacher right before mine. XP And the fun thing about drawing and painting XD Same teacher, same class, and he also teaches oils & watercolours (I’m taking acrylics) at the same time x3

Schedule for Jan. 22-May 25:

    Monday (Mendo-Lakeport)

  • 10am-1pm: Drawing
  • 2pm-5pm: Painting
    Tuesday (Yuba-Clearlake)

  • 12:30pm-1:45pm: Math 111
  • 4:30pm-6:2pm: English 51
    Wednesday (Mendo-Lakeport)

  • 6:30pm-9:30pm: Intro to Ceramics
    Thursday (Yuba-Clearlake)

  • 12:30pm-1:45pm: Math 111
  • 4:30pm-6:2pm: English 51

*shall be a busy bee D:*


Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core trailer (Reg. required, but it’s free). Suzumura Kenichi, Suwabe Junichi and, er. Gackt. XD;

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I am pissed off that I have to go buy a DS to play FF3 :( GOD DAMN YOU, SQUENIX. …Which speaking of Square-Enix, brings me to a conversation with a friend that works there last night. XD

Her (17:09:05): di you have a good weekend?
Me (17:09:21): um i did the same thing I did every day?
Her (17:10:07): try to take over the world?
Me (17:10:24): exactly.
Her (17:11:50): did it work yet?
Her (17:11:58): I wasn’t sure if I missed it while being asleep
Me (17:12:04): sadly no :-(
Her (17:13:30): okay, just making sure ;-)
Me (17:13:47): :-)
Her (17:15:21): < #
Her (17:15:27): I’m looking up names now
Me (17:25:22): for what?
Me (17:25:31): and :o jurrasic park is going to be on next friday x3
Her (17:25:36): work, checking to make sure the names they want in this game really are games
Her (17:25:40): ohhhhhh I wanna see
Her (17:25:48): next friday like this friday or next friday like next friday?
Me (17:25:49): ah
Her (17:25:57): …that was unhelpful
Me (17:25:57): as in this one coming up
Her (17:26:03): ah, okay. darn
Me (17:26:04): but dude
Her (17:26:05): I’ll miss it
Me (17:26:07): it’s a video game
Her (17:26:10): ?
Me (17:26:15): since when do they use real names XD
Her (17:26:16): the one where you could sit inside it?
Her (17:26:30): we just want them to use names that aren’t screennames of furry authors
Her (17:26:35): …like one of the names we’ve got
Me (17:26:41): rofl
Me (17:26:43): what name? XD
Her (17:26:51): rhago
Me (17:26:55): hahaha
Her (17:27:04): the first thing that comes up on google is like “yiffnet” or something
Me (17:27:10): lmao
Her (17:27:11): and I want to click, but…at work
Her (17:27:48): hahahah

Somehow it degraded to looking for Pokemon porn, which brought me to showing her the ever-wonderful comm of bad porn, weepingcock @ LJ (WHY THE FUCK DO YOU KEEP DESTROYING MY < /A > AND PRETENDING IT DOESN’T EXIST, WORDPRESS!? STOP FUCKING WITH MY LINKS.) , in which I had to search madly through the memories for a ‘lovely’ piece of Charizard/Ash porn to show her. It was beautiful ;;

More random shit: Underdogs has been ‘updated’, Rhythmic High finally got a new layout and some new shit (cosplay piccus :D) and the silly girls that brought you lockwizmeeee now have a new fic comm, aptly named SHUT THE HELL UP GUYS, to which I posted a few Tennis drabbles I wrote while my power was out yesterday.

And uh. Yeah. DLs from the last post are now gone, but here. Have some new ones.

Christmas Gift from Dong Bang Shin Ki (MP3/rar) Korean/English


  • 01. Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring
  • 02. The First Noel
  • 03. Magic Castle
  • 04. Prayer
  • 05. Angels We Have Heard On High
  • 06. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  • 07. Silent Night, Holy Night
  • 08. Magic Castle (Instrumental)

Christmas carols in Korean are… special. But the whole CD is really cute XD;

Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol. 3 – ‘O’ Jung.Ban.Hub (MP3/rar) Korean


  • 01. ‘O’ Jung. Ban.Hub
  • 02. Only One Heart In This World (You’re My Miracle)
  • 03. Hey! Girl
  • 04. Get Me Some
  • 05. I’ll Be There
  • 06. Remember
  • 07. The Story Has Just Begun
  • 08. ON&ON
  • 09. Phantom
  • 10. You Only Love
  • 11. Balloons
  • 12. White Lies

I… like this CD. A lot. Balloons. Everyone needs Balloons. If you didn’t grab the PV from my last post, you suck.

And last.

Fly to the Sky Vol. 6- Transition(MP3/rar) Korean (this is on YSI. 7 days or 99 downloads, when it’s gone it’s gone, it was uploaded for me so why bother letting it go to waste.)


  • 01. Be With You
  • 02. Blood
  • 03. Like a Man
  • 04. Yellow Butterfly
  • 05. Begging
  • 06. A Day Goes By
  • 07. Let’s Love (feat. Gumi)
  • 08. Your Return
  • 09. The Girl Is Mine (feat. Lisa)
  • 10. Call My Name During A Storm
  • 11. Question
  • 12. Heart (♡ Broken)

I need to remember to not miss House again tomorrow D: I always forget it’s on Tuesday ;0;


WHAT WAI. Rain at Caesar’s Palace on the 23rd and 24th ;o; Whyfore do I not have monies or a car?

Get your groovin’ on~

Heh. Internets died there for a while u.u Which means I’m seriously behind on a lot of things, like needing to send out prizes/make new decks/…basically update everything for Red Sun, finish a buttload of RP logs, get a few fls up (pssssst. 차근차근 (Way for Love) fl), and finish revamping my art site. Red Sun tomorrow, most definitely.

Life stuff: the kitties have taken over my bed. Yeah, somehow we ended up with three cats sometime in the last month instead of just Akaya, the other two strays. Mumma cat (second picture) is an absolute doll and tiny little friendly thing, we’re pretty sure she was someone’s pet kitten that was dumped off as she is very sociable with people. Yuupon (a name that would only be understood if you follow Tenipuri Fusion, grey kitten curled up with Akaya) is her baby, a total little scaredy cat. This is the first time said baby has come up onto my bed. She’s really skittish, but starting to get used to being petted and not running away from people.

Akaya fucking adores her XD They spend so much time playing/beating each other up/cleaning each other/sleeping together. Cute little buggers. Akaya doesn’t get along so well with Mumma cat, they tend to bitchsmack each other a lot XD

Fandomy stuff: Dong Bang’s Balloon video = crack on wheels. Will totally be adding it to next post, because everyone needs to see the creepy zoo video. (Jae’s dirty looks at the end = win).

NEW ROUND OF TENIPURI BATTLE ROYALE. Rue, Erin and I are taking the torch from Bob as mods this round, and if the idea for round 7 Rue and I came up with yesterday morning passes with Erin, it’ll be the best round ever, for so many reasons. XD We’ve been trying to think of a way to mix up the game a bit to make it fun for old players, yet keep the BR element and get new people interested in it. Some of our ideas had involved a Survivor type theme, Lord of the Flies, and other sorts of stuff. But what spawned from me simply saying I wanted a jungle island this round (so we don’t have any random abandoned houses and stuff to hide in >D) is fantastic. Somehow it managed to fit in everything we wanted to use in, too, completely unintentionally >D But no one gets to know what it is until we open up applications and such again (December! *EXCITED* I want to kill tennis boys again ;___;)

Man. Have totally been working on holiday cards lately – am drawing and printing my own lately. I have ‘default’ ones that most people get (Tennis, Gundam Wing & a generic one), plus one-of-a-kind cards for the people dearest to me. Am working on a Bleach one right now for a dearest (I’ve never even seen/read the series, yet Ichigo and Rukia are in my photoshop). My cards for two others are technically one picture cut in half – one gets one half and the other gets the other (said gals are also very close and it’s our characters, so it works XD). Default Tennis #1 is done, GW is done. Will finish the Bleach & RP ones, then default Tennis #2 (aka senpai version). Then after that… the other handful for people. ♥ I haven’t done this much art in… a really long time. But I like how they’re turning out *_*

PIMP MYSELF TIME: *copy/pastes from lj-ness*

Fudomine.org's Winter Contest!

Underdogs is hosting its very first contest! It’s a cheap excuse to get people to write/draw more Fudoustuff got a nice little winter theme with some fun prizes (and more to come~).

Keeping in tune with its mother site, this contest is Fudoumine centric and accepts yaoi/yuri/het submissions in both fanfic and fanart as long as at least one Fudoumine student is a main character/focal point (meaning if you want to write Bekami, go for it. If you want to draw Sengoku/An-chan raburabu, go for it.)

Don’t have the time right now? No worries, the contest doesn’t end till January, so there’s plenty of time to work on something. :)

Check out the site for rules and a more detailed description. :)

Cupcakes and sugar cookies,


And now I run.


Holy crap, lots of motivation lately! With little procrastination! Like Underdogs being updated again! And Super Seekrit Project #2 that I wasn’t totally sure was going to come to fruition but was spurred on by Jayme doing one too. What is that, you ask? Why my very own TCG, Red Sun, revolving around the artists and groups, past, present and future of Korea’s SM Entertainment. Obviously for now a lot of the games and such were swiped from inspired by Midnight Paradox and Countdown (Go. Join. Tell them Nori sent you.) so much ♥♥♥ to Jayme & Aku over there. However the games will soon have their own twist to them ♥

So yeah. Red Sun is now accepting prejoiners. It’s super small at the moment so more members = more decks = more fun for everyone~ Someone asked a while back if my Super Seekrit Project involved Super Junior – well now it does XD; (However, no. The Super Seekrit Project I was referring to on that post was Underdogs‘ super-revamp.)

On to random stuff, apparently S tried to hook up his cable modem last (Friday, I’m of the belief that it’s not tomorrow until I wake up) night and came to the conclusion that it didn’t work. Around 3 AM Saturday I go to turn on my tv and watch something and my cable was out. And thus it was I who discovered that hooking wires up in the dark = Bad Idea. Yes, he hooked the cables up right to some extent, however he didn’t hook my cable back up to the splitter and hooked his wire to my cable… in essence hooking his computer up to my TV and um yeah, it didn’t work.

Bonus points to this: Once I get a 100 foot ethernet cable, fast internets are miiiiine. Though only until J brings her comp home from work, in which case I’ll be needing to get a new network card for S since everything would be networked through his comp.

Which obviously will mean uploading things will be easier, which brings me to my next point: more downloads! The downloads from the previous post have been removed, so don’t even try ♥

Golf & Mike – Bounce (live)
Golf & Mike – Ruang Lek Kaung Tur (live)
Golf & Mike – Tong Tur Tao Nun (live)
Golf & Mike – Medley (live) Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3. (You will need HJ Split to join the files – make sure the files are named .avi.001, .avi.002, .avi.003 or it will not work!)
Golf & Mike – Venus (live, Japanese & Thai) – Tackey & Tsubasa cover.
Golf & Mike & Sand & Bank – Mai Tong Mee Kum Bun Yai (live). Sand and Bank being their (fucking cute) older brothers ♥
Mike – Ta Lok Dee (live solo)

Same as usual, comments are appreciated if you download and direct linking = teh no.

I don’t even know.

Somewhat lazy yesterday since S left for Nevada on Friday for a race and thus I didn’t have to work. But he won his race and came home sometime last night to tell me once he fixes the 50 he’s going to make me learn how to work it and go riding with him (I’ve never been on a motorcycle in my friggin life). Apparently it has this little problem right now where gunning it uh kills it. 8D Dunno. I forgot what he said hur.

But yeah, so spent night bumming around talking to Carrie and downloading miscelleanous Golf & Mike stuff while doing a few minor updates to Underdogs. So yeah added some lyrics & doujinshi and all is good. 8D

And dur after a game of “I’ll do it if you do it” ended in my joining Jayme’s w-inds. tcg Midnight Paradox with Jackie and continuing to be dorktarded. (Go. Sign up. Put Nori as your referrer 8D It’s fun. Rly.)

Oh right. That’s what I did yesterday before I went to sleep. Watched an assload of movies because S left us with his dvd binder. So obviously it was time to watch some old favourites (But I’m A Cheerleader & Boondock Saints), comedy acts I’d heard but never seen (Eddie Izzard’s Circle) and one I’d never seen but wanted to (自殺サ―クル (Suicide Circle)). Fun times for all! Suicide Circle’s really fucked up and uh weird but it gets an A+ in my book XD

La pointless. Here, have some Golf & Mike goodies.

Fino commerial
Radio interview (hotwave) – English subbed
Ruang Lek Kuang Tur / your little story PV
Hua Jai Ja Wai (live)

Comments if downloading are muchly appreciated, will be deleted within the week.

I vote more hugs for thugs.

My Super Seekrit project is finally (mostly) done~! That project being a major site overhaul on Underdogs, my fic/art archive over @ fudomine.org. At any rate it’s done enough to be viewable to the public, anything from here on in is just an update :3

I feel so much better now though XD After letting it stagnate for nearly two years maybe I’ll keep it up to date now XD *crickets chirp*

RL stuff going slow work-wise as I’ve more or less just finished getting over being sick as a dog and haven’t done much but tomorrow we should start painting aka most of the hard stuff is done and I can paint that whole thing, double coat + primer in about 8 hours. Less because I’ll have help, hur 8D

But that also means I should be sleeping and uh yeah.