Yep, my wrist is very unhappy with me and thus tonight’s post is a simple photo from the womens’ room in the art building at my school, because what do you expect from art students stuck in a building with no heating or air conditioning.

Photo of sign in my art building's  restroom.
There has been different creative editing on every sign in every stall.

A good day

Wherein “good day” really only means “not awful but not super fantastic, either”. Work was work; my assistant manager, some of my coworkers, and I all spent some time slacking off in the office (“on break”) eating junk food as said supervisor-type has a habit of handing us his debit card and/or phone with his google wallet account open and tells us to go buy drinks/snacks (today was my turn). A couple of sodas, a bag of peanut M&M’s, and a box of Mike & Ike’s later and we were almost ready to actually do work. He actually gave me a “that’s all you got?” when he noticed I only bought myself a bottle of soda.

Slacking gave way to discussions of meals, where he “bragged” about his delicious tri-tip fajitas he made the night before using some of the meat he’d purchased about a month ago–as with most grocery stores, ours majorly marks down meat that’s at or a day before its sell/freeze-by date and my assistant manager somehow managed to snag about 20 of them one day–for $2.50 each. And given that these are regularly $20+ cuts of meat … yes. He let me pick one to buy for myself when he bought them, and it was delicious. But I digress, as the point of this was to say that during this story he said he still had a bunch of them left, to which I replied “Damn, man, hook a sistah up!” “You working tomorrow? I’ll bring you one.” “No, but I can drop in.” “Cool, I’ll bring one. Text me when you’re on your way and I’ll pull it out of the cooler.”

It should be noted that this is this the same man whom while on vacation last year asked us to save him some boxes because his daughter was moving. Upon arriving to pick up said boxes, we (myself and the one other coworker in the department at the time) jokingly told him it would cost him a dollar a box. “How about a six pack of IPA.” “Sure, that works.” Lo and behold, ten minutes later he shows up in the back room with a six pack which was then stored in my coworker’s car until I got off that night, when he then gave me half of him in what probably looked like the shadiest deal ever–a fairly young-looking woman getting alcohol from a man very clearly in his 50’s out of the back of his car in a dark corner of a parking lot in one of the most ghetto parts of town, at somewhere around 11pm.

Once again I digress. Point being I get free delicious, delicious cow that I almost never buy because meat is generally stupidly expensive and I am a poor, broke college student. It’s sort of a running joke that I’m a vegetarian by necessity and not by choice, simply for the “meat is expensive” reason.

Other good work-news is that according to my most recent paystub (which shows up online a day before the check hits) shows that my problem with not being paid out for vacation time has been fixed. The really sad part is that I made more money not going to work than I do on an average work week (partially owing to school, which cuts into my hours).

In non-work-related news, I went out to dinner with my brother and sister-in-law after I got off tonight and had some delicious, delicious sushi. There’s a cute little Japanese restaurant a few blocks from my house that has really good food, so we hit it up. Caught up with them a bit, got caught up on various life happenings for other family members, and life is good.

The business with my wrist is still sort of there, but it seems to be calming down a bit–I’ve switched my brace to the right for work the last couple of days and it seems to be helping. It’s not as stiff as it was and icing seems to be helping, too. I may have just strained it a little too much working on projects for school. I plan on resting it as much as I can before I go to class tomorrow.

All that said, I am a tired human and should probably crawl into bed.

Still trying…

…to keep myself inactive enough hand-wise to not break myself more. I skipped out on class tonight so I wouldn’t be spending three hours with my hand in the same pinching position holding conte crayons. Probably going to have to take it fairly easy tomorrow and stick to working the front and perimeter areas of my department since the boxes they come in are lighter than most of the others and won’t cause as much strength.

On an unrelated note, might be going out to dinner with my brother and his wife after work tomorrow, so that’ll be fun if it happens.

Tendinitis still blows.

So back in February I started having pretty bad pain in my left wrist, to the point where the tendon that comes off my thumb would literally pop out of place any time I moved my thumb. I couldn’t even reach behind my back without getting sharp stabs of pain. I ignored it for a while as far as seeking treatment, and went for my own method of “brace it, ice it, and take an ibuprofen” until it got bad enough that I had to leave work early one night. I went to the urgent care facility near my work the next morning for x-rays and lo and behold, tendinitis.

I spent a week out of work, a few more weeks on light duty (nothing over 15 pounds which is … difficult when I work in a department where most boxes weigh over 35), and I’ve kept it braced while at work since. I’ve not had any problems with it in a few months, which is nice.

However, I’m starting to notice the same sort of deal on my right wrist, which is significantly more built up muscle-wise than my left now (owing to 8 months of being in a brace for 9 hours a day, 4-5 days a week). I’m hoping it’s not the same deal and it’s just sore from having to do that project of doom a few days ago that involved lots and lots of pencil holding for hours on end.

I tweaked it a little at work earlier this afternoon and decided to swap the brace over from my left to my right (thank you, whoever invented braces that work for both hands). My right wrist is still a bit stiff and I plan on icing it when I hop into bed, and my left is a little sore, but I’m mostly believing that it’s just because it had a bit more freedom today than it usually gets while at work and had to bend in ways it’s not used to anymore.

Super duper hoping I am not ending up with tendinitis in my right wrist, too; I rely way too much on being able to use my hands in order to do my job. Stocking fruit and vegetables is difficult when one cannot lift the boxes or pour them into their designated areas.

Typing a lot probably isn’t helping, either. So this is where I leave for tonight.