Happy Thanksgiving~

If you’re American, anyway. Hope you all have a wonderful day with friends and family. I, however, will be staying home with my cup noodles whilst Mum and her 12 pound turkey go to the Spawn of Satan’s place and S&J go to J’s grandmother’s. I’d rather spend the holiday alone than go through another one with dealing SoS’s bullshit. I don’t care if she’s family, I don’t want to be around it and I have no intentions of being around it if I can help it. No clue what Dad & K are going to be up to, but will probably call Dad later to see what’s up.

Maybe I should get my ATM card back from Mum (who seems to have it more often than I do >_>) and see what’s playing at the theater if it’s not raining – it’s close enough to walk to both the theater and the bank (given the theater’s right behind my bank …), but even if I catch an early evening show I’ll have to walk home in the dark… not something I want to do — Through RA lives about 2 blocks behind the theater so I could probably get a ride from her, but I wouldn’t want to bother her family during their dinner because her sisters are up. I’d be welcome to join but eh. Not feeling particularly festive and can use the time to work on my special-deck cards for people, updating sites and catching up on Honey and Clover so Crys will stop hounding me to fangirl with her.

Internets have been acting up again, the whores. Plus the power keeps going out because we’re on some funky grid (Meaning mine and my neighbor’s power was out, the guys across the street were out, but the house behind my neighbor had power, etc…) and the line’s been ready to go for weeks (constant brownouts, etc ~_~). Pretty irritating.

Fangirly and fandom related stuff simply because 90% of my posts require it. Leah was totally awesome and gave me Tackey & Tsubasa’s new album, which exudes massive amounts of gay (go figure.) Was there really a reason for a fifth version of Venus? Either way, it’s lollertastic. I am hearting on the album XD; And hopefully I will have enough monies soon to actually like, buy it. I need to make myself a list of crap I want to get >_>”

Spent the past few weeks getting and watching Kimi wa Petto, which is fucking adorable and I want to squish it. Too fucking cute D: Half the time I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or simply stare going “What the fuck?”. Jun was freaking adorable and Sumire girl was so… I liked her. I wanted to punch the Fukushima girl through like the whole thing D: It is now being burned off because I might as well burn some crap off and actually get back some HDD space.

Said in last post I’d put up Dong Bang’s Balloon PV, so here it is + some other stuff.

동방신기 – Balloon PV – WMV
동방신기 – HI YA YA 여름날 PV AVI (yes, it works. Don’t say it doesn’t.)
동방신기・東方神起 – Miss You (Japanese) ZIP/MP3


  • Miss You
  • ‘O’ ~ Jung.Ban.Hub
  • Sky (TVP Uta’s Mix)
  • Miss You (Less vocal)
  • ‘O’ ~Jung.Ban.Hub (Less vocal)



  • Se7olution (Intro)
  • Girl Friend
  • la la la
  • chalhalge
  • Last of Diary
  • Again
  • Can You Feel Me
  • tamul sarang
  • I’m Sorry (Interlude)
  • Oh~
  • Get Up and Dance
  • hulaghaechui
  • tokbaek
  • Promise

Downloads will be removed when I feel like it, don’t ask where they are if they don’t work. Edit: Realized I put the wrong link to SE7OLUTION. It works now.

More unimportant stuff.

First, another new theme~ Imported from LJ, but I happened to like it :P The sidebar looks funky (anything wp-included) but at the moment I am too lazy to fix it. Because why fix what ain’t broke, even if it looks funny.

Another new page, as I decided to finally post my Winamp skins up somewhere besides LJ. So there’s two of them over there if you want to click that link over there (1 Matsumoto Jun, 1 Yamashita Tomohisa). A third is on the way once I stop procrastinating and finish the AVS & MB >> EDIT 08/17/06: Kirihara skin now included! In general skins will be posted to LWM first, so if you want to see the newest ones try checking there first :)

K’s 19th birthday was yesterday so he & dad came up. Which means more BBQing (since mum and I finally figured out how to get the grill going and keep it going… only took us 20 years >>). With COW RIBS. And they were tasty. Followed by strawberry shortcake, which was fantastico. And some of the giant ass batch of potato salad mum made me make yesterday hur. Dad left before I woke up but K was still here messing around on his new car he has parked here (’63 Nova). A little conversing and ways were parted.

The Higa Rival Players singles come out the 19th and sadly I have no monies for them yet D: *grabbypaws at* But I’m guessing that’s okay since my most recent buyingstuff spree included some of the older Rival Players cds I don’t have (Shinji, Saeki, Renji, Jackal&Marui + Yukimura). I can live without Higa cds in my paws for a month >.>; And super randomly I still ♥ Sanada’s Shou album 8D

On to other things coming out :O Radiata Stories manga on the 26th *_* Alright, I haven’t spammed this place with it yet but I’ve been playing the game lately and a;lkfjafk I frickin’ love it. Square-Enix once again has not let me down. The characters are so sarcastic and the art, while sort of cutesy and such is nice. And it’s fun to play. I think the only thing I don’t like about it is that if you (Jack) die, it’s a game over no matter what – even if all the rest of your party members are still perfectly fine. But other than that it’s A+

And also randomly because I feel the need to mention SuJu, here. Quite aware it’s old but that doesn’t make it any less amusing, and happy thoughts are good things to have; particularly with what all’s been going on lately. So it is with much love that I wish HeeChul a speedy recovery and offer my condolences to DongHae over his father’s death. Not that it really matters what a silly American fangirl thinks, but these guys are totally deserving of a break, man. So much bad luck lately D:

But yeah, not much going on as usual. Rping, messing around in Photoshop and dicking around with the JE TCG Jackie convinced me to join. < begin pimp > Countdown is the place to be, yo. Tell em Nori sent you and get me free cookies 8D < /end pimp >