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幸村清市 - ダリア + 幸村清市、真田弦一郎、柳蓮二 - 三強と呼ばれて

I’m really loving Yukimura’s new album XD; I’ll probably be doing all of these at some point, but for now, completely random tracks!

Under the cut:

永井幸子 as 幸村清市, 楠大典 as 真田弦一郎, 胆本英史 as 柳蓮二  - 三強と呼ばれて
Nagai Sachiko as Yukimura Seiichi, Kusunoki Taiten as Sanada Genichirou, & Takemoto Eiji as Yanagi Renji – Sankyou to Yobarete
永井幸子 as 幸村清市 - ダリア
Nagai Sachiko as Yukimura Seiichi – Dahlia

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Lyric dump – 裄村清市:真実(+REMIX)、 夢の続き、自分にしか見えない光;真田弦一郎:名声

This is just a lyrics dump for songs I’ve romanised since December. Quicklinks can be found under the cut.

Nagai Sachiko as Yukimura Seiichi (永井幸子 as 裄村清市)
Shinjitsu (真実) + Remix version
Yume no Tsuzuki (夢の続き)
Jibun ni Shika Mienai Hikari  自分にしか見えない光

Kusunoki Taiten as Sanada Genichirou (楠大典 as 真田弦一郎)
Meisei (名声)

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