A not-so-new start

In attempt to get myself pumped up for this (and to give me something to do), I finally took advantage of WP’s import/export feature and imported all of the archives from 2003-2005 over to this blog. Reading through some of them made me stop and think “Wow, I was a really retarded teenager.”

It’ll take some time to go through and rename posts and fix categories, but I shall persevere (somehow). To some extent it’s kind of amusing (“Wow, once upon a time I actually did chapter and episode summaries!”). If I had any sense of dignity I’d probably delete them and disassociate myself with my own teenage stupidity, but at the same time it shows me how much I have (or haven’t, lol) grown and changed in the past ~6 years.

And while I’m on the subject of change, need new theme. We shall see how unlazy I get, because although I adore Donghae’s stupid face, these colours just aren’t doing it for me.

Things that got changed in the not-so-distant past:

Ukepile.com got a new layout, and I’ve moved all of my song romanisations over there (they’re still posted here, but I’ll be keeping them over there so I have a complete list for my own reference more than anything.

Rhythmic High was split into three separate sites: RH:GUNDAM for all of my Gundam works, RH:TENNIS for all of my Tenipuri works, and the main site for everything else.

And now to go obsessively refresh Menclave for my Gundam 00 fix. XD;

Generic Title #32

Way too much friggin PoT released lately xD. Like 5 episodes and four chapters since friday >.> Still working on getting 109-111. I swear I’m gonna die trying to get everything xD; Specially since 124 airs tomorrow x.x Maybe, just maybe, if I’m lucky, I can get these three eps I need done before friday and hope that the raws peoples take their time a bit xD;

I’m too lazy to do episode summaries right now, and tired cuz I haven’t been sleeping much at all lately x.x I’ll like.. stay up for 20 some hours, sleep for three or four, lather, rinse, repeat as necessary. So I’ll give some highlights.

PoT 107
YAMATO-BUCHOU ^____^ and smiling Ryoma :D and Ryoma not being a _complete_ ass :D And Kaidou and Momo and Ryoma getting chased by a cow (which was neighing, by the way >.>) after meeting Yamato-buchou and not knowing who he was and threatening nasty things on him. Then come to find out when they’re eating dinner, OH, HEY. We’re having someone special up as a coach for the day! *enter Yamato* Yo. Momo, Kaidou, Ryoma: *glare* WHY YOU!! The rest of the regulars: *stand up and bow post haste* YAMATO-BUCHOU! I think that’s about it. Besides the fishing.

PoT 108
This involved bears, and certain Seigaku Regulars attempting to bring it down with their special tennis moves while it has the freshman crew (plus Sakuno) cornered in a shed. =) Inui: “might be a higuma..” Someone else I forget who: “higuma..” Ryoma: “higuma otoshi.” Some other regular: “higuma… otoshi.. *all staring at fuji* Fuji: “rehh..? you.. You’re kidding, right..?”
Inui’s plan to bring down the aforementioned bear: The Inui Juice. Observe. Inui: “if he drinks this, he’ll definately go away” Some other regular (probably oishi or momo. don’t feel like checking): “there it is..” Eiji (in a disturbed and frightened voice): “only those who’ve tasted it understand it’s power..” Some stuff happened, Ryoma saves the day with a twist serve, the end.

PoT 123
Don’t remember much of what happened other than Inui won his match. Duh. And there was a really, really smexy Kamio and a smexy mumbling Shinji. God I love my Fudoumine boys. And Renji’s pretty. Yep.

/end stupid summaries.

In other news, my mommy bought me chocolate, almonds, wafer cookies, a deli sammich and smiggerettes. Because she mooched most of mine this morning >.> err.. yesterday morning. Judging by the fact it’s past 2 am.

And I also have extremely disturbing crack crossover fanart inspired by Burn’s lovely fic >.> *hugs you, then hits you!*

Tenipuri YaoiRP is keeping me very, very amused. We somehow managed to have Shinji and Sengoku screw. xD; Which kinda just a little pissed Kamio off :P. Ebby is keeping me amused too. I LOVE YOU, YOU SNARKY LITTLE MONKEY!
And I almost killed myself earlier by almost drowning on my soda. I couldn’t breathe for like 3 minutes >.> *gnaws on chocolate*
I also about two hours before that managed to dump nearly a full can of soda on my keyboard. I’m surprised the damn thing still works.

And I have to pee, so I am going to stop writing and post this damn thing already.