Welcome to OSX.

First post from new laptop, horrah. I’d been toying with the idea of getting a Mac laptop since last semester when my financial aid check came, but put it off in favour of Genki pbs, Higamyu photosets and Yaoicon. However, the end of December brought Hiku getting a new laptop and was selling her older (mid-2005) laptop and needless to say, I asked her to hold onto it for me until I could pay her in January. After a few weeks of trying to decide how we wanted to deal with her getting it to me without having to worry about it getting damaged, we ended up deciding we’d both just drive to Santa Rosa and hang out for a bit. Sasu came with her and gave me easily $100 worth of Copic Sketch markers she had extras of, plus some other stuff that we had ordered together and she was going to send to me anyway. They didn’t get to stay very long, but fun times were had.

Needless to say, I’m now the owner of an iBook G4 with OSX Tiger (tiny and cute!). While I grew up using a Mac (We still have our first computer in storage – I can’t remember what model it is off the top of my head, but it has a whopping 500mb hard drive and 5 mb of RAM. XD), and all of the computers I ever used at school were Macs (I was a freshman in high school when the original candy-shell iBooks came out), I haven’t really touched one since I was 17. So, naturally, it’s taking a while for my Windows-ingrained brain to get used to Macs and Mac shortcuts again. Not to mention all this newfangled stuff they’ve added to Mac OS since the last time I’ve used one. XD Now, if I can figure out how to get php properly set up for local use (not that I’ve tried very hard to set it up, lulz), life will be good. At the very least, it gives me a handful of machines to check designs and coding on. This cute little Mac laptop w/OSX on a 1028×768 res with Firefox, Safari and Opera installed, my desktop with WinXP on 1280×1024 with Firefox, IE and Opera installed, and mum’s laptop (that I like to use for the fact S is allowing her to leech his wireless – asshole won’t give me the password, so still stuck with dialup for my comps >_>) with Vista on a 1280×800 (+her lower-res-than-my-account’s res) with Firefox and IE. Plenty of options, really!

Also, iTunes. I hate iTunes. I don’t know why, it just irritates the hell out of me. There’s a reason I do not have it on my desktop even though S is like HEY GET ITUNES IT’S AWESOME. Any ideas on a Mac-equivalent of WinAmp, raise your hand XD;

School has been keeping me pretty busy, which is kind of sad when you consider how poorly I’m doing right now. Really need to get myself caught up and get my ducks in a row if I want to pass any classes this semester. Too much stress, really. Not having my license is making me all sorts of askdjf;alksdjfjsdalf if only for the fact that it would be so much cheaper to drive to school rather than pay $20 a week for cabs to school ($10 two times a week). The $2-$3 given to a classmate for rides home is easily swingable but >_O’ Hurrr now if only I didn’t hate driving with every bone in my body. Though I probably should try to go get that soon (damn you family not helping with uhhh a usable car and someone actually being home on a day the DMV is open so I can take my test again >EEE), permit kind of expires (again) sometime in April >>;;

Enough of that. This time next week I’ll be in… snowy, freezing-ass Burlington, Vermont visiting with my Leah over spring break. Leaving on Friday, returning home to California on the 30th. We have plans. Plans that involve sitting on our asses watching Kane & Genki dvds on big screen, spazzflailing over Rikkaimyu Genki!Kirihara and Kane!Sanada, and watching Power Rangers. May be watching some Gintama, for people will be happy if we do and start fangirling it. With Tenipuri manga finally being over (NICE COP-OUT, KONOMI.), it may be time to find a new fandom. Except the part where I still ♥ Tenipuri with all my ickle heart. …:D;

Other fandom news involves writing for balls_it_up, in which I wrote the single most awful fic I have ever written. XD; Which fic, however, I am not yet allowed. Writing mojo is finally starting to come back, if the few pieces I’ve started recently are any indication.

On the subject of fannish stuff, new fanlistings!
[+] Narugami aka Narukami/Thor {Matantei Loki Ragnarok}
[+] Heimdall {Matantei Loki Ragnarok}
[+] Seles {Apocripha/0 – Game/Manga}
[+] Platina Pastenr {Apocripha/0 – Game}
[+] Schwarz {Weiss Kreuz}
[+] My Friend Flicka {Book – Mary O’Hara’s My Friend Flicka}
[+] Green Grass of Wyoming {Book – Mary O’Hara’s Green Grass of Wyoming}

Upcoming fanlistings:
[-] Thunderhead {Book by Mary O’Hara}
[-] The Horse-Tamer {Book by Walter Farley}
[-] Nakagauchi Masataka {Musician}
[-] Four Rooms {Film}
[-] 0 no Soukoushi {Manga by Kaori Yuki}
[-] Fairy Cube {Manga by Kaori Yuki}
[-] Psycho Knocker {Manga by Kaori Yuki}

I certainly have my work cut out for me XD;

Mmmm. Since my last post, Rhythmic High has also been updated with quite a bit of artwork and fic from the past year.

I think that may be about it, except for one thing: Downloads!

[=] Oliver & Company Soundtrack (32.31 mb, .rar)
[=] The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack. (54.99 mb, .rar)

Er, enjoy. XD Need to find myself some free to so that I may make a new layout for this poor neglected place.

中河内雅貴 – 自分を信じて; 中河内雅貴 as 仁王雅治+馬場徹 as 柳生比呂士 – Depend on me . . . Rikkai D1 edition

中河内雅貴 -自分を信じて
ミユーシカルテニスの王子様 べエスアクルースシリース 008 トラック02
Nakagauchi Masataka – Jibun wo Shinjite
Musical Tennis no Oujisama Best Actors Series 008 Track 02

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馬場徹 – I SHOULD & 高橋美香子 as 竜崎桜乃 – 春の青

When Nori procrastinates studyinggets bored and is attempting to keep kanji and such fresh in her brain, she types up kanji and romanji. So.

馬場徹 - I SHOULD
ミユーシカルテニスの王子様 べエスアクルースシリース 008 トラック03
Baba Tooru – I SHOULD
Musical Tennis no Oujisama Best Actors Series 008 Track 03  
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I have found the meaning of life, and it is the Tenipuri musical

WARNING: Fangirly post >.>

*kicks stupid dialup* go faster I want the second part >___< Someone find me rips of the Fudoumine one xD; KAMIOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~ =3 and the St. Rudy's one when it comes out, eheheheh. I'm getting a new isp in a couple days hopefully, and my new domain too ^0^ maybe even two cuz I can't decide between the two I want xD; If I got two I'd probably move my bloggie to one of em =3 *gropes the tenipuri musical boiz* they're pretty *0* On another note, I’m not feeling well and my stomach hurts like a freaking bitch. I couldn’t sleep very well last night cuz of cramps. Like.. I went to go find my midol and felt dizzy so lied back down.. then when my head wasn’t spinning got up again to do it.. then had to lie down again but ended up throwing up >_< (Thank god I'm a pack rat and had a box leftover from christmas handy so I didn't puke all over my carpet xD; ) Like you really needed to know that. But.. I've never done that.. It was weird O_o; And on even another note, my dad’s up for the day ^_^ Brought me some gifts from my grandmother and my oldest brother, and brought up some of my stuff from the storage box in Santa Rosa. If I’m feeling better we might go see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King later. So yeay. He also said he’d build me a computer desk if I gave him the dimensions I need. And that he’d actually put, you know, an overhead light in my room so I can like.. not have to use a lamp. :D Oh speaking of which, I should tell him to switch some of the house’s wiring over to the other circuit breaker >_< cuz like every room in the house cept my mum's room and the bathroom are on one breaker.. which causes the breaker to switch off constantly, especially if I have my little fan going and the fridge switches on >_< Anyway, I am going to take some freaking midol and go take a nap ~_~ jya na