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January marked a few things: A new year, a new school year, and my 22nd birthday. \0/ Year thus far has been spent doing basically the same things I do anyway. XD;

Back to school with what will hopefully be my last full-time semester until Uni, as except for math and a couple of other subjects I’ve already got what I need to transfer \0/ Goals for this semester include not sucking as much as I did last semester, oops.

Subjects -> Beginning Algebra (math deficiency whaaat), Ecology (Lecture + Lab), US History through 1750 & Critical Thinking in Literature. More classes than last semester, fewer units (…on less than last semester, hur). Good thing though being that I only have classes three days a week and I have four days off in a row >> Bad news being that including fandomy-writing I have to write roughly 35,000 words by the end of the month 8D

Fandomy stuff ->

[+] FL collective moved to Pure Rhythm.

[+] The following fanlistings have moved to new URLs in the past few weeks: Series: Whistle!, Character: Satou Shigeki, Character: Mizuno Tatsuya, Relationship: Kaku Eishi (Yeong-sa), Sanada Kazuma & Wakana Yuhto (U-14’s), Character Group: Nittle Grasper, Character: Ukai Noriko, Character: Farfarello (Jei), Character: Naoe Nagi, Character: Tsukiyono Omi (Takatori Mamoru), Relationship: Naoe Nagi & Tsukyiono Omi, Relationship: Hidaka Ken & Tsukiyono Omi, Character Group: Jyousei Shounan Gakuen, Character Group: Yamabuki Chuugakkou, Relationship: Kurobane Harukaze & Amane Hikaru, &Relationship: Momoshiro Takeshi & Kaidou Kaoru.

[+] New Fanlistings! Actor: Kanesaki Kentarou and Character: Narugami/Thor.

[+] Ficstuff! Lazy at writing lately (sort-of).
[»] Jokers Wild; Ace in the Hole | Yagyuu/Niou, Yanagi/Kirihara | PG-13/R for the most part, NC-17 overall | 12,915 words | Part 1 | Part 2 | Complete | Written for Shikishi @ Santa Smex on LJ.

Lots of travel planned this year. Vermont over Spring Break (March) to visit Leah, a trip to San Francisco to hang out with Roll on her way home from Japan in April (not really “travel” since SF is only two hours away, but hey! It’s Roll! And not Roll on the opposite side of country! Exciting times!) Will be doing the Artist Alley at Fanime come the end of May, as well. Actually, that few weeks will be crazy, for it is final exams, then Fanime, then coming home for maybe a day (if I come home at all and don’t just stay at K’s), then hopping over the pond to London for two weeks to play with Pez & Liz & Unni~ Tarundoru-cakes and Higa’s Adventures In Cooking! Then it’s home until August, wherein flying to Baltimore for Otakon and playing with Roll & Moffit again, as well as my Rue and a couple of my West Coast kids I play with anyway. \0/ September rounds it off nicely with back to school and Yaoicon, after which I hibernate until May. XD;

I need a job if I’m going to want to afford all of this >.>;;;;

Flee time, for things to do~

Lyrics – 柳蓮二 – ANSWER & 柳蓮二&仁王雅治 – TRICK, FAKE, or TRUTH

Who’s not doing homework? Nori’s not doing homework! Though she should, because she has 3 final projects and 4 finals coming up >_>

胆本英史 as 柳蓮二 - ANSWER
Takemoto Eiji as Yanagi Renji – ANSWER

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馬場徹 – I SHOULD & 高橋美香子 as 竜崎桜乃 – 春の青

When Nori procrastinates studyinggets bored and is attempting to keep kanji and such fresh in her brain, she types up kanji and romanji. So.

馬場徹 - I SHOULD
ミユーシカルテニスの王子様 べエスアクルースシリース 008 トラック03
Baba Tooru – I SHOULD
Musical Tennis no Oujisama Best Actors Series 008 Track 03  
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It’s been a while~

Since I actually made a post that wasn’t just “lol here guyz have stuff”. But new layout that is completely swiped from my LJ, but I plan on changing LJ soon and I liked this one? >_>;; Made for my res, so I really don’t care if it’s too big for yours. Get a better monitor and/or video card. Yay Haeface.

Birthday a couple weeks ago. Yay, being legal to drink. Ended up going down to Petaluma the weekend after to watch Resilience play, as I have not seen them play in forever and I miss them greatly. And I got to see my Indy ♥ Whom I hadn’t seen in about 3 years ;o; Fun times were had :)

Schooooooool. Other than financial aid fucking me over and basically going “lol you don’t get shit until we see your mum’s tax info for last year too (since I apped for 06-07, I only needed to give them ’05’s tax info) hahaha”. Great, you guys could’ve said something when, you know, I didn’t need my books RIGHT THEN. But I managed to find the 3 I need (…two for English) on Amazon and thus got them for ~$140 less including shipping than I would’ve paid. Classes started (for what I needed books for) Tuesday, two days a week, needed books for both of them. Ordered Tuesday night since I went in to inquire about my financial aid stuff after my math class and they were like “lol fuck you”. Luckily, two of them (math and the SUPER IMPORTANTE! English book) showed up tod–yesterday (Friday), so I can catch up on stuff before Tuesday. With any luck, there will be no English class Tues & Thurs since teacherman has to maybe do some stuff elsewhere.

However, buying my books meant that I had to dip into my “I need this stuff for art classes”. Which means I won’t have everything I need on Monday, which isn’t too bad, since having taken the classes before, mum has most of the stuff (mostly just need extras) and we can share for now. Merf >.O

But thus far, school isn’t so bad, I’ll live. Was dreading it much more before. As per usual I’m highly anti-social and only ‘speak’ to people if they talk to me first. >> And my drawing class has a guy in it I know for a fact I went to junior high with, but I’m not sure whether it was Upper Lake JH or Santa Rosa JH. Either way, I remember him as being a bit of a dick so I just won’t talk to him if I can help it.

Math makes me feel like I’m in second grade again :D Which is good, since I’ll blow right through the course until we get to like decimals and percentages and ratios and fractions and division in like the end of March. Because I fail at those, horribly.

English I’m supposed to be writing in a journal. …but I already do. Two of them. Just one more than the other. But hay, it’s a composition class so I guess I can’t complain too much, it just gets annoying writing the same thing over and over again /lazy.

Also need an essay on ‘why I’m here’. Wherin ‘here’ can really be anywhere. In school, in this town… whatever. I’ll get to it at some point. I fear the Red Pen of Eternal Doom, mostly because of my love of commas and semicolons and such when I write. …And crap, I forgot to ask teacherman if we’ll get marked down for alternate spellings, since I tend to use British spellings of things (colour, favour, etc) >> Must ask next class.

…It is way too early in the morning :D

Also, Tenipuri continues to make me happy with cds ♥ So naturally I’ve had to order new cds (真田弦一郎 with 立海大附属中 – バレンタイン・キッス [Sanada Genichirou with Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu {Niou & Yagyuu} – Kusunoki Taiten w/ Masuda Yuuki & Tsuda Eisuke] – Valentine Kiss. I fucking hate this song, but it’s Sanada, so I have to buy two copies of it because Joyce needs it too, but at least his gay shirt didn’t get a gay colour like Atobe & Oshitari’s versions >>, 眼鏡’s – キラ★キラ 眼鏡’s [Megane’s {Tezuka, Oshitari, Inui} – Kira★Kira Meganes – Okiayu Ryoutarou, Kiuchi Hidenobu & Tsuda Kenjirou] – Okay, in general I hate all of these characters, but I ♥ their seiyuu and they’re good at crack, so happy time? 青酢 – 抱えたキセキ [Aozu {Oishi, Tezuka, Ryoma, Fuji} – Takieta Kiseki] Again, not really a fan of the characters themselves, but seiyuu, and :D :D :D AOZU.

Finally, which doesn’t come out until near the end of Feb but still, 氷帝エタニティ – 不条理 [Hyoutei Eternity {Atobe, Hiyoshi, Ootori & Gakuto} – Fujyouri] – New OVA OP [ED? I forget]. Either way, I hate Hyoutei, but I don’t give a flying fuck because Hiyoshi gets to sing ♥

Also >EEEE that Super Junior’s new album release date was pushed back from Jan. 30 to like March 10 or something :( Damnit, SM, I know you want my monies, you know you want my monies, hurry up and I will give them to you >o< *hops off elsewhere

What wai?

I’m… a student?! That’s right folks, starting 22 Jan, 4 years and 11 days after I got out of HS according to my proficiency cert, I will once again be a full-time student at two different schools (according to how many units I’m taking. Technically half time academic and half time art.) Math and English at Yuba college’s Clearlake Center, and drawing, painting and ceramics at Mendocino’s Lakeport Center.

Mum is taking the art classes with me, which is the main reason I decided to go back anyway. XD Had to take a placement exam for Yuba the other day, which proved what I already knew: I kick ass at English and suck at Math. In math I placed into Math 111 (Prealgebra), which is the second step up, but I’m taking Math 110 (the lowest class – Arithmetic for College Students). Which means if I want to go for my Associates, I have to take… 4 or 5 math classes. English I placed into English 1A (College Composition and Reading), which according to mum not many people place into. Which, if I were again not taking the class below it (English 51 – Preparatory Composition and Reading), I’d only have to take and pass English 1A and take no reading classes to get my degree.

Thursdays I won’t get to go home between classes because Mum is taking the English class with my teacher right before mine. XP And the fun thing about drawing and painting XD Same teacher, same class, and he also teaches oils & watercolours (I’m taking acrylics) at the same time x3

Schedule for Jan. 22-May 25:

    Monday (Mendo-Lakeport)

  • 10am-1pm: Drawing
  • 2pm-5pm: Painting
    Tuesday (Yuba-Clearlake)

  • 12:30pm-1:45pm: Math 111
  • 4:30pm-6:2pm: English 51
    Wednesday (Mendo-Lakeport)

  • 6:30pm-9:30pm: Intro to Ceramics
    Thursday (Yuba-Clearlake)

  • 12:30pm-1:45pm: Math 111
  • 4:30pm-6:2pm: English 51

*shall be a busy bee D:*


Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core trailer (Reg. required, but it’s free). Suzumura Kenichi, Suwabe Junichi and, er. Gackt. XD;

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I am pissed off that I have to go buy a DS to play FF3 :( GOD DAMN YOU, SQUENIX. …Which speaking of Square-Enix, brings me to a conversation with a friend that works there last night. XD

Her (17:09:05): di you have a good weekend?
Me (17:09:21): um i did the same thing I did every day?
Her (17:10:07): try to take over the world?
Me (17:10:24): exactly.
Her (17:11:50): did it work yet?
Her (17:11:58): I wasn’t sure if I missed it while being asleep
Me (17:12:04): sadly no :-(
Her (17:13:30): okay, just making sure ;-)
Me (17:13:47): :-)
Her (17:15:21): < #
Her (17:15:27): I’m looking up names now
Me (17:25:22): for what?
Me (17:25:31): and :o jurrasic park is going to be on next friday x3
Her (17:25:36): work, checking to make sure the names they want in this game really are games
Her (17:25:40): ohhhhhh I wanna see
Her (17:25:48): next friday like this friday or next friday like next friday?
Me (17:25:49): ah
Her (17:25:57): …that was unhelpful
Me (17:25:57): as in this one coming up
Her (17:26:03): ah, okay. darn
Me (17:26:04): but dude
Her (17:26:05): I’ll miss it
Me (17:26:07): it’s a video game
Her (17:26:10): ?
Me (17:26:15): since when do they use real names XD
Her (17:26:16): the one where you could sit inside it?
Her (17:26:30): we just want them to use names that aren’t screennames of furry authors
Her (17:26:35): …like one of the names we’ve got
Me (17:26:41): rofl
Me (17:26:43): what name? XD
Her (17:26:51): rhago
Me (17:26:55): hahaha
Her (17:27:04): the first thing that comes up on google is like “yiffnet” or something
Me (17:27:10): lmao
Her (17:27:11): and I want to click, but…at work
Her (17:27:48): hahahah

Somehow it degraded to looking for Pokemon porn, which brought me to showing her the ever-wonderful comm of bad porn, weepingcock @ LJ (WHY THE FUCK DO YOU KEEP DESTROYING MY < /A > AND PRETENDING IT DOESN’T EXIST, WORDPRESS!? STOP FUCKING WITH MY LINKS.) , in which I had to search madly through the memories for a ‘lovely’ piece of Charizard/Ash porn to show her. It was beautiful ;;

More random shit: Underdogs has been ‘updated’, Rhythmic High finally got a new layout and some new shit (cosplay piccus :D) and the silly girls that brought you lockwizmeeee now have a new fic comm, aptly named SHUT THE HELL UP GUYS, to which I posted a few Tennis drabbles I wrote while my power was out yesterday.

And uh. Yeah. DLs from the last post are now gone, but here. Have some new ones.

Christmas Gift from Dong Bang Shin Ki (MP3/rar) Korean/English


  • 01. Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring
  • 02. The First Noel
  • 03. Magic Castle
  • 04. Prayer
  • 05. Angels We Have Heard On High
  • 06. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  • 07. Silent Night, Holy Night
  • 08. Magic Castle (Instrumental)

Christmas carols in Korean are… special. But the whole CD is really cute XD;

Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol. 3 – ‘O’ Jung.Ban.Hub (MP3/rar) Korean


  • 01. ‘O’ Jung. Ban.Hub
  • 02. Only One Heart In This World (You’re My Miracle)
  • 03. Hey! Girl
  • 04. Get Me Some
  • 05. I’ll Be There
  • 06. Remember
  • 07. The Story Has Just Begun
  • 08. ON&ON
  • 09. Phantom
  • 10. You Only Love
  • 11. Balloons
  • 12. White Lies

I… like this CD. A lot. Balloons. Everyone needs Balloons. If you didn’t grab the PV from my last post, you suck.

And last.

Fly to the Sky Vol. 6- Transition(MP3/rar) Korean (this is on YSI. 7 days or 99 downloads, when it’s gone it’s gone, it was uploaded for me so why bother letting it go to waste.)


  • 01. Be With You
  • 02. Blood
  • 03. Like a Man
  • 04. Yellow Butterfly
  • 05. Begging
  • 06. A Day Goes By
  • 07. Let’s Love (feat. Gumi)
  • 08. Your Return
  • 09. The Girl Is Mine (feat. Lisa)
  • 10. Call My Name During A Storm
  • 11. Question
  • 12. Heart (♡ Broken)

I need to remember to not miss House again tomorrow D: I always forget it’s on Tuesday ;0;


WHAT WAI. Rain at Caesar’s Palace on the 23rd and 24th ;o; Whyfore do I not have monies or a car?