Generic Title #15

Mleh ~_~ Haven’t been feeling well lately at all >< Have a cold and on my period at the same time >__< been sleeping a lot more than usual too, when I can actually fall asleep.. not to mention I friggin HURT. CONSTANTLY. I think my legs and back are telling me to fuck off and die -_- My legs hurt constantly when I'm just sitting there, my back too. Not to mention I've had a throbbing friggin headache for the past two days or so ~_~ *shoots someone* ah, yes. the crack for the day! crack fic crack pic

that fic had me rolling on my ass laughing. Well, I would’ve been rolling if it didn’t hurt to friggin much >.> [/end self pity] It was friggin classic. xD;

But yeay, I just remembered that I had rainbow chips deluxe. So now I get to munch on choco chip cookies.

My mum got a laptop from a friend of hers yesterday, yeay I have something new to play with :D it’s an older dell w/ win 98 >.> and a crappy video card. As soon as her friend finds the external cd rom drive for it ima reformat and install XP and stuff on it for mum. I have to teach her how to use it too xD My poor, old parents. My dad gets like all excited when he calls me and says “Today, I turned on Susan’s computer, signed on the internet and went to ebay all by myself!” *snicker* the old man’s taking after me in the ebay-ness >.> that’s not a good thing. Cuz ebay makes me go broke. >.> Still pondering on moving this bloggie over to g-pNET. is quite possible, once I figure out how to import mysql tables so I don’t lose my archives and stuff =3 Ah, yes, Kiku-san moved his bloggie over to d-pNET too ^_^ And has a new layout made from one of my doujinshi scans. It’s so friggin cute xD;

And, since it being 11:25 am and way past my bedtime, I’m off before my song list gets any bigger. :D

Generic Title #12

First off, new layout! <3 Kamio & Shinji =3 Second, my Fudoumine shitajiki came in the mail today (as noticed by the fact I now have a Fudoumine layout :P), you can find a scan of it here, and I got a package from Sachiko and Echiko! Thankies for the songies and piccies and Saint Beast-ness! And of course teh Platina disk.. *hearts* You two are so getting lovely prezzies soon xP I’ve just forced my brother to find and download the rest of Saint Beast for me so I can purty *0* And I’ll probably get it when he gives me mah Whistle!

Speaking of Whistle!, just got the email saying my Whistle! doujins and the other TeniPuri doujins and Rival Players cds have been shipped ^0^ should have by Feb. =3 Atobe and Shishi/Tori luv, yo.

I am currently freezing my butt off >< cuz it's cold and all that jazz. And I really, REALLY want a friggin deli sammich. I sent mum to get me one earlier.. with several hours of prodding.. but the deli in safeway closed like 3 minutes before she got there ;__; baka okaasan u.u ;__; I toooooolddddd her to go at 5 when I asked cuz I knew it would friggin close if she didnt >< And I need to go back into the kitchen and stock up on some more soda.. all the cans sitting on my desk are empty >< damn I'm a packrat pig xP On another note, Peacemaker Kurogane is currently rocking my socks. <3 Souji. I was gonna make a Souji layout but I couldn’t find any decent pics to use xD; So I did Kamio/Shinji. Which is ok because I <3 Kamio and Shinji. *nodnod* And part 2 of the PoT musical is almost finished downloading ^0^ there’s *gasp* 3 seeds for the torrent o__o scary. xD; I finally switched the Farfie listing over to phpfanbase yesterday, all that’s left is Nittle Grasper and Omi xD; those are gonna be a pain in the ass because they have so many friggin members o_o plus there’s like 90 emails in my fanlistings box that are for those two x.x Someone shoot me now xD; That’s what I get for not updating for three months xD; On that note, I’m hungry, Shinji likes to mumble and Kamio is more than just a speed demon, he’s a speed demon. yeah. That speed. Not the fast kind. He’s a speedy speed demon. <3<3<3<3 And I think I have lost my senses finally. Jya xD; Ps; Did I ever mention I absolutely LOATH the colour pink? xD;

Generic Title #10

Saaa~~ Thanks for the gifties, everyone ^0^ Didn’t really do much today, ended up not going to the DMV to get my id like I had originally planned.. I overslept xD; I’m getting my new domains when my brother gets back from tahoe, yatta ^0^

Pluggies for gifties! Eda, Sachiko, Kiku numbaa 1, Cynthia, and Linda.

The gifties! Only Sachi’s is shown cuz it’s the only one that’ll fit without resizing, the rest are behind linkies ^0^

Kiku’s, Cynthia’s, Linda’s, and Eda’s. *squeals* Eda drew me the Jyousei Shota Twinzzz :D :D :D :D *worship*

PoT 99 was released on fansub this afternoon, I’m determined to stay awake until it’s downloaded and I have watched it xD; …20 hours.. >.> but then again I’m also donwloading some mp3s so it should pick up when those are done ^0^

I sent off my payment for my Shinji [Ibu Shinji, that is. Not that pussy Ikari Shinji] plushie yesterday [the 7th..] and they got the payment and shipped it today xD; yatta! I should have it by next week ehehehehe <3 Fudoumine Shinji-kun~~

Lesse.. what else.. I finished downloading an episode of Peacemaker Kurogane when I woke up this afternoon, I like this series :D I’ll have to get my brother to burn it for me =3 And I need to burn off some freaking PoT xD; like nearly 20 gigs of my hdd is PoT eps o.o;

Hm.. Got a new ISP yesterday, but so far it’s not being very spiffy.. Still kicks me off every four hours ~__~ someone find me a cheap [dialup] isp that doesn’t require a credit card that lets me stay on as long as I want >< Sa.. I need to get off my butt and switch the Farfie fanlisting, Omi fanlisting and Nittle Grasper fanlisting over to php fanbase >< that is gonna be such a pain in the freaking arse.. lol. Too many people love them >< Maybe I'll do that in a little while.. sounds like a plan. I’m slightly dissappointed though.. none of my [irl] friends even called to say happy birthday ._. Demo.. my mom made me a pot roast and bought me a lemon cake ^-^ I haven’t been hungry enough to eat any of the cake yet though.. and I only ate a little tiny bit of pot roast.. appetite isn’t much =/ *huggles her momma* I’m going to go do other things like pester people. Jya~

I have found the meaning of life, and it is the Tenipuri musical

WARNING: Fangirly post >.>

*kicks stupid dialup* go faster I want the second part >___< Someone find me rips of the Fudoumine one xD; KAMIOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~ =3 and the St. Rudy's one when it comes out, eheheheh. I'm getting a new isp in a couple days hopefully, and my new domain too ^0^ maybe even two cuz I can't decide between the two I want xD; If I got two I'd probably move my bloggie to one of em =3 *gropes the tenipuri musical boiz* they're pretty *0* On another note, I’m not feeling well and my stomach hurts like a freaking bitch. I couldn’t sleep very well last night cuz of cramps. Like.. I went to go find my midol and felt dizzy so lied back down.. then when my head wasn’t spinning got up again to do it.. then had to lie down again but ended up throwing up >_< (Thank god I'm a pack rat and had a box leftover from christmas handy so I didn't puke all over my carpet xD; ) Like you really needed to know that. But.. I've never done that.. It was weird O_o; And on even another note, my dad’s up for the day ^_^ Brought me some gifts from my grandmother and my oldest brother, and brought up some of my stuff from the storage box in Santa Rosa. If I’m feeling better we might go see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King later. So yeay. He also said he’d build me a computer desk if I gave him the dimensions I need. And that he’d actually put, you know, an overhead light in my room so I can like.. not have to use a lamp. :D Oh speaking of which, I should tell him to switch some of the house’s wiring over to the other circuit breaker >_< cuz like every room in the house cept my mum's room and the bathroom are on one breaker.. which causes the breaker to switch off constantly, especially if I have my little fan going and the fridge switches on >_< Anyway, I am going to take some freaking midol and go take a nap ~_~ jya na

Generic Title #6

Fwee!! I’ve been very busy today o___o Teh Ukepile got a new layout, a new guestbook layout (my old comments layout ^^; ), and a new section, I finally got my art site up, and I went through and switched 4 of my fanlistings over to PHPFanbase. Three left to do, and I’m dreading copy/pasting to rejoin everyone when I move those over to it xD;

Oh oh! And Linda gave me this lovely gift!

waiii It’s Eiji and Ryoma and so cute xD; Thanks!

My mum’s letting me order some stuff for my birthday, I’m getting the Best of Rival Players Atobe and Shishido/Ootori cd, two Whistle! doujinshis, and two PoT doujins, a Eiji/Ryoma and a Hyoutei one =3 The Hyoutei one is like everyonexshishido xP or rather.. Ootori x Shishido, Oshitari x Shishido, and Atobe x Shishido. Ehehehe. And since my other stack of doujinshi didn’t come today, it’ll probably, HOPEFULLY, come tomorrow ^0^

This kept me amused for hours. xD; YEAY MOMOKAI xD; …and someone find/write me some Kaidoucest. o_o because Kaoru’s brother is freaking hawt. Kaidou’s a freaking little bitchy uke xD; HOORAH.

*runs away to possibly sleep xP*