A not-so-new start

In attempt to get myself pumped up for this (and to give me something to do), I finally took advantage of WP’s import/export feature and imported all of the archives from 2003-2005 over to this blog. Reading through some of them made me stop and think “Wow, I was a really retarded teenager.”

It’ll take some time to go through and rename posts and fix categories, but I shall persevere (somehow). To some extent it’s kind of amusing (“Wow, once upon a time I actually did chapter and episode summaries!”). If I had any sense of dignity I’d probably delete them and disassociate myself with my own teenage stupidity, but at the same time it shows me how much I have (or haven’t, lol) grown and changed in the past ~6 years.

And while I’m on the subject of change, need new theme. We shall see how unlazy I get, because although I adore Donghae’s stupid face, these colours just aren’t doing it for me.

Things that got changed in the not-so-distant past:

Ukepile.com got a new layout, and I’ve moved all of my song romanisations over there (they’re still posted here, but I’ll be keeping them over there so I have a complete list for my own reference more than anything.

Rhythmic High was split into three separate sites: RH:GUNDAM for all of my Gundam works, RH:TENNIS for all of my Tenipuri works, and the main site for everything else.

And now to go obsessively refresh Menclave for my Gundam 00 fix. XD;

Of life and stuff.

So behind in school it’s not even funny, turning-in-work-wise. Before tomorrow I have to write a (very, very late) literary analysis, three reading reflections, 7 sections of math, a working bibliography for my next literary analysis and study like hell for Monday’s massive math test, relax for Tuesday’s English midterm, and drive myself into the ground studying for next week’s massive Biology midterm.

Have a general idea of my grades thus far – averaging a low A in English, a B in Lit (for turning things in late and missing classes), a B in math (because I suck) and a low C in Biology (not getting above a B in any of my midterms and missing several labs, which we’re heavily graded on for participation).

However, missing some classes was worth it, for Van was visiting all of last week and left this past Tuesday. Had a blast at Yaoicon hanging-out-with-people-wise, the con itself was so-so. Finally got to meet Spardie and had many funtimes with my usual gang. Didn’t buy much, nothing really interested me. I did, however, manage to find cheap RURU Shani porn and really cute Seles doujin, which makes up the entirety of my Ycon loot that wasn’t food.

Hana is awesomecakes and sent me the Elfen Lied DVD’s, so Van & I marathoned that and I found a new series I ♥. Also forced her to watch movies everyone’s been telling her to see (Boondock Saints and American History X), as well as Four Rooms and Pirates 2. Watched parts of Rikkaimyu and made her watch the Super Junior movie (what the crack is this), too, har.

Comp appears to be having issues with something. Will have to bust out the neenja skillz and make it cut that shit out.

In other news, The Whored is being dismantled and taken down; the image gallery replaced by Pixelated and doujinshi scans staying on Prontastic.

Need to upgrade the Sakura-Crisis Forums to combat all those spam memberships at some point (cry.)

Also have fic and art stuff I haven’t bothered pimping over @ STHUGAIZ, in the form of the following:

Kirihara Akaya [Tenipuri] :: G-rated; Watercolour pencil, brushed ink & conte crayon.
Alex & Platina Pasteur [Apocripha/0] :: PG-rated, maybe?; Black & blue ink w/ dip pen, Copic sketch markers.
Kamio Akira [Tenipuri] :: G-rated; Prismacolour pencils.


Whatever You Say, Boss :: Tenipuri; NC-17 futurefic, Niou/Kirihara, Yagyuu/Niou, mentions of Yukimura/Kirihara & allusions to Yanagi/Kirihara if you squint hard enough. Read the warnings.
Untitled :: Tenipuri; G, Yagyuu/Niou. There is absolutely no dialogue or interaction in this fic, it’s more of character study than anything.
Chicken Soup (Perhaps for the Teenage Tennis Player’s Soul) :: Tenipuri, G, Ibu/Kamio.
Say It If You Mean It :: Tenipuri, PG-13, Ibu/Kamio.

…Sadness for tablet still not working right and for my not yet being finished with my Santa_Smex fic. Oops. :D;;

Yeah, anyway. I’m done for now.

[Stupid teenager] Post #1

I LIIIIIIIIIVE. Kinda. I’ve been awake for the last 56 hours, since 8 pm saturday night. yay me. my compy was fucked. it still is cuz i just found out more shit that i need to get fixed -.- fucking whore thing.

but wahhhh my Shu-chan left for Chicago this morning.. she’s on the east coast so yeh. i gotta talk to her before i left but what is i gonna do for almost two weeks without rping smutty kenxomi T___________T

*wants to kick her compy in the head* fuckin POS. -.-

Buuut I like updated most of my sites and stuff because i was a lazy bastard and not sleeping ^_^ wahhh parents are gonna think im on speed or something >.>

..im surprised im still coherant and my body hasn’t just like shut down on me yet. >_O though i did go through a pack of cigarettes in two days which is unusual for me >.> i think im glad i got two when i went to erics on sunday.

BLAHHHH!! oihsd ojhdofuh;klsdjfh[oiuern !! hyperhyperhyper and i have to peeeeeee and dont want to get up X_X

.. ive been surviving for the last 3 days on cold pizza, caffiene and nicotine. and smut. lots and lots and lots of kenxomi omixnagi nagixomi smut. and read amusing thigns ^________^ and found out like.. last night that shotakon was made illegal in the US like.. yesterday >.>

and i got bored and made this spiffy farfie icon!!

and me and my loverly friend Cr0w were angsty about the shota so she made me these spiffy icons for mah LJ

wee ^0^ yeah yeah yeah i know im perverted oh well i’ll live X_X

sommmmeone come online and talk to me cuz im bored T_T everybody that’s on right now is like going to school.. X_X aim: Omi Loves Ken yahoo: ssj6_pan MSN: omi_loves_ken@hotmail icq: 159513581

BLAHHH!!! Oihfds [oH!! maybe perhaps i’ll like.. do.. stuff.. maybe.. write smut! :D ! my friend Shime and I were thinking of starting up a wei� kreuz smut contest over on ye ol’ Ukepile.com if anyone wants to enter.. or hell just give me their fics to archive.. ^_____^ :D

this is probably one of the longest posts ive ever left in anything aside from posting conversations o.O;

chaaa la head cha la blah blah blah weeeee o.o

*runs off to the bathroom and a kitchen raid* i shall be back before you know it!!

rawr i am back o.o; my dad woke up when i grabbed more sodee-pop and was like what time is it “uhhh 430” oh ok..night

wee X__O i wanna make a new layout for teh ukepile.com and was thinking maybe doing a chibi sanzo genjo from gensomaden saiyuki… it’s really cute ^0^ mahh hands are cold and i sound like TEH NEVOI right now because chickens and hens are the same thing because Yvon the fisherman said so. I swear it. Nevoi told me in my guestbook ^0^

soo.. any ideas on a new layout for teh ukepile? ^____^ i think blonde!whore!shu is getting a little sleepy now ^0^ he’s been up there for like.. 4 months or something, ever since i got my domain :) :) …ooooh.. pizza.. ^____^ I think i may go try to write some smut or something now so… yeah :D tata!

…look Sachi-chan, i posted ^0^ … and i need to fix all the weirdo stuffs on mah layout.. too lazy, do it later.. ^___^