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No friggin wonder Fuwa Daichi in Whistle! reminded me so friggin much of Kaidou xD; IT IS KAIDOU. xD
Likewise with Oishi and Fujishiro xD;

New reasons to worship Whistle! even more than I already did ^0^ perhaps a third round of watching it is in order… after my 6th round of PoT. Am on ep 67 now. = byebye, Tezuka’s shoulder, Hello Atobe and Tezuka’s insane tiebreak :D

As always, here we have my complete spoilers for everything!

and now for my dorky reviews cuz all my stuff finally downloaded after switching back to my mum’s ISP. xD

PoT 106 [subbed]
Wee. The boys went to a love shack in the wooods. :D Eiji bounced around and looked generally uke. Kaidou was freaked out just by someone mentioning it looked like a place where ghosts would be and ran off when the ichinen chicks opened the door from the inside. “I wasn’t scared! I was just looking for the courts!” he says. Eiji whines cuz Ryuzaki-sensei takes their racquets and makes em do stuff.. blah blah blah blah. Practice, training, on the courts practicing with no racquets, blah blah blah.
Then uhh.. they all screw each other silly take a bath. Momo’s shampoo song and Kaidou’s new headwear was great. And Ryoma’s like fuck this I can’t wash myself with this noise and sliiiiiides over next to Fuji in the water. With Eiji floating around on his back *evil grin*
Katsuo makes them all curry for dinner (with coffee as the special ingredient xP). Then they all go to bed and Kaidou throws his pillow cuz it rips and it hits Momo in the head, pillow fight ensues. Eiji, who’s “sleeping”, jumps up with two pillows and fun ensues. Ryoma walks over all sleepylike and rubbing his eyes all cute and wahhh! CUTE!! to where Fuji and Inui half asleep and rubs his eyes all pouty cute and says “It’s too loud, can I sleep over here?” I squealed. ^___^ Blah blah, they get yelled at to go to sleep, Then they’re all dreaming and talking in their sleep about winning and Ryoma says in that cute pouty little sleepy voice “Karupin…”. The end. I about died.

PoT 122 [raw]
SHOTAINUI SHOTARENJI SHOTAGALORE! And uhh.. UBER SMEXY KAMIO AHHHH. You could almost see both of his eyes *0* *humps* And Shinji just looked smexy. Uhh… Inui and Renji started their match, this episode was mostly flashbacks. Which makes me sad because I wanted friggin Golden Pair flashbacks, dammit! *cries* Uhh.. I don’t really remember much of what happened because I was too fixated on teh Smexy Shinji and orgasmic Kamio and and and and the SHOTAINUI! And his SHOTAINUI! Voice *0* Uhh.. yeah. Pretty Sanada, snarky Ryoma, etc etc etc etc. The end. I have become an Inui fangirl ^___^

/end spoilers and fangirling xD;

Oh god, the new crack pairings for the Pot rp I’m in are friggin hilarious. BWAHAHA and no one gets to know until tomorrows xD;

Oh yeahhhh ^___^ And I managed to get mp3s of Fuji’s new album ^0^ Kaida-sama sings quite well in english n_n Uploading for Ebby as I write this, but when they’re done I’ll post a link and share em =3

And this is more for my reference than anyone else’s, but it’s gonna make my post even longer. xD; Feel free to pester me to upload if you want something xP I’ll take requests. xD; And mebbe you can give me stuff I don’t have. BWA. xD;

My list of TeniPuri music, etc.
Folders of (singles and albums) are first, followed by random mp3s. xP

Folder: Atobe Keigo – Believe in You
contains: Believe in You, ENEPGEIA. Don’t have the karaoke versions.

Folder: Atobe Keigo – Insight
Contains: Insight, Torasoru no Torikago, + both karaoke.

Folder: Atobe Keigo – Valentine Kiss (valentine single)
Contains: Valentine Kiss + karaoke, 4 hidden tracks. (spoken)

Folder: Atobe Keigo – …Mitai na Arukee (Christmas Single)
contains: …Mitai na Arukee, CHASER ~Kegarenaki Mono~ + both karaoke.

Folder: Tezuka Kunimitsu – Since Last Goodbye
contains: Since Last Goodbye, Road. Don’t have the karaoke versions.

Folder: Tezuka Kunimitsu – Never Surrender
contains: Never Surrender, Ever + both karaoke.

Folder: Tezuka Kunimitsu – White Message (Christmas single)
contains: White Message, Soushi ~Umukutu~ + both karaoke.

Folder: Aozu – Don’t Look Back
Contains: Don’t look back, Freedom, + Both karaokes

Folder: Aozu + Cap to Bin – Double A Side single
Contains: Birthday ~Aruki Hajimeta Hi~, Rock 54! ~Rock na Hito wo Sagashite Miyou~ + both karaoke

Ermm.. I think I’ll stop there. My fingers are starting to hurt. xD; I think I’m just gonna go by folder name now.. and skip the actual song names till later. xD

Echizen Ryoma – Cool E (Complete)
Fuji Syusuke – BREATH (Complete?)
Fuji Syusuke – EYES (Complete)
Kikumaru Eiji – One (Complete)
Kiss of Prince Ice (complete)
Kiss of Prince Flame (Complete)
Love of Prince Bitter (Complete)
Love of Prince BitterSweet (Complete)
Love of Prince Sweet (Complete)
Mori Yuriko – FLY HIGH (Complete Single)
The Best of Rival Players 1 – Tachibana Kippei (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 2 – Ibu Shinji (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 3 – Kamio Akira (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 4 – Fuji Yuuta (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 5 – Kisarazu Atsushi & Yanagisawa Shinya (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 6 – Sengoku Kiyosumi (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 7 – Dan Taichi (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 8 – Akutsu Jin (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 9 – Atobe Keigo (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 10 – Oshitari Yuushi (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 11 – Mukahi Gakuto (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 12 – Akutagawa Jirou (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 13 – Shishido Ryou & Choutarou Ootori (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 14 – Kenataou Aoi (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 15 – Kurobane Harukaze & Amane Hikaru (Complete)
The Best of Rival Players 16 – Saeki Kojirou (complete)
The Best of Seigaku Players 1 – Echizen Ryoma (Complete)
The Best of Seigaku Players 2 – Tezuka Kunimitsu (Complete)
The Best of Seigaku Players 3 – Kawamura Takashi (Complete)
The Best of Seigaku Players 4 – Inui Sadaharu (Complete)
The Best of Seigaku Players 5 – Fuji Syusuke (Complete)
The Best of Seigaku Players 6 – Kaidou Kaoru (Complete)
The Best of Seigaku Players 7 – Oishi Syuichirou (Complete)
The Best of Seigaku Players 8 – Kikumaru Eiji (Complete)
The Best of Seigaku Players 9 – Momoshiro Takeshi (Complete)
The Prince of Tennis OST 1 (Complete)
The Prince of Tennis OST 2 (Complete)

Will give tracklistings and titles for the batch of random mp3s that don’t have a folder to call their own later. My left hand is numb from so much shift. xD

*spams everything xD;*

Generic Title #21

Weee. I got the MomoKai fanlisting, bwahahahaha :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Making crackfilled layout for that. Watched PoT 105 and 120 in the last couple days. And so are my reviews. :D

PoT 105 [subbed]
Okidokie.. Blah blah blah Ryoma blah blah blah Sanada Blah blah blah match blah blah Sanada’s pretty, blah blah Akutsu’s hiding in the shadows watching and thinking about molesting Ryoma, blah blah Ryoma gets his ass kicked 6-0, not even getting a single point. Ryoma angsts, acts all quiet and stuff and not very Ryoma-like all day. Goes to practice and continues to act like an ass, Actually BEGS Kawamura hit continuous Hadoukyuu’s at him, blah blah blah, doesn’t manage to hit any properly. Even more scary, he THANKS Kawamura after. End of practice. Akutsu finds Kawamura and proceeds to fuck him silly tells him what happened with Ryoma and Sanada, borrows Kawamura’s racquet, plays against a not-very-Ryoma-like Ryoma, pretty much wins. Tells Ryoma he got weaker and blah blah some other stuff and that he should do some other things I wasn’t paying attention to cuz my attention was more focused on Akutsu’s nice tight black sleeveless shirt. I think Ryoma won. But that was the end of it. :D NEXT EPISODE! The Seigaku boys go to a love shack cottage in the woods for an orgy practice. They get wet ‘n nekkid in the showers and it’s proven to us that in some parts of Japan, slutboys indeed hang from trees.

PoT 120 [raw]
GOLDEN PAIR RABU RABU. I don’t really remember and couldn’t understand half of what went on in this episode, so I’ll guesstimate. :D Eiji and Oishi match against Niou and Yagyuu. FWEE. Blah blah blah “Niou” (quotes because of something in the manga from this match) figgers out how Eiji’s gonna hit cuz of his racquet movements, blah blah Eiji gets all pissy wahh wahh can’t see right, can’t hit things blah blah blah, Oishi goes motherhen mode and worry worry worry. I really really really really hope the Eiji-getting-beaned-in-the-head-then-handspringing-off-a-stretcher thing happens. Even if I do love Eiji like my own unborn child or fuckbuddy or something. And Oishi Territory and Kikumaru Bazooka and um, yeah. *coughs and spoils it for everyone* I think I’ll shut up now.

Watched Whistle! again. >.> go me. And was inspired to draw Kaku Eishi/Yeoung-sa with Kikumaru Eiji fanart. O.o talk about crossovers. That could be interesting.. A PoT/Whistle crossover O_o; Ahh, good ol’ inspiration of little boys running around in shorts :D

Actually DID draw today, go me. :D Drew a.. random dude, the head of Ibu Shinji and a Sapphi head. Scanned the Sapphi to CG then coloured it with colour pencil. =3 Will post when I upload them.

OH YEAH. THIS was inspired by a conversation with a very drunken Yuki-kun-mun and her lack of correct spelling and motor skillz. xD; I luv you Ebby xD;

Going to the Doc about my ears tomorrow. Gonna get full tests on my hearing and stuff done and see if I really do need a hearing aid or if it can be fixed through surgery or something. This is the first time in my entire life that I’ve had an appointment for this to get done and I don’t have an ear infection. (AKA, I’ve never had it done because of ear infections >.>)

Also going to go get my state id (Yeay I can buy cigarettes and porn on my own :D XP), and get my hair cut :D And possibly a manicure cuz we’re going to the beauty college anyway and my mum offered to get me one. =3 Hopefully they don’t have ugly colours >.> If they do I’m sticking with clear.

Also: Must must must must send payment for Sasaki Nozomu cd tomorrow. Didn’t make it to the post office before it closed today >.> at like noon >.>

Off to scrounge for fooood now :D And someone come on AIM and talk to me, dammit ;_;

Generic Title #19

I can’t believe I haven’t slept yet x.x Have been up nearly 24 hours now >< My dad came up earlier again to drop off some wood for us on his way to picking up Kerry from Marc's. Chatted a bit before he left. Lesse.. what else did I do today.. I got to shower (YEAY I'M CLEAN), took care of my dear broken cat >.> and uh.. mum bought me chocolate *0* reese sticks woohoo.

Going on the 17th with my mum for tests on my ears and to get my ID. Mum was going in to get her hearing and all that checked and made an appointment for me to go too, so maybe we can figure out why I’m so friggin deaf >< Wait, I could already tell you why. It's from getting ear infections just about every 2-3 weeks for about 15 years straight >.> *stabs brain with qtip*

And in response to Sachi’s comment on the last post:
Ogata owns my soul. He is teh funnay. Much Seki worshippage there.
Yzak can have my babies. I want him to. Even more Seki worshippage here.
and Oujirou is CUUUUTE. *licks him*

BuBu’s Deep Thoughts on Gundam SEED.
Kira: Pretty uke. Crybaby. Needs to shoot Frey.
Yzak: Pretty uke. teh hawt. Needs to be in the middle of Kira and Athrun. *seethes*
Athrun: Pretty uke. He’s really not as straight as he wants you to believe he is.
Nicol: Do we ever find out the real gender of this kid? Pretty.
Dearka: You’re not as pretty as you could be, but can still be used for servicing my enterouge.
Frey: Die.
Millie: You’re a tolerable female character.
Glasses Boy (uhh.. I forgot his name already xD; ): You’re pretty. You may join my harem of pretty boy slaves. Stop worrying about Frey and try getting into Kira’s pants too.
Random civilian students on the Archangel A, B, and C: Pretty as well. But seemingly lacking in the size department.
Flaaga: If you weren’t voiced by Takehito Koyasu, I would hate you.
Klueze: The “Bad Guy With Mysterious Past and Face Mask” Gets old pretty quick. this is the what, 8th Gundam series with said kind of guy? If you weren’t voiced by Toshihiko Seki, I would hate you as well.

The End.
Maybe more later.

PoT 103 still needs to hurry the fuck up and download -_- Discovered I only actually deleted the torrent for other version of said episode, so restarted torrent from 74% instead of 0 for a-o version. That was nearly 5 hours ago. It’s now at 76% >.> Speed keeps fukkin up u.u I’m glad I had Colin download ep 104 with his nice fast connection for me and upload to my ftp sos I can get it much quicker ^_^ <3 you colin ;_; You’re such a dear. Downloading a SPORTS anime filled with BISHOUNEN who have YAOI TENDENCIES. for ME. *cries* I feel so touched ;_;

Okay I’m done with that trip. :D *cough* signed for more fanlistings too >.> god I’m such a whore xD; At least they’re all Whistle! ones =3 3 more.. Mizuno, Shige, and Shige x Mizuno >=) I will have fun with those, should I get them ^0^

Points of Today’s Ramblings.
You will LOVE ZAFT Panty Raids.


Toshihiko Seki, Tomokazu Seki, Hoshi Souichirou and Takehito Koyasu are god-like.


Okiayu Ryoutarou owns my soul.
I am 65% deaf.
Lots of Pretty Ukes.
Kenichi Ito and Daichi Kuroda own the world.
My ear itches.
My boyslut harem is getting larger.
<3 the Seeker.
THIS PoT fic had me rolling in laughter.
and um…


and that took almost 40 minutes to write.