Genius 243 crack translation

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Disclaimer: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. As we all should mostly remember… Nori + translating = MAKING THINGS UP AROUND WHAT SHE DOES KNOW. (so in essence some of it is about right (names, some of the katakana, etc…) but the rest of it is completely made up and only done to amuse myself. Because unfortunately Konomi-sensei doesn’t make spoken implications of any given character’s penis size or uke status :'()

Chapter 243

Page 1
GOKUTOR: woof. I’m a bull dog with a spiked collar.

????: Have you fed the dog?

An: I’m on it, really.

An: Huh..

(Translator’s note: The dog’s name is GOKUTOR. FEAR HIM.)

Page 2
Fuji: Anyone home?

Side text: Heeeeeeere’s Fuji! Who’s ass will he kick today!?

Genius 243: Something about a prince or king or something. I can’t read it.

Page 3
An: Fuji-san is here to see you!

Tachibana: Did you really miss me that much, Fuji?

Tachibana: It’s only been a few weeks since I got out of the hospital.

Tachibana: Did you want something…? And why yes, my hair is blonde now. I bleached out the dye.

Page 4
Fuji: …Tachibana.

Fuji: Care to play a match? *fuji niku*

Page 5
Kamio: *sits all ho like in his shorts and sleeveless hoodie* purururururu….

purururururu…. (phone ringing :D)

Kamio: Hey, babeh. heh. I’ve got two tickets to this concert, wanna ride? *insert bevis and butthead ‘heheheh’ here*

An: Or you can come with me to watch oniichan fsck I mean play tennis with fuji-san…


Kamio’s mom: Don’t forget the condoms, Akira~

Page 6-7
Tachibana: I have a very large cock. And my hair is blonde. Do you like it?

Fuji: …..

Page 8
Tachibana: really, Fuji.

Tachibana: It’s really nice :D

Tachibana: Oraa!!

Page 9:
no text

Page 10:

Fuji: blah blah something about 4 some random junior high blah, something about Kippei being the number 2 player in Kyuushuu and having a large cock blah blah blah.

Tachibana: (…I can’t tell whether that says chitsu or chishi >.>)

Page 11:
Fuji: something something something blah something I don’t feeel like looking up.

Fuji: You something something more stuff I don’t feel like looking up?

Page 12:
An: Is he out of his flipping head? Fscking in a place this far out?

An: Really I don’t think they’re playing tennis and…


Page 13:
An: My brother has a really nice ass, it almost rivals something something look more katakana i don’t feel like looking up.

An: Blah blah blah more stuff about her brother.

An: I think I’m having too much fun with this.

An: huh..

Kamio: !

Page 14:
An: He always loved tennis and stuff.

An: …tennis was all he ever thought about…. …usually

Kamio?: blah blah probably some stuff about how tachibana helped them.

the box of doom: to get to nationals (ok really I’m just making this up)

Page 15:

Kamio: ….Tachibana-san!

Kamio: I’ll prove I’m worthy of your time! I’ll always be your obident uke!!

Page 16:
Tachibana: Sorry, Fuji! I’ve got another uke… he’s a spazzcase and my vice captain and gives good head, so is it really that bad?

Tachibana: Though I’ll share him if you like.

Tachibana: And once and for all prove that I am supreme seme! *glows with FIRE*

text: and now…. you have to wait to see who really is supreme seme.

Genius 243 /Fini.