Study study

Though less actual studying and more attempting to finish up my project so I can turn it in in the morning. It has the potential to be a very long day tomorrow owing to possibly going into work right after for a 5-hour shift…which I will know later on this evening when I bother to check my voicemail and see if my manager wanted me to come in after school tomorrow or next Friday. He had asked me about a Friday a few days ago and said he’d let me know if my boss okay’d it, and I am always in need of more hours.

Didn’t hear anything from him, and when I stopped by work this morning to pick up the Delicious Cow care of my assistant manager I asked him which day it was … he couldn’t remember either, haha. Anyway, he called me earlier this afternoon and left a message, since I intelligently left my phone on silent in my bedroom while I spent most of the day in the living room. …Not sure what this has to do anything.

ANYWAY, I did get my cow, and asst. mgr. threw in a bottle of sparkling wine to go with it–something he’d picked up yesterday when my store marked down a bunch of alcohol and only had to pay $4 for a $35 bottle of wine. He was going to give it to another coworker but she in today and he didn’t feel like lugging it around. Good times all around!

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