I fight the good fight against maggots

I missed posting yesterday thanks to a) wrist and b) roommate’s niece crashing for the night.

But as the title suggests, my roommate found an unpleasant thing this afternoon: maggots in our carpet. I was just clocking out for lunch when I got her text saying so, and after talking to one of my AGM’s she let me go home two hours early (so three hours after I got the text).

Roommate grabbed me from work, we swung by her sister’s place to drop her niece off, and then came home to … completely tear everywhere but the bedrooms (thus far) apart. We’ve bleached every surface we can, vacuumed four or five times, scrubbed the carpet, and presently have the couch up on end blocking off the dining room, because that’s where we dumped the first round of carpet powder that will hopefully kill the maggots and we don’t want the dog to get near it.

We do plan on pest bombing the place, but have to figure out a way to get the dog and the cat out for a day. After that we are absolutely going to get the carpets professionally cleaned because ew ew ew.

We have no idea where the maggots came from. We’re not the tidiest of people, but we both have a major “don’t leave food laying around” peeve … partially because the dog will also eat anything even remotely food-like. Google searches say it might be dampness in a wall somewhere, or something that has attracted the flies that laid the eggs.

In other news, my roommate and I definitely spent twenty minutes with a flyswatter and a binder chasing down the one single fly we could find–that bastard mocked us the whole time, and he was very, very sturdy–we both clipped him a few times and we stunned it once but couldn’t find it anywhere… and then it started crawling out and I just missed hitting it before it flew off again. Roommate managed to stun it again before we were able to finally squash it and send it to its watery grave down the garbage disposal.

LONG NIGHT I am sleepy. What even the hell, flies.