[Stupid Teenager] Post #8


we were supposed to be at sarah’s at 7:30, but we didn’t even pick eric up until about 6. mom my dropped me off at eric’s grandmas so we could walk to my sister’s so my mum could take a shower before we left.. we stopped at colin’s so i could pick up my .hack//sign cds i let him borrow and get the gundam seed cds he burned for me *kisu to colin* i called sarah and left a message that we would meet her at the grounds… -.- of course i had to misunderstand sarah and have her tell me on saturday that she got off WORK at 730 -.- so anyway, we got to the rodeo grounds about 9 or so and she wasn’t there.. waited around till about 11 or so and she didn’t show.. found out saturday that lourance was already there.. of course it was dark when we got there and i was looking for sarah’s trailer and not lourance’s… even though i know what lourance’s truck looks like.. didn’t know her trailer so i didn’t see her when we drove right past -.-; anyhoo, so we went back to my moms in clearlake and stayed there.. with my sister bitching about me sleeping on the couch -.- she slept with my mom and eric on the floor.. heh oh well. got there about 1 am or so..


so i wake up about 7 am to my sister screaming at me for calling her a whore the night before when we were wandering around looking for sarah’s trailer.. she obviously doesn’t understand i call everyone a whore.. just like i call half of you people that read this whores.. so yeh. no big deal. even with me and eric sitting there telling her that she wouldn’t listen and kept yelling at me.. so i told her to fuck off and rolled over to go back to sleep.. fucking spastic bitch decides to come and grab me by the hair and shake me around.. my mom comes out and yells at her.. so anyway.. we left not long after that and made our way to the grounds again.. yeay. found sarah and lourance’s trailers with their horses tied to them almost as soon as we got there.. neither of the girls were there though.. they showed up about 20 minutes later cuz lourance had taken sarah home so she could feed her animals and yeay :D
so we goofed around all day, rode around a bit with the horses.. took them out to the creek and let them play around in the water.. glory was having a ball pawing in it :P umm… saturday night after junior rodeo we went to the dance at the volunteer fire dept. and me and eric stood/sat around all bored and glaring at all the cowboys and preps running around.. we scared people ^____^ must’ve been something about the all black attire.. fishnet shirt (thank you bunches for that, colin!!), black tanktop, my black fuzzy tigerstriped pants, black overshirt, the kitty ears, many random large piercings, studded belt and wallet chains, etc. ^_____^ so yeh anyway… me and eric went back to the truck cuz we were bored and sleepy and sarah was already sleeping in the front seat so we climbed in the back and snuggled for about an hour till lourance and amanda came back so we could go back to the rodeo grounds.. me and eric snuggled in the canopy thingy in our sleeping bags and sarah slept in her trailer tackroom like usual and lourance slept in her truck.. yeay it was cold but the snuggling was warm because eric owns your ass. ^_____^


lesse.. sunday.. sunday was the professional rodeo, got to watch a bunch of guys get their asses kicked in bull riding, broncs and saddle broncs. ha. sucks for them. umm.. didn’t do much.. rode around.. that’s pretty much what the day was. me and eric went and threw rocks into the creek for an hour while lourance and sarah went back to sarah’s house so they could feed the animals. and um yeah. We all went to sleep early because rodeo was pretty dead this year and the usual party in the culvert didn’t happen until way later, i was the only one still awake when it started and didn’t feel like waking everyone else up.. we wandered around rodeo grounds aimlessly in our pajamas looking for people to buy us beer or vodka or some sort of alcohol.. haha it’s tradition.. get wasted night before gymkhana… didn’t happen though -.- but yeh. that’s it.


monday monday monday. gymhkana day. my mum was supposed to show up later that day..she did eventually. monday morning (until about 3.. they started gymkhana late because they didn’t finish with team penning) was spent lazing around and making sure the horses legs weren’t stocked up or anything. so yeah. sometime around 3-ish, about 20 minutes before our first class (which was supposed to be washington poles (a bunch of poles are set up in the arena, weave through them as fast as you can and gallop straight back to the other side of the arena) but someone was stupid and forgot to bring the poles so they changed it to speed barrels). i was riding sarah’s horse, glory, aka the fucking huge 17 hand tank of a thoroughbred. I’ve ridden him quite a bit, but not riding since november and in a slippery western saddle wasn’t helping my seat. anyhoo, i was riding glory in the practice ring (hard fucking ground >__< ) and sarah and lourance were starting to ride up the hill on their horses.. i was still in the ring cuz i was supposed to be first to go in the class. so yeah, glory decided he wanted to go with the other horses and started trying to trot towards them but i wouldn't let him.. this kept up for about two minutes before he decided "hey i weigh 1300 pounds, the midget on me weighs 145, let's see what happen when i fucking BUCK" >__< little shit decided it would be fun to buck 4 times. i stayed on the first three times, surprisingly since my western saddle is slippery as all fuck and i don't have the leg muscle to usually stay on anymore. fourth time i landed on the ground on a fucking rock. glory met sarah half way up the hill, the little shit -.- sarah told me later (when i was actually coherant) that had i not gotten back on glory as soon as i could stand, she wouldn't have let me leave the practice ring without getting on him. but hey, getting back on asap after falling off or getting bucked off is something that was constantly drilled into my head when i was being taught how to ride. bad for the horse not to. teaches them that it's ok to do whatever they did. >.> i’ve gotten back on with two sprained ankles before >.> >_< so yeh, my right side (shoulder and lower back) are all scraped and bruised up, scrapes are pretty deep and most of them are gonna scar.. cracked my helmet (O.O;;), my neck is really sore, have a nice large, fairly light (though it's gotten darker in the past couple days) long bruise running from my inner left elbow almost to my armpit -.- had a headache for HOURS after, it wasn't gone till i woke up tuesday morning. and my ribs on my left side hurt when i cough or lean forward. X_X fuck, i couldn't walk straight or see straight for almost an hour after it happened. needless to say i had to scratch all of my classes and couldn't compete that day -.- so yeah, my mom showed up about 20 minutes after it happened... not before i had the chance to almost pass out again -.- was lying on the front seat of lourance's truck, glory was tied to the trailer across from me, he decided it would be fun to start bucking and rearing and kicking and trying to pull the trailer over.. i jumped out and ran until i ended up almost blacking out and having to lean against the trailer to stand up.. luckily amanda was still around so she calmed glory down.. X_X but um yeah. so that was pretty much my weekend. …although it’s friday when i finally get around to finishing writing the damn entry -.-; might go to the phoenix tonight and hang out.. should call eric and say heyyy come visit me but yeh. so um.. yeh.. anyway.. enjoy teh sexy shorts boy :D

:D :D i got bored and drew him. >.>