[Stupid Teenager] Post #22

weee.. hurrah for being increadibly lazy! Haven’t posted much.. managed to finish editing Fruits Basket chapter 7 last night, have to do 8 soon.. told the guys i’d try to get it done before I move but I’m lazy.. ~___~ Yeah.. So I’m moving, my last day here is friday the 15th. *sniffs* I’m gonna miss my friends so much this sucks wahhhhh i dun wanna go to my moms ;.; My moms = no internet.. for god knows how long.. x_____x

Hmm.. maybe I’ll make a new layout before I leave.. :D not sure what though.. someone give me ideas!! *chu*

My ankle is a lot better, it’s only sore if i run or step too hard, or if i poke it because it’s still bruised.. hmm.. I have a ton of spiffy stuff coming in the mail soon.. ^^; yay.

but.. I.. am hungry. so I am going to go get food. tata!