Generic Title #63


Monitor blew. Can’t use my PC at all T___T Hopefully I can get a new one this week -.- I can’t update Sakura-Crisis or anything else until I get a new one because everything’s on my pc -.- I miss my music.

Stuck using mum’s ghetto fantabulous laptop for now if I want to be online.

Virginia was ok.. got sick and was completely bored out of my mind most of the time I was there. But I drew a lot 8D 50 some pics including a couple doujinshi. :XX

Some of it’s up at my DevArt account so woo.

Came home to Whistle! porn, a nice stack of TeniPuri cds, TeniPuri fanbook 10.5 and a large stack of Rikkai porn. It made me happy. New Jet Monster 28 and Rikkai books are love 8D If you’re on my lj friendslist I have a bunch of anthology scans up over here. (Of course if you’re not and have an LJ, feel free to drop a comment on the most recent public post to be added ^.^)

I want my comp baaaaackkk. -.-

Claimed NiouKiri for the livejournal 30_kisses challenge. Which means joy, if I get the pairing I get to write or draw 30 themes for NiouKiri 8D

And I shall be writing more smut here shortly, of the brainbreaking bondage kind. DuckyPony OTP!! Theirloveissoanimalistic.

… I’m done now. 8D