[Stupid Teenager] Post #2

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… or something. anyway. I got bored. but at least I slept.. yesterday.. for about 6 hours and woke up all.. not tired and extremely hyper except for the small fact that i was in desperate need of eyedrops, couldn’t find them, and as a result couldn’t open my eye for half an hour >_O but annnnyway.. I took pixx0rz of mah aminals. like 20 minutes ago cuz i was bored. so you are now subject to looking at them :D ph34r teh secksy aminals or something.. >_O

mah ky00t little normie dog ^0^

and mah fat little sassy pony :D

and again :D

And still.. mah adorable ponaaaaay :D

wee ^_________^

and mah little cutie baby girl khisme..

she likes to pose for the camera ^___________________^

…silly horse.

khisme and izzy.. :D

khis and the fat sassy one

and the crotchity old bat, izzy

the token horny male thoroughbred, kahuna.. or huna :P

and my pretty sweet adorable girls again ^______^

and… all of them! :D :D :D D: :D

fuck im hyper >_O blahhhhhhhh stupid everyone on my buddylists all being idle and shit.. i mean come on man, 50 people online and everyone is away and idle? T___T

so yeh. chew a nugget or something. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~!!!!

…ima go work on my layout.. >_O speaking of which.. should prolly work on a new on for mah LJ

AHHHH SOMEONE LIVES!!! YAY SEANNNNNNNNNNN!! ^_________________________^

……i wonder if i can convince him to rp yaoi smut with me T_T

leaaaaaaaving now :D