rawwwwwwwrrrrrrrr last day here is definately monday.. ~___~ blaaaaaah not much has really been going on.. chase came over yesterday (wednesday) night and we went out to In-n-Out with my brother to get food.. then we dumped my bro off and drove around like morons for a while.. came back to snuggle for a while and talk in the back of his van cuz we haven’t seen each other in a long time and I haven’t really gotten to see or talk to him much in the last year.. which sucked cuz I missed him a LOT. ;__; I love my Chasy-babe. Working on some new layouts for people.. yeay.. :D oh yes. and added two new friends whom I shall plug.
Rei (my otouto!! he is so awesome!!!!!) and Shikota! Fweeeeee.. while I’m at it.. Plug Plug Plug

and now that that is done, you are all required to click this link and vote in my poll. *nodnod* it is for the good of man (or to help Lindsay decide what she is going to be for halloween.)

oh yeah.. my keyboard went all funky monkey on me like last week.. it was working fine the night before and I came back the next day and I couldnt use my shift keys or !@#$%^&*()_+ which was a bad thing because a lot of my stuff uses those keys >__> so I’m back on my old ass keyboard that I had spilled cranraspberry juice on like a month after I got my computer (2 years ago) so some of the keys on this one don’t work.. but those are a couple of keys in my number pad, my up and left keys.. everything else works :D cept my space bar is kinda broken and stuff but it works, though i can only use my right thumb to use it.. weeeeeeee

oh yes. Listen to this. it will make your day. (I know we’re not supposed to upload mp3s and such, Jayme, but this is a really really small wav file.. ^^ you may kill me if you want.)

*runs off before she goes insane*