[Stupid Teenager] Post #9

For your enjoyment!! …and my boredom.

i give you.. pictures of me!! IN A DRESS. A FORMAL DRESS. *dies at the thought*
so yeah these were taken in like.. 2001? yeah that’s it. oldest brother’s wedding and little sister’s birthday party where i had to be the princess with the magical fucking pony that they made me dye her white spots 8 different colors -.- i swear that pony was pissed off at me for a year after that.

thats me and my sister in law alex…

me and my oldest brother travis.. if you look hard enough you can see my older brother in front of him..

me and my neighbor jason (yay me, i get to take care of his horse X_X) at my little sister thing’s (surrogate sister, she’s my mum’s best friend’s (aka my aunt’s) daughter) 5th birthday party.

sitting on the bouncy jumpy thingy…

leaning and giving one of the little girls there something.. probably chocolate :D

THE MOST EVIL FUCKING PIC OF THEM ALL. BURN IT NOW. -.- i miss my crown though. the little girls decided to snatch it from me and ended up bending it beyond recognition.

by the way, has anyone else here ever tried to lead 3-6 year olds around on a bitchy pony in a formal gown and 5 inch platforms? if not, DONT TRY IT.
…and jesus christ i miss my hair T___T

ok i’m done.

[Stupid Teenager] Post #2

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… or something. anyway. I got bored. but at least I slept.. yesterday.. for about 6 hours and woke up all.. not tired and extremely hyper except for the small fact that i was in desperate need of eyedrops, couldn’t find them, and as a result couldn’t open my eye for half an hour >_O but annnnyway.. I took pixx0rz of mah aminals. like 20 minutes ago cuz i was bored. so you are now subject to looking at them :D ph34r teh secksy aminals or something.. >_O

mah ky00t little normie dog ^0^

and mah fat little sassy pony :D

and again :D

And still.. mah adorable ponaaaaay :D

wee ^_________^

and mah little cutie baby girl khisme..

she likes to pose for the camera ^___________________^

…silly horse.

khisme and izzy.. :D

khis and the fat sassy one

and the crotchity old bat, izzy

the token horny male thoroughbred, kahuna.. or huna :P

and my pretty sweet adorable girls again ^______^

and… all of them! :D :D :D D: :D

fuck im hyper >_O blahhhhhhhh stupid everyone on my buddylists all being idle and shit.. i mean come on man, 50 people online and everyone is away and idle? T___T

so yeh. chew a nugget or something. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~!!!!

…ima go work on my layout.. >_O speaking of which.. should prolly work on a new on for mah LJ

AHHHH SOMEONE LIVES!!! YAY SEANNNNNNNNNNN!! ^_________________________^

……i wonder if i can convince him to rp yaoi smut with me T_T

leaaaaaaaving now :D