[Stupid Teenager] Post #30

Waaaiii~~~~ New layout n__n It’s Loki!! =x you have to go watch Matantei Loki Ragnarok right now~~ Name is linked to the BT site ^___^ I feel all special and stuff… My sister did all the timing for that series (From XenonFansubs… Kaorin/`Soujiro) ^_^

Nottu Machu going on really, I haven’t blogged in a long time x.x Gonna attempt to get my dad to buy me Apocripha/0 game cuz he buys my brother games all the time =x And I have money and am contemplating buying THIS because that artist RULES. PERIOD. ^___^ hurrah for american doujinshi artists :D:D:D

Speaking of doujinshi, I’ve downloaded about 50 (with 4 more on the way atm) since about non yesterday =x ^_^ My list grows. And oooh yeah, I finally finished editing the SFX on ch. 1 of Negima xPP wahhh those were scary ;__; thank Heimdall I’m not the normal editor for that series ;__; Those raws were.. scary. They frightened EVERYONE in the group =x but but but~~ In procrastinating doing the Negima SFX, I managed to finish editing a 30 page part of Sakura-crisis’ Boys Next Door rescanlation and finished editing the first part of my Yami doujinshi for Sakura-crisis =x :D:D

~__~ Halloween next week.. I wanna go to santa rosa for that friday but sarah wants me to be at her house in Redwood Valley on next saturday for her party ;__; I still need to find a longsleeved orange shirt for my hisoka costume too =x Dang I’m lazy. But… I’m getting less lazy :D I have a chapter of Fruits Basket and a random BASTARD! hentai doujinshi to edit for Hoshi.. not sure what I have for sakura-crisis but I need to get ahold of the other editors to see what we have to be updated xP

Ahh~ and Shime and a couple other friends have started a new scanlation group and we’re gonna scanlate An Assassin and White Shaman *___* Fweee~~ Maybe I should update and catagorize all my doujinshis on HDD.. and possibly scan some others.. o.o;;

Hrm.. well.. off to do.. other stuff :D:D