[Stupid Teenager] Post #37

I have finished my KikuKitty =3 He looks funny. very funny. xD; I’m not gonna point out my 2346283764 mistakes, but bask in the glory of knowing I actually FINISHED something I started, and I like how it looks xD;

And I decided not to be a grinch. First 5 people that want it get a drawing from me =3
my only rules are A) has to be something i know or can find find pictures of easily if i dont, and B) no more than two people in a pic ^^

…anyway i’m done =3

One thought on “[Stupid Teenager] Post #37”

  1. KAWAII!! I really like how you CGed it *_* And you included nipples XD -alleluia- Anyways, since you’re working on a drawing for me already, I won’t ask for another one otherwise I’ll be a greedy hogger XD *glompu*

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