Music: Kimeru – You Got Game?

Mood: FREEZING@!!!OU_@)(*y!(!!
I got creative yesterday and started teaching myself how to make winamp skins :D The one I’m working on is almost done, ehehehehe :D Just have to finish the window shade thingies ^^ I’ll put it up when I’m done =B ^^ Jayme, I snaggified your buttons for the options thingie at the bottom and changed the colours.. mine weren’t working right for me ^^; which means.. I need to learn @_@
Bwahahaa my dad let me do my “book” thing xp I just bought 9 doujinshis and an artbook (that I already have, but it’s for Mengs-dear~) so yeah, wheeee~~ hmm.. doesn’t look like my mum came home last night o_o oh well ^^; I need to call my dad and tell him how much my order was.. xD;; *waits the impeding wringing of her neck* >.< It's cold. And I have to move my compy into my room today ^^; which means rearranging things.. jeebuz i'm lazy xP

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