Generic Title #8

FWEEE. My dad’s gonna buy my new domains (yes, plural) when my brother gets back from Tahoe ^0^ What said domains are, you’ll see when I get em, but one is going to house my collective (shall be moving from where it is now) and possibly the other one will be my bloggie but iuno yet.

WEEE!! I got an job editing for FET (the scanlation group that’s doing the more recent stuff for Prince of Tennis) ^_____________^ And PoT ep 99 will be out soon, yeay:D Andu.. my kitty went back to the vet today to have a checkup on his leg, mum just got home so I’ma go ask her how it went xP

And here we have it.. one of the pins that’s holding it together is poking out and being all irritating and stuff so he’s back on medication, at least this time it’s the liquid form of the pills he got last time.

I have a strange urge to draw Kaidou and make a layout out of it O-o; wtf. Though it could be pretty… or something.

my tooth hurts, I want to go to Japantown sometime soon. I want to get my license and a new ISP. yeah..

three little doggies all in a row. that’s norman, inuyasha, and clifford the big red dog that i just noticed was there 5 minutes ago. rawk on.

Edit: PRINCE OF TENNIS MANGA IS LICENSED!!?!?! BY VIZ?! What the fuck >____________< That so cannot be true. *cries and keeps an eye on Viz's site*

..I hate you, Viz.

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