Generic Title #9

^0^ It’s my birthday!! And happy birthday to Mengsie-dear too! Hers was yesterday.. ^^ And Aya-san’s is tomorrow xD; yeay~ PoT 99 gets released today ^0^ I think Sarah is gonna come kidnap me today but I dunno. If she does I wouldn’t be able to come home till Sunday cuz she has to go to Washington for her dad’s wedding over the weekend.. which would mean I crash with Kerry/Morgan/Colin/someone else for a few days and have no compy access ;_;

Weeee.. I’m kinda sleepy but not but am and oh dear ~_~

..I am finally an adult. Though being one and acting like one are two different things. I shall be the adult who acts more like a totally perverted 8 year old. :D

4 thoughts on “Generic Title #9”

  1. OMG, and I missed it!? O_o;; Wellp happy bleated b-day XD;; I feel bad now x_X;; I didn’t get you anything T___T;;

  2. I missed coming here. I’ve been rather busy as of late since getting ready to leave soon. I wish you a Happy Birthday even though I had to visit everyone’s blogs. Take care Shu-chan. ^^

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