Simply an aside

Little things of today:

1) Remembering that now that my laptop is fixed, and that I have fast internets, I can stream things. Thus watched The Twilight Zone for several hours.

2) S coming home early = I didn’t have to babysit today and OH THANK GOD.

3) Found Dragonball complete torrent \0/ Shall still complain about people using completely fucking useless formats/containers for encoding things these days (I’m looking at you, .mkv, and .ogm. There ain’t a damn thing you can do that .avi can’t, including switching audio streams/subtitles. Dumbasses. +mkv & ogm are resource hogs liek whut)

4) Spent $10 of my last $17 until I get paid (who the hell knows when that will be) on KFC for dinner, and it was tasty.

5) Also watched a few episodes of remastered Dragonball, care of people who are not dumbasses and still encode things in .avi.

6) Still inexplicably exhausted. Mum coming home tomorrow shall fix this as it means I can sleep in on Sunday >>

7) Monday is not only the birthday of one of my most favourite people/DB’tards, but also my 6 month anniversary to the greatest gal in the world.

8) The Spawn on Satan keeps calling, and I’m still not answering :3

I’m at my wit’s end

. . . with this kid.

This week has just overall been ridiculously stressful and I’m not entirely sure how the hell I am going to handle another day with R after how many problems he’s been having this week. Today’s highlights included him taking off, taking the dog (sans leash and collar, as he has wet eczema that is just barely healing on his neck) with him, ignoring all warnings about trespassing and that people can call the cops on him, and that the dogs in this area WILL attack Raja.

So, naturally, he (we, because I was there too) got a stern talking to from the lady who owns the junk yard he’s been trespassing and breaking things at, and Raja was attacked by one of his friends’ pittbull.

Raja, luckily, is fine, and was more shaken than actually hurt. Had Raja not been with R, I wouldn’t have bothered following him – technically we’re supposed to call RCS if he runs off without permission so they can take the appropriate actions (i.e., calling the police if need be). But, obviously, I was more worried about the dog than the kid (suspicions being right, as always).

Argh. I really need a goddamn break. This kid has had me frustrated to the point of nearly crying all week. And I still haven’t been paid. >(

I still hate kids.

After yesterday’s asshattery, R was no better today. Spent two hours arguing back and forth (even to the point where I finally snapped and screamed in his face – coming from someone who doesn’t even like to raise their voice) over doing his homework. Two hours of arguing, him being a rude little shit, him continuing to think the world revolves around him and needs to bend to his will, him thinking J is the biggest bitch in the world for telling him no about this or that . . . all over being asked to do his homework, a task that would have taken him no less than 25 minutes (20 minutes reading, 5 minutes writing 6 sentences about what he read.)

…I really wanted to deck him.

He did eventually chill out and do it, though, and it went alright from there – we talked about things civilly and he even did his homework.

But of course I’m still annoyed and I still hate kids >>

Also still forking exhausted because the dogs have been liking to wake me up at least twice a night for no particular reason. >( Annoyed at the parrot, too, for he took a chunk out of my thumb while I was changing his water last night, from that spot right above your fingernail. So not only did it bleed profusely, it fucking hurts.

However, I got smart and decided to wear a leather work glove this time and can say I have successfully defeated the bird. He went after my hand when I went to change his food, he grabbed hold of the thumb, and got nothing but glove. He moved as far away from his food dish as possible after that :P

Sleep goes me.

Still exhausted

And it never seems to end. I was supposed to babysit R from 7:30 to 9:30 this morning, after which his youth advocate was supposed to take him for the rest of the day. 9:30, no show. 10:30, no show. 1:30, no show. 3:30, when S&J came home, still hadn’t showed and hadn’t called or bothered to answer calls.

Needless to say, I was not pleased. I don’t like being around people for extended periods of time; least of all rude, moody, self-centered 11 year old brats. He argued with me and/or ignored me half the time (“Dont climb on the telephone pole!”, “No, you can’t spraypaint S’s hubcaps!”). Being cooped up with him all day did nothing but keep me in a constant state of annoyance, especially later tonight when J took me to feed the horses and R threw a complete hissyfit over a flashlight all the way there and back.

Sometimes I really want to smack this kid, but I’d really rather not end up getting arrested, for we are not allowed to touch him for any reason other than to hug him =/

And people wonder why I hate kids so goddamn much and never want any of my own.


Starting Sunday morning, I’ll be home alone for a week. Mum is headed off to South Carolina to see K’s National Guard bootcamp graduation. Dad left to drive out this past Sunday (or, well, drive to my grandmother’s in Virginia). Plan is for mum to go to my grandma’s for a few days, then they’ll drive down to Fort Jackson and surprise K, who doesn’t know they’re coming and told me in a letter that since he didn’t have anyone coming, he’s going to “raise Hell and gain twenty pounds”.

Pros and cons of this are such. Pro: I don’t have to deal with mum for a whole week and can do whatever I damn well please. Cons: 1) I was supposed to go back with Dad for the ride, and fly back at some point (Dad will be staying with grandma for a couple of months; at least until K gets back from his AIT in ~February). This obviously did not happen. 2) I have to deal with all of the animals, and have to be able to get to and from the horses to feed them nightly if we don’t manage to get them moved to their new place Friday or Saturday.

It’s just really >EEE’ish. I had been planning on going with Dad (and he knew about it) since the end of July/beginning of August. I specifically didn’t go back to school this semester because of said plans, and not wanting to miss a month of school because of it (among things). Dad kept putting off when we were supposed to leave (originally in the beginning of October), and didn’t even bother to tell me that he was finally leaving (I heard it from mum, as she purchased her plane tickets and said she’d be driving down with him).

Yargh. I really wanted to get the fuck out of California for a while. Bleh.

But enough of my bitching and whining. Have some actors-turned-Boyband cheesy pop. They really sound like NEWS on this CD XD