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Dammit, Anime-Otakus, I know I told you to go faster with releasing PoT subs, but this is rediculous! Since last thursday, 6 episodes have been released. >___> And I have only gotten three >< And 124 is out now too! GAHH *piiines for a faster connection* My connection just can't keep up with my fangirling and it makes me very very sad. *kicks downloads* Also have 3 RajiPuri's I need to get >.>

PoT 109
One of the two episodes I hadn’t/haven’t yet seen. The other being 111. Highlights of this episode: ATOBE’S PURPLE FRILLY GHEY SHIRT. My guess is he spent the night with Mizuki and couldn’t find his clothing the next morning. Jirou looking longingly at Gakuto’s crotch cake. Ryoma standing nearly waist deep in the river (which incedentally only came up to the other regular’s knees), hitting the ball that was floating down the river into the basket, while the racquet cover he had goes flying and whacks Katsuo in the head, thus knocking him off his rock and into the water, where he whined about drowning. Eiji doing his pretend to sleep dealie whilst the boiz are doing their biathlon through the woods, Oishi going back to help him cuz he’s a sweetheart like that then Eiji going NYAHAHA TRICKED YOU! and running away. Oishi pouted. xD; Next episode! Seigaku regulars vs. Hyoutei regulars in practice matches. Watched that one a while back.. >.> Eiji vs. Kabaji and uh.. Inui vs. Hiyoshi, I think.

Onto the sad news. THE GRAVI DJ RP IS DEAD T___T!! The past two years there were fun (even if I kinda got lazy and forgot to post since August ^^; ) But me n Ebby are gonna make a new one :D:D:D:D:D Other sad news, I am out of cigarettes and can’t go get any because it’s like 1 in the morning T_T

BLAH. Oh yeah. :D FET HAS FORUMS NOW :D Krunk and Kobashi made the Yaoi section just for meee xD; (and Misao, who later joined the conversation. :P)

Andu.. uhh.. I can’t think. Oh yeah. :D I was bored the other day and was singing along to good ol’ Okiayu Ryoutarou, and ended up recording meself singing Ever and Never Surrender, from Tezuka’s Never Surrender single ^^; I was too lazy for actual karaoke so the song’s on in the background :P And please note, I am a first soprano, but hate singing high notes. :P So you get my low smex voice. xD; And I stumble over things becuase I can’t pronounce T’s or D’s very well (mostly while singing, especially if it’s in another language. :P), so t’s sometimes sound like d’s and d’s sound like g’s. :P

I’m driving myself nuts now. I’m off xD;

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  1. Aug where do you get your RajiPuri from? I can never find any of it ;; Oh and Atobe’s shirt was quite amusing…I wanted him to prance around more in it =/

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