Generic Title #53

You are one selfish fucking bitch.

You have the fucking NERVE to accuse me of things that are things that YOU are the one who does?

I’m sorry dear. You do NOT fuck me over and kick me out of my only fucking place to live after I’ve gone out of my way to help you and make you happy for SEVEN FUCKING YEARS.

Morgan Comstock, you were my best friend. Good job to you for fucking it up and actually making me hate you. It’s not often I hate people, especially those who are the closest friends I’ve had.

When you have your baby, don’t come fucking crying to me.

When your dog dies from your abuse, don’t come fucking crying to me.

Don’t come crying to me when you can’t afford rent and bills anymore.

Been nice knowing you, too bad you’re too much of a spoiled fucking bratty, overbearing “i have to be included in everything!” bitch that you are.

Fuck off, and good bye.

3 thoughts on “Generic Title #53”

  1. Ouch. ;_; For you to say that, she really must have grinded on your last nerve. You have the patience of a saint, so most definitely. :: hugslatch. ::

    Your layout is lovely, by the way.

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