Oh god.

Akaya, aka the pesky obnoxious brat, is going in for his Leukemia shot today. Said pesky obnoxious brat has just been thrown in his crate for being a pesky obnoxious brat tearing through the house climbing up everything and knocking shit over. But yeah anyway, taking him in and Axl to get his rabies booster, which should be interesting as Axl wants to eat Akaya and it is quite difficult to control a dog that weighs more than you 8D

Onto other stuff, the Winamp skins page has been updated with another new one – Golf and Mike. Because they’re cute and make me feel like a pedophile =/ But that is okay, because cute overrules any thoughts of pedophilism hur XD

Jackie, Brynn, and Tams have all decided that I need to get into Tackey & Tsubasa as well and since I am a tool, I have dl’d everything they have given me >> I said I was still in the kiddy pool of boybands, I wasn’t ready to try the diving board T_T

…Yet here I am with 300mb and counting of T&T stuff DDDDD: Though I have to admit Takki’s love for Pi and the random insanity is fun? 8D


I miss my sanity T_T