Happy Thanksgiving~

If you’re American, anyway. Hope you all have a wonderful day with friends and family. I, however, will be staying home with my cup noodles whilst Mum and her 12 pound turkey go to the Spawn of Satan’s place and S&J go to J’s grandmother’s. I’d rather spend the holiday alone than go through another one with dealing SoS’s bullshit. I don’t care if she’s family, I don’t want to be around it and I have no intentions of being around it if I can help it. No clue what Dad & K are going to be up to, but will probably call Dad later to see what’s up.

Maybe I should get my ATM card back from Mum (who seems to have it more often than I do >_>) and see what’s playing at the theater if it’s not raining – it’s close enough to walk to both the theater and the bank (given the theater’s right behind my bank …), but even if I catch an early evening show I’ll have to walk home in the dark… not something I want to do — Through RA lives about 2 blocks behind the theater so I could probably get a ride from her, but I wouldn’t want to bother her family during their dinner because her sisters are up. I’d be welcome to join but eh. Not feeling particularly festive and can use the time to work on my special-deck cards for people, updating sites and catching up on Honey and Clover so Crys will stop hounding me to fangirl with her.

Internets have been acting up again, the whores. Plus the power keeps going out because we’re on some funky grid (Meaning mine and my neighbor’s power was out, the guys across the street were out, but the house behind my neighbor had power, etc…) and the line’s been ready to go for weeks (constant brownouts, etc ~_~). Pretty irritating.

Fangirly and fandom related stuff simply because 90% of my posts require it. Leah was totally awesome and gave me Tackey & Tsubasa’s new album, which exudes massive amounts of gay (go figure.) Was there really a reason for a fifth version of Venus? Either way, it’s lollertastic. I am hearting on the album XD; And hopefully I will have enough monies soon to actually like, buy it. I need to make myself a list of crap I want to get >_>”

Spent the past few weeks getting and watching Kimi wa Petto, which is fucking adorable and I want to squish it. Too fucking cute D: Half the time I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or simply stare going “What the fuck?”. Jun was freaking adorable and Sumire girl was so… I liked her. I wanted to punch the Fukushima girl through like the whole thing D: It is now being burned off because I might as well burn some crap off and actually get back some HDD space.

Said in last post I’d put up Dong Bang’s Balloon PV, so here it is + some other stuff.

동방신기 – Balloon PV – WMV
동방신기 – HI YA YA 여름날 PV AVI (yes, it works. Don’t say it doesn’t.)
동방신기・東方神起 – Miss You (Japanese) ZIP/MP3


  • Miss You
  • ‘O’ ~ Jung.Ban.Hub
  • Sky (TVP Uta’s Mix)
  • Miss You (Less vocal)
  • ‘O’ ~Jung.Ban.Hub (Less vocal)



  • Se7olution (Intro)
  • Girl Friend
  • la la la
  • chalhalge
  • Last of Diary
  • Again
  • Can You Feel Me
  • tamul sarang
  • I’m Sorry (Interlude)
  • Oh~
  • Get Up and Dance
  • hulaghaechui
  • tokbaek
  • Promise

Downloads will be removed when I feel like it, don’t ask where they are if they don’t work. Edit: Realized I put the wrong link to SE7OLUTION. It works now.

Oh holy hell sore

Total awake hours for Monday: 18. That’s the longest I’ve been able to stay awake for a good week, so goddamn tired all the time. D:

Yesterday was spent a) writing up a skinning tutorial for a friend (that is nowhere near finished) and b) cleaning out my garage so S&J can fix it up and move in until their house is built. This involved lugging and stacking roughly 2,000 books up a ladder in the loft, moving out just about everything IN the garage (we have a lot of crap X_x), helping S move the piano in the house so we actually had room for stuff in here and tearing down most of the walls and the ceiling. My body hates me and I stepped on a nail D: (because I am bright and was doing this in my flipflops 8D Not work shoes hur) Normally I wouldn’t mind so much as technically the above is my job, however I’m not getting paid for anything until they actually start building the house. *forced free labor*

The good news, however, is that my dad gave my mum the money she needed and as of Sept. 15, the house and both properties are officially ours and we can give the other lot to S&J for their house :3 Huge load off mum since she quit the job she got a few weeks ago (like two days after she was hired) because of some pretty shifty shit going on with that. Basically they completely misrepresented the job >>

Yesterday also brought my most recent cd order. :D Which means my Rikkai rivals & Fudoumine rivals cds are complete (I only needed Yukimura, Renji, & Jackal/Bunta’s for Rikkai, and Shinji’s for Fudoumine). Also came was Saeki’s サンセットウェイ, An’s 夏のお嬢さん, Show starring 森久保祥太郎, Summer SMTOWN 2006 & TRAX’s 트랙스 1집 – 초우 (初雨). No use really getting into what songs I like and all since most of these had been out for years but 8D I still like TRAX’s new album :3

Speaking of tennisy things, managed to catch part of the first set of Pavel/Agassi’s match in the US Open yesterday. Good game if I say so myself, caught part of the middle and came back in during the tiebreak which ended up being 7-6 with a 7-4 tiebreak in Pavel’s favour. Kinda bummed I missed the rest of the match since it’s Agassi’s last US Open, but oh well XD; Agassi hit some damn good shots from the bit I saw.

Other sporty things involve my nearly being forced to watch a lot of golf because mum’s like in love with Tiger Woods. Though it was kind of interesting watching him hit the ball out of some trees, have it go through the grandstand, bounce off the cart walkway, up onto a roof and get lost (even though they said it fell down the other side of the building… um no). But fun nonetheless?

Yeah anyway. Downloads from the previous post have been removed, but that just makes way for more :D There’s a Tackey & Tsubasa skin in the skins section, and here for we have kitty GYM’s leaked cd (…as it technically doesn’t come out till the 30th). Meant to post this the other day but obviously, busy :P So, CD rips as opposed to the radio rip from my last post.

EDIT 09.05.06: Downloads have been removed.
01) Kitty GYM – Fever to Future
02) Yamashita Tomohisa – Houkago Blues
03) Golf & Mike – Run for your love
04) Kitty GYM – My Angel

Yargh can’t wait for monies so I can buy this cd D: Fever to Future I already liked, Houkago Blues is kind of funky but still good, Run for your love is in English! And not have bad, Golf & Mike get props XD My Angel is just… cute. Cute cute cute.



And Jackie gets the cookie for the best explaination of the lyrics to a particular song ever. Observe (edited for length for AIM profiles however I no longer have the rest of it T_T)

Nori: things like “Try to kill me w/ the moon dance baby tonight”
Nori: prz enlighten me D:
Jackie: it means

O Jun :(

Yeah anyway, Akaya got his shot the other day, seems okay with it. His appt to be neutered + rabies shots is on the 11th, which makes me lol @ mum for making appts when I’ll be somewhere over… possibly Nebraska. With any luck after that he’ll stop carrying around and humping hats/blankets/any other fuzzy things (mildly glad my plushies and stuffed animals are either in boxes or on shelves >>).

Random love goes out to Nicca for sending me stuff. Bracelet to match Cris’ and a card and a pack of Djarum Blacks *_* Don’t smoke cloves often for the whole er they make your lungs bleed thing but damn do I love those things and fuck me if I buy them more than once every few years. My kid kills me with her love ♥ Must to be getting all my packages and such together to send people D:

Yargh my mouse batteries are dead and I have no more batteries D: So stuck using my tablet mouse until A) I get new batteries or B) I can get mum to tell me where she put my old mouse she’s been using on the laptop.

Been cleaning out the garage so S&J can fix it up and live in it while building their house on our other lot. Need to be waiting until they come up tomorrow I think with the truck so I can take all my tack to storage so it’s not all sitting outside getting destroyed. It’s beat up enough man, my saddle is older than I am and still probably in the best condition out of all of them. Have to get down to my aunt’s and go through her tack room since she’s got half the parts to my western saddles (back sinches, breastplates, most of my girths, etc) and we’re wanting to sell them.

Yargh really wanting to find a place to keep Sassy & Khisme where I don’t have to pay $200 a month per horse + feed and I can actually have friggin access to them. Aunt shouldn’t keep letting her daughter ride Sassy, that pony deserves a retirement damnit. She served me well when I was riding her and in her late 20’s I definately think she needs it. Plus to get my horses away from aunt’s crazy friends (and aunt) who keep going oh you should breed Khis/Sass to *some random stallion we’ve never seen*. Um, no. I’m not breeding anything until I have a place to keep them and am in a position to raise another baby. Yes, Khis is our foundation mare and no, I am not going to breed her to random stallions. I’m breeding her to who I want to breed to, because then I will know I am getting a good baby. >E


And to make this post a little more fun and include some fangirling, downloads! In the form of boybands and such.

1) Kitty GYM – Fever to Future – .mp3, 3,596 kb. Radio rip. I like this song, damnit, and when I have monies I will buy the cd when it comes out :D (Golf, Mike & Yamapi, yo. Can’t go wrong 8D)
2) [PV] Golf & Mike – Bounce – .mpg 33,945 kb. W/karaoke. This video is the most goddamn hilarious thing I’ve seen in ages XD
3) [PV] Super Junior – Dancing Out – .avi 153,350 kb. *gushes* Gah cute XD wth HeeChul.
4) [PV] Tackey & Tsubasa – Yume Monogatari – .mpeg 46,156 kb. One word: GAAAAAAAY.
5) [PV] SM Town – Red Sun – .wmv 34,810 kb. I think watching Typhoon (TRAX) do ghei boyband dancing makes this video worth it. Super Junior, DBSG, TRAX, BoA, Kangta & etc. Aka a bunch of fruity guys and girls singing a really fruity song in a really fruity video. :D
6) [PV] Arashi – Aozora Pedaru – .avi 122,340 kb. …I just like this video >>;

Any links don’t work, let me know. Post will be edited when files are removed (maybe) 8D EDIT: As of 08.29.06 downloads have been removed. COMMENTS if you download are muchly appreciated ♥ And direct linking makes DongHae cry. So save a pretty Korean boy from more crying, yusplz?

Oh god.

Akaya, aka the pesky obnoxious brat, is going in for his Leukemia shot today. Said pesky obnoxious brat has just been thrown in his crate for being a pesky obnoxious brat tearing through the house climbing up everything and knocking shit over. But yeah anyway, taking him in and Axl to get his rabies booster, which should be interesting as Axl wants to eat Akaya and it is quite difficult to control a dog that weighs more than you 8D

Onto other stuff, the Winamp skins page has been updated with another new one – Golf and Mike. Because they’re cute and make me feel like a pedophile =/ But that is okay, because cute overrules any thoughts of pedophilism hur XD

Jackie, Brynn, and Tams have all decided that I need to get into Tackey & Tsubasa as well and since I am a tool, I have dl’d everything they have given me >> I said I was still in the kiddy pool of boybands, I wasn’t ready to try the diving board T_T

…Yet here I am with 300mb and counting of T&T stuff DDDDD: Though I have to admit Takki’s love for Pi and the random insanity is fun? 8D


I miss my sanity T_T