Was up all night last night, trying to get mum sorted out and ready to fly, as well as getting her out the door early enough to not miss her 6AM flight out of Sacramento. She called around 5 to give me her new cell # (she bought one on Friday and didn’t set it up until yesterday) and let me know she arrived safely and hooked up with dad & grandma alright.Stayed up after she left so I could deal with the animals; if I had fallen asleep after mum left, I wouldn’t have woken up.

Managed to sleep about three hours before I had to get up and get other stuff ready for things and get down to feed the horses and drop off the electricity payment. Came home and have been trying to get various things sorted out all evening.

It’ll be like this all week, with the bonus addition of having to babysit R early Tuesday morning, then afternoons Wed-Fri.

Needless to say, I’m fairly braindead and it would probably be a good idea to hop to bed in a few minutes so I can get up and do it all over again. x3


A week is go!

NaBloPoMo seems to be going fairly well thus far! I’m actually fairly surprised I’ve managed to do it every day and not simply have posts like the ones that tend to fill my livejournal of “omg lol guys look at this”.

However, it’s a weekend, and I’m once again strangely exhausted. When I went out to feed the horses earlier after a perfectly clear and non-rain-threatening (albeit a bit cold) day, it started POURING the second I got to the fence to toss the hay over. Wind, rain, everything, completely out of nowhere. I really hate the weather in this county sometimes >.>;

On to other things – Tsunami Bomb will be getting back together for a benefit show for Liz of Luckie Strike at the Phoenix in Petaluma on January 18th. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see TB play since their first album release show (The Ultimate Escape) and they went on tour, but nonetheless I’m excited to get to go, and at the same time hang out with M & Co while helping Liz & her family pay their medical bills. I really can’t count the number of times I’ve seen TB or LS play, but I can say that Liz is one of the most awesome and sweetest people I’ve ever met. Full details on the show/benefit (+ ticket info) can be found on Tsunami Bomb‘s Myspace.


Design Block.

I’ve been trying for days to come up with a new design for 15thMOON, and thus far have come up completely empty-handed . . . or empty-brained as the case may be. My usual route of a) opening up Photoshop and staring at it for a while or b) link-hopping to see other sites’ layouts and themes for inspiration has been complete fail.

I’m beginning to think I’m just a bit creatively blocked recently. I bombed a fic deadline for said fic just not going anywhere and not behaving and just making absolutely no sense, I haven’t been able to draw anything that isn’t goofy Dragonball Z oekaki, and it’s taken me two days to make 15 100×100 icons that are probably sub-par if anything.

Braaaainnn why do you do this to me? D:

My power liking to go out certainly isn’t helping matters, either, especially when I go to save things.

It’s going to be a late night and I’ll be off fairly early in the morning, so now I leave.


Count the mileage

Today has been a fairly surreal day. Not really in a “things happened” way, but more in a “my brain has not been fully functional all day” cloudy hazy sort of thing. I’m exhausted in spite of having actually slept fairly well (though not nearly as long as I would have liked), but it’s the brain exhaustion rather than physical exhaustion. Not actually being active for most of the day probably has something to do with this.

I uploaded some of my photos from my trip across the pond back in May/June. There are a ton more (particularly from London), but I’m really too lazy to resize them and the ones there are some of my favourites. I went to London to visit some friends (+ an additional friend who had come to visit us from Norway), and while I was there my Londoners and I took a weekend trip to Berlin, Germany while our Norwegian hopped over to Greece for work-related business. More details at some other point, because my brain really isn’t working well enough to fully explain things. Many bad jokes were made and lots of food and/or booze was consumed.

The horses aren’t being moved this weekend, but we will be heading over to Potter Valley to see the woman (whom I took riding lessons from for several years when I was little, so we know her quite well) and to sign the boarding contract. Horses to be moved some time after mum gets back from South Carolina.

Dad called earlier asking me to print out directions for him and to give them to mum when she leaves – he’s made it to grandma’s and all seems to be well. He sent me a postcard from Grand Canyon, which said only “I couldn’t find Joe Dirt’s parents anywhere! Love, Dad.”

I love my family’s weird sense of humor.

Obligatory music downloads.



Starting Sunday morning, I’ll be home alone for a week. Mum is headed off to South Carolina to see K’s National Guard bootcamp graduation. Dad left to drive out this past Sunday (or, well, drive to my grandmother’s in Virginia). Plan is for mum to go to my grandma’s for a few days, then they’ll drive down to Fort Jackson and surprise K, who doesn’t know they’re coming and told me in a letter that since he didn’t have anyone coming, he’s going to “raise Hell and gain twenty pounds”.

Pros and cons of this are such. Pro: I don’t have to deal with mum for a whole week and can do whatever I damn well please. Cons: 1) I was supposed to go back with Dad for the ride, and fly back at some point (Dad will be staying with grandma for a couple of months; at least until K gets back from his AIT in ~February). This obviously did not happen. 2) I have to deal with all of the animals, and have to be able to get to and from the horses to feed them nightly if we don’t manage to get them moved to their new place Friday or Saturday.

It’s just really >EEE’ish. I had been planning on going with Dad (and he knew about it) since the end of July/beginning of August. I specifically didn’t go back to school this semester because of said plans, and not wanting to miss a month of school because of it (among things). Dad kept putting off when we were supposed to leave (originally in the beginning of October), and didn’t even bother to tell me that he was finally leaving (I heard it from mum, as she purchased her plane tickets and said she’d be driving down with him).

Yargh. I really wanted to get the fuck out of California for a while. Bleh.

But enough of my bitching and whining. Have some actors-turned-Boyband cheesy pop. They really sound like NEWS on this CD XD