I vote more hugs for thugs.

My Super Seekrit project is finally (mostly) done~! That project being a major site overhaul on Underdogs, my fic/art archive over @ fudomine.org. At any rate it’s done enough to be viewable to the public, anything from here on in is just an update :3

I feel so much better now though XD After letting it stagnate for nearly two years maybe I’ll keep it up to date now XD *crickets chirp*

RL stuff going slow work-wise as I’ve more or less just finished getting over being sick as a dog and haven’t done much but tomorrow we should start painting aka most of the hard stuff is done and I can paint that whole thing, double coat + primer in about 8 hours. Less because I’ll have help, hur 8D

But that also means I should be sleeping and uh yeah.