Family stuff and downloady stuff 8D

Dad and K (See the ‘crazies’ page 8D) up so K can go look at a new car to possibly get. Which means bbq time~ Mum was all proud of herself for being able to get the bqq lit and keeping the coals burning till they showed up to make the food hur. This family truely is retarded.

But yeah anyway. Call it a late birthday thing for dad (Just turned 58 on the 10th) or something. At any rate, it means I don’t have to cook today XD And I get meat.

Possibly working sometime in the next two weeks or so, for once I get to run my own job >D Meaning I get to be the boss of people older than me, hur. Possibly only because I’m the only one with any experience, hur. But yay monies?

Travel date for family reunion thinger for Grandma’s birthday set – leaving Sept. 7 and flying Sept. 8th. Still no clue how long I’ll be in Virginia but eh who cares. XD

Now away from crap no one cares about to stuff they do! Aka downloads. All music, all uploaded by Tammies with the instruction that she does not care where we spread them as it keeps them active and up XD All Megaupload, so stuff it if you can’t use it :P

…I haven’t gotten some of this stuff (aka KAT-TUN, still not a fan hur) or already had, but most of the other stuff is fun? 8D *copy/pastes from Tammie’s post*

Yamapi – Yubiwa
Yamapi – LoveXXX (Live) (This one is fun to watch as well)
Yamapi – Himawari
Yamapi – Daite Senorita
Yamapi – Colourful
w-inds. – Eien no Tochuu
D-51 – No More Cry (Ending for Gokusen 2)
KAT-TUN – Gold
KAT-TUN – Butterfly
KAT-TUN – Jin Solo – ha-ha (Live) (This is so damn dirty, it’s awesome)
KAT-TUN – Miracle
KAT-TUN – One on One
KAT-TUN – Precious One
KAT-TUN – She Said
KAT-TUN – Ueda Solo – Love In Snow (Live)
KAT-TUN – Will Be All Right
Miyavi – Ashita Genki ni Naare
Miyavi – Coo quack cluck -ku ku ruu (o meev)
Miyavi – Girls, Be Ambitious
Miyavi – Shindemo Boogie Woogie
NewS – Hadashi no Cinderella Boy
NewS – Sayaendou
NewS – Stand Up
Shimatani Hitomi – ~Mermaid~
Shimatani Hitomi – Falco
Shimatani Hitomi – Garnet Moon
Tackey & Tsubasa – Ai Check it!
Tackey & Tsubasa – ikiteru akashi
Tackey & Tsubasa – Kamen
Tackey & Tsubasa – Serenade
Tackey & Tsubasa – To be, or not to be
Tackey & Tsubasa – Venus
Tackey & Tsubasa – Yume Monogatari
Shuji To Akira – Seishun Amigo
TAKUI – Calling You
Takki – Kaze no Uta

EVE – Adrenalin Drive
EVE – Ghost School
EVE – Good Bye
EVE – Rainy
EVE – Sad Paradise
Nemesis – Boy Meets Girl
Nemesis – Eclipse
Nemesis – Good Bye (Version N)
Nemesis – Rose of Versailles
SS501 – Fighter
SS501 – Warning
The TRAX – Paradox (probably their best song :o)
The TRAX – Tears (TRAX version) (Japanese)
The TRAX – Without You

Voltaire – When You’re Evil
Bryan White – I Stand Alone (Quest for Camelot)
Cascada – Everytime We Touch
INXS – Afterglow
Harry and the Potters – Wizard Chess
Mobile – Out of My Head
Natasha Bedingfield – The One That Got Away
Natasha Bedingfield – Single
Natasha Bedingfield – Silent Movie
Moka Only – Once Again
Full Frontal – You Think You’re a Man

Alright then 8D Not sure if they all still work, but you can always try. 8D