[Stupid Teenager] Post #4

well fuck. my aunt evicted us. what the fucking hell is that all about. first thing. it was a conference call between my dad, my aunt, and her friend that she owns the property with. my aunt wouldn’t even talk. they said the neighbors were complaining about the mess and all the cars and stuff. HELLO, bitch, the mess is all YOUR pile of crap, and yes we’re aware there are too many cars here, but at least theyre fucking parked in an organized fashion >__< this hurts a lot. i can’t believe she’d do that. cuz basically all it boils down to is that she either wants the space to store all of her shit, or as a place for her 22 year old drug addict son to come over with his friends and hang out. -.- this fucking bites. not only do we not have anywhere to go, i don’t have anywhere to keep my horses, cuz im sure as hell not keeping them here. she’ll just have to find another scapegoat to take care of her horses. it’s gonna be fucking hard to find a place around here for three people that allows dogs and cats and has room for at least one horse. if it is, it’s gonna be more than we can afford. eric, you’ll prolly read this before i get a chance to talk to you, i dont think i’ll be able to go to Fanimecon with you. and sarah.. fuck it i’ll call you tomorrow. T_T i swear it, shit just hates me. it’s taking every last ounce of willpower just to not break down and start crying like a baby. i fucking hate this. i’m going back to sleep. ja