White Message..

Music: Okiayu Ryoutarou [Tezuka Kinimitsu] – White Message [Tezuka Christmas Single] Waii.. such a pretty song!
Mood: Happy/Cold/Amused

Fwee. Mum said my cat’s operation went well, and that he was just coming to when the doc called her back at about 930 last night. gotta wait a couple weeks to see if it actually WORKED though.. *keeps fingers crossed* It’s freaking cold >.< *attempts to warm house up with fire* I made a new icon too xP <3 it xp ph34r teh leprechaun lucky sengoku~~ I shall make another one as well >-)

this amuses the hell out of me. what a little whore he is xD;

I need to make me a Yuuta elf icon. :D

and um, i was gonna say something else but I forget. oh yeah. I talked to Rei yesterday, the silly bugger. I <3 him xD; we went on and on about my obsession with teh pre-to-early-teen tennis players and how it’s my thought that tezuka is really just a pedophilic 25 year old :D plus other stuff. like having a white trash christmas in lake county, and that I should start wearing muu muu’s every day xD; and babbling about my trip next fall, saying “you should go here and here and here and here and kyoto for me. i miss kyoto. ;____;” farking hell i love that boy xD;

*runs away*