Generic Title #19

I can’t believe I haven’t slept yet x.x Have been up nearly 24 hours now >< My dad came up earlier again to drop off some wood for us on his way to picking up Kerry from Marc's. Chatted a bit before he left. Lesse.. what else did I do today.. I got to shower (YEAY I'M CLEAN), took care of my dear broken cat >.> and uh.. mum bought me chocolate *0* reese sticks woohoo.

Going on the 17th with my mum for tests on my ears and to get my ID. Mum was going in to get her hearing and all that checked and made an appointment for me to go too, so maybe we can figure out why I’m so friggin deaf >< Wait, I could already tell you why. It's from getting ear infections just about every 2-3 weeks for about 15 years straight >.> *stabs brain with qtip*

And in response to Sachi’s comment on the last post:
Ogata owns my soul. He is teh funnay. Much Seki worshippage there.
Yzak can have my babies. I want him to. Even more Seki worshippage here.
and Oujirou is CUUUUTE. *licks him*

BuBu’s Deep Thoughts on Gundam SEED.
Kira: Pretty uke. Crybaby. Needs to shoot Frey.
Yzak: Pretty uke. teh hawt. Needs to be in the middle of Kira and Athrun. *seethes*
Athrun: Pretty uke. He’s really not as straight as he wants you to believe he is.
Nicol: Do we ever find out the real gender of this kid? Pretty.
Dearka: You’re not as pretty as you could be, but can still be used for servicing my enterouge.
Frey: Die.
Millie: You’re a tolerable female character.
Glasses Boy (uhh.. I forgot his name already xD; ): You’re pretty. You may join my harem of pretty boy slaves. Stop worrying about Frey and try getting into Kira’s pants too.
Random civilian students on the Archangel A, B, and C: Pretty as well. But seemingly lacking in the size department.
Flaaga: If you weren’t voiced by Takehito Koyasu, I would hate you.
Klueze: The “Bad Guy With Mysterious Past and Face Mask” Gets old pretty quick. this is the what, 8th Gundam series with said kind of guy? If you weren’t voiced by Toshihiko Seki, I would hate you as well.

The End.
Maybe more later.

PoT 103 still needs to hurry the fuck up and download -_- Discovered I only actually deleted the torrent for other version of said episode, so restarted torrent from 74% instead of 0 for a-o version. That was nearly 5 hours ago. It’s now at 76% >.> Speed keeps fukkin up u.u I’m glad I had Colin download ep 104 with his nice fast connection for me and upload to my ftp sos I can get it much quicker ^_^ <3 you colin ;_; You’re such a dear. Downloading a SPORTS anime filled with BISHOUNEN who have YAOI TENDENCIES. for ME. *cries* I feel so touched ;_;

Okay I’m done with that trip. :D *cough* signed for more fanlistings too >.> god I’m such a whore xD; At least they’re all Whistle! ones =3 3 more.. Mizuno, Shige, and Shige x Mizuno >=) I will have fun with those, should I get them ^0^

Points of Today’s Ramblings.
You will LOVE ZAFT Panty Raids.


Toshihiko Seki, Tomokazu Seki, Hoshi Souichirou and Takehito Koyasu are god-like.


Okiayu Ryoutarou owns my soul.
I am 65% deaf.
Lots of Pretty Ukes.
Kenichi Ito and Daichi Kuroda own the world.
My ear itches.
My boyslut harem is getting larger.
<3 the Seeker.
THIS PoT fic had me rolling in laughter.
and um…


and that took almost 40 minutes to write.