Generic Title #36

Tired. Crampy. Sore. In immense amounts of pain. Need 125 and 112 to finish downloading. Legs hurt. Nearly passed out walking home from the store this afternoon.

Drew Sengoku giving Shinji head. It is the fault of her for rping it with me and her for telling me I needed to draw Sengoku/Shinji cracksmut. Started colouring last night… mebbe up tomorrow.

My legs hurt. Like badly. And my right arm. Mebbe I should get this stuff checked out >< Mum's sick, got strep throat or something, I feel like complete crap and I think the two of us seem pretty damn pathetic right now. We're both like X____X *DIE* In the past three days I have..
-Eaten twice. Two slices of roast beef (the sammich kind) day before yesterday, and a roast beef sammich an hour ago.
-Watched all of Serial Experiments Lain, Full Metal Panic, and Crest of the Stars. Next up: The rest of Azumanga, whatever I have of Wolf’s Rain, the last 7 episodes of .hack//sign and Kiddy Grade. Possibly Fruits Basket again.
-Been in more agonizing pain than I’ve been in for a few weeks.

The PoT rp I’m in still amuses me, and we’ve branched off to an AU side project rp as well. >D Current AU plot.. they’re all in bands >D (yes, we were severely influenced by that damn amv.)
Current bands are (by the law of pulling random names out of a hat)..

Band #1

Band #2
-Kisarazu Ryou

Band #3 (AKA Lucky Elegant Gothic Ore-sama)

Band #4

… These are pretty fucked up xD; It amuses the hell out of me that the only band my char’s aren’t in is the one with the (littler) shotaboiz.
Kamio-player says that our band’s theme song should be “Touch-a Touch-a Touch me” from Rocky Horror >D I’m in agreement.
I’m convinced that the momo/taka/shishi/gakt band has to be a punk/ska band. I don’t know why.

Anyway. Love to you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you two you and you.

Now that I’ve spammed this thing again, I made another new layout that will probably be up sometime next week or something and me ‘n Aion started a new scanlation group xD; Main focus right now is Weiss: An Assassin and White Shaman, but will eventually include Weiss and PoT doujin scanlations *coughsneezechokesputterdie* I’m going to go take a nap. bai.

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