I’m at my wit’s end

. . . with this kid.

This week has just overall been ridiculously stressful and I’m not entirely sure how the hell I am going to handle another day with R after how many problems he’s been having this week. Today’s highlights included him taking off, taking the dog (sans leash and collar, as he has wet eczema that is just barely healing on his neck) with him, ignoring all warnings about trespassing and that people can call the cops on him, and that the dogs in this area WILL attack Raja.

So, naturally, he (we, because I was there too) got a stern talking to from the lady who owns the junk yard he’s been trespassing and breaking things at, and Raja was attacked by one of his friends’ pittbull.

Raja, luckily, is fine, and was more shaken than actually hurt. Had Raja not been with R, I wouldn’t have bothered following him – technically we’re supposed to call RCS if he runs off without permission so they can take the appropriate actions (i.e., calling the police if need be). But, obviously, I was more worried about the dog than the kid (suspicions being right, as always).

Argh. I really need a goddamn break. This kid has had me frustrated to the point of nearly crying all week. And I still haven’t been paid. >(