Simply an aside

Little things of today:

1) Remembering that now that my laptop is fixed, and that I have fast internets, I can stream things. Thus watched The Twilight Zone for several hours.

2) S coming home early = I didn’t have to babysit today and OH THANK GOD.

3) Found Dragonball complete torrent \0/ Shall still complain about people using completely fucking useless formats/containers for encoding things these days (I’m looking at you, .mkv, and .ogm. There ain’t a damn thing you can do that .avi can’t, including switching audio streams/subtitles. Dumbasses. +mkv & ogm are resource hogs liek whut)

4) Spent $10 of my last $17 until I get paid (who the hell knows when that will be) on KFC for dinner, and it was tasty.

5) Also watched a few episodes of remastered Dragonball, care of people who are not dumbasses and still encode things in .avi.

6) Still inexplicably exhausted. Mum coming home tomorrow shall fix this as it means I can sleep in on Sunday >>

7) Monday is not only the birthday of one of my most favourite people/DB’tards, but also my 6 month anniversary to the greatest gal in the world.

8) The Spawn on Satan keeps calling, and I’m still not answering :3