I have found the meaning of life, and it is the Tenipuri musical

WARNING: Fangirly post >.>

*kicks stupid dialup* go faster I want the second part >___< Someone find me rips of the Fudoumine one xD; KAMIOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~ =3 and the St. Rudy's one when it comes out, eheheheh. I'm getting a new isp in a couple days hopefully, and my new domain too ^0^ maybe even two cuz I can't decide between the two I want xD; If I got two I'd probably move my bloggie to one of em =3 *gropes the tenipuri musical boiz* they're pretty *0* On another note, I’m not feeling well and my stomach hurts like a freaking bitch. I couldn’t sleep very well last night cuz of cramps. Like.. I went to go find my midol and felt dizzy so lied back down.. then when my head wasn’t spinning got up again to do it.. then had to lie down again but ended up throwing up >_< (Thank god I'm a pack rat and had a box leftover from christmas handy so I didn't puke all over my carpet xD; ) Like you really needed to know that. But.. I've never done that.. It was weird O_o; And on even another note, my dad’s up for the day ^_^ Brought me some gifts from my grandmother and my oldest brother, and brought up some of my stuff from the storage box in Santa Rosa. If I’m feeling better we might go see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King later. So yeay. He also said he’d build me a computer desk if I gave him the dimensions I need. And that he’d actually put, you know, an overhead light in my room so I can like.. not have to use a lamp. :D Oh speaking of which, I should tell him to switch some of the house’s wiring over to the other circuit breaker >_< cuz like every room in the house cept my mum's room and the bathroom are on one breaker.. which causes the breaker to switch off constantly, especially if I have my little fan going and the fridge switches on >_< Anyway, I am going to take some freaking midol and go take a nap ~_~ jya na