I don’t even know.

Somewhat lazy yesterday since S left for Nevada on Friday for a race and thus I didn’t have to work. But he won his race and came home sometime last night to tell me once he fixes the 50 he’s going to make me learn how to work it and go riding with him (I’ve never been on a motorcycle in my friggin life). Apparently it has this little problem right now where gunning it uh kills it. 8D Dunno. I forgot what he said hur.

But yeah, so spent night bumming around talking to Carrie and downloading miscelleanous Golf & Mike stuff while doing a few minor updates to Underdogs. So yeah added some lyrics & doujinshi and all is good. 8D

And dur after a game of “I’ll do it if you do it” ended in my joining Jayme’s w-inds. tcg Midnight Paradox with Jackie and continuing to be dorktarded. (Go. Sign up. Put Nori as your referrer 8D It’s fun. Rly.)

Oh right. That’s what I did yesterday before I went to sleep. Watched an assload of movies because S left us with his dvd binder. So obviously it was time to watch some old favourites (But I’m A Cheerleader & Boondock Saints), comedy acts I’d heard but never seen (Eddie Izzard’s Circle) and one I’d never seen but wanted to (自殺サ―クル (Suicide Circle)). Fun times for all! Suicide Circle’s really fucked up and uh weird but it gets an A+ in my book XD

La pointless. Here, have some Golf & Mike goodies.

Fino commerial
Radio interview (hotwave) – English subbed
Ruang Lek Kuang Tur / your little story PV
Hua Jai Ja Wai (live)

Comments if downloading are muchly appreciated, will be deleted within the week.